Normal raids are actually very easy and fast for slime cat

lmao there is not such thing as a speed pug on Jailer
the only speed there is the turnover rate until the whole thing collapses.


I’m not worried, I have the time to get it. My point was that other players, people that are bouncing around in Zereth Mortis gear aren’t going to get invited. Sure they can make a group, I wonder how long till it falls apart when people realize the lead is a carry… If you raid then you know it won’t last long.

Raiders don’t want casuals in their groups but also don’t want them getting rewards in LFR. :upside_down_face:


Just sounds that casuals don’t want casuals in their group. I’ve pug raids as a RL, just look up a video while bio before making the raid. Make the raid and boom, just set the tone, not hardcore lets just finish, watch videos.

Go to Jessail’s post under the blue. I knew I read some where it used to say “any difficulty.”

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Exactly which is why I dread pugging.

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You can make your own pug that doesn’t require that.

You know why they require it? Because they don’t want to shuffle through 50 people just to finish a raid, they go for safe.

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No reason to for a lot of people. WQ gear means you can ignore most LFR mechanics and then they don’t do anything higher.

Create a guild of casuals, then its just casuals and no one should complain, you just need 10 people.

Yea that definitely says any difficulty there, many times in fact

You’ll have to excuse my ignorance on the topic since I clearly didn’t research much into the LFR part of it cuz I wasn’t gunna do lfr anyway

So yea, they definitely need to step back and make it LFR available then


honestly no clue how to solve this issue, i know what you saying, WQ gear = ignore mechanics in LFR. But if you make WQ gear less than LFR so people have to do mechanics, solo players complain that WQ are useless and people who do LFR will complain that they don’t have time to read a dungeon journal or watch a video.

Yeah I get it. Chintzy summed it up perfectly: raiders don’t want casuals to get anything from LFR but they also don’t want them in their raid.

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But now I have to actually gear up and I’ve been super lazy :(((

Same. I’ve been avoiding buying and crafting legendaries but I guess I gotta now.

Yeah I’ve just been doing w/e recently, but I guess I’ll need to campout in Nathria for a bit. Once I get gearing going, I’ll help ya if you need a tank Tovi.

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Im still mostly on side people should try doing normal or getting a guild (with good people, mine is built out of people who quit our originally guild due to hostility and what not, now we just got a group of 20 people who all wanna play together and have fun, easily making shadowlands a fun xpac for me even if it sucked)

But ultimately, yea they totally said any difficulty, and changing it like last minute is pretty scummy lmao

Thanks. I would love to hook up (raiding wise) with someone I kind of know.

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It’s a normal raid.

Yeah there’s really no win there.

You could make normal also queuable just without determination, but that’d just end up with normal getting nerfed because queued content players won’t accept failing.

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So? People are ridiculous.

The sole fact that they removed Anduin’s down phase in LFR tells all. Now imagine a que’d version for normal Anduin’s down phase because no one looked it up…he would never die.