Not receiving gold for sold auctions

I’d presume people who lost 50k+ sales in a bug would want it returned to them, but that might be a big brained concept for some people.

I expect to wait more than “days” for something this huge to be fixed when it’s nailing so many people. Support also passes on mass complaints about things like this anyway, as they explained when the 15th anniversary rewards broke. If enough people have the same problem, it’s shoved to QA anyway with or without official bug reports.

and it would make sense to cover all bases.
…but that might be a big brained concept blah blah.

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I thought I was insane. I sold 10k worth of stuff and never got the gold. They seriously better fix this


No. But I’m not running any addons.

Also, is this a cache problem?

Not to get off-topic, but it always has been, that’s why there’s a subscription cost. And they’re a business.


No way in hell. Cleared the cache and the problem was still there. This is Blizz’s side.

Same. I lost thousands on flasks and potions today spread over 3 servers. I pulled everything once I noticed it happening but the damage was done. I’m still waiting on a response. They need to do something to rectify this…this wasn’t some small amount of gold. This is complete BS.

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Just watched as 5 auctions worth a combined 1.3k gold evaporated into thin air in front of my eyes. Canceled all my auctions just to be sure I don’t lose any more items.

I’ve definitely lost even more to this bug, though I think the bug started happening just before the emergency realm restarts.

…anyone remember when the restart happened?

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I lost my auctions before the restart…I was hoping it’d be fixed once the restart happened.


But hey at least the long boi won’t be around for long so people who got it can feel special right?

If I remember correctly, it was around 1 or 2 UTC. I remember listing some flasks before the timer kicked in, they sold, the timer started and when the server came back up they’d disappeared from the auction sold listings.

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yeah, I’ve lost some auctions as well. I had put a ton of low level herbs and ores on AH on my Vulpera alt and They disappeared with none of the gold showing up.

With all the visions problems I’ve heard of, these AH problems, and hearing they actually got rid of a chunk of the Quality Assurance team, I’m regretting getting that bit of gametime to do 8.3 things, could’ve spent it on a FFXIV sub or bought a new game instead.


Yes, even when losing gold I like the new AH way more than the classic default AH. I’m sure it will get worked out here soon~

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Personally, I preferred the AH when it worked. Auctioneer already did what the new UI does, sans making my gold disappear into thin air.


In the end it will be better not having to have all those addons running and slowing down the AH/sniping bids. People will still use addons for it sure but not as many need to now.

I know that for me personally now that I don’t have to go thru single stacks for pages and pages without an addon I removed mine. may just amount to a little extra memory in the end but its my preference.

I’m confident they’ll fix the bugs, growing pains and all that, and the end result will be worth the big scary changes.

Mate, no one is going to use the bloody AH if it isn’t paying them. Whether it looks nicer or not is irrelevant when a large chunk of the suppliers are delisting because they’re not getting gold from the sales. Making a change is irrelevant when they’ve broken the entire system to do something an addon like Auctioneer already did with a simple UI tweak. No one who used something like Auctioneer ever saw the stacks of one, because it already stacked them for you in its interface and made clear the idiots trying to wall. This change and how they’ve implemented is largely irrelevant to the people doing the vast majority of the selling in the first place. I note that at no point did Auctioneer’s tweaks make the AH explode and not pay me.

It’s all well and good to like the new UI (which still hasn’t fixed undercutting because there’s no detail on internal stack priority), but you don’t saw someone’s arm off to treat a cold.


I don’t mind if you need to vent but you are really glossing over a key point:

You are treating it like we get this version bugs and all forever or go back to the old system. Where is the middle ground here? Why do you assume its unfixable? Why do you assume no one will be reimbursed?

Blizzard has always taken popular addons and baked them into the base game, the old AH was ancient and probably turning off new blood.

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I posted several items yesterday, Thursday 01/16/2020 on my bank toon, Bankerboo on Runetotem/Uther. One sale returned gold and unsold items returned this morning. No gold or returned items for Anchor Weed x 200, Potion of Unbridled Fury x 10, Greater Flask of Currents x 10, Enchant Ring - Accord of Versatility x 2. I submitted two tickets this morning, Friday 01/17/2020 and am awaiting a response.

Cannot be that hard to do a query across your db to compare posts or sales and comparing it to what was dropped into the same player’s mailbox.