Raid Rewards Experiments in Season 4

The answer should be yes, because the achievement has no specific difficulty level mentioned.


Just wish we could get a blue yes or no.

Three things on my wishlist that it seems we won’t see:

  1. Let us play with DF PvP gearing (fixed honor/conquest PvP ilvls w/ upgrades only affecting PvE ilvl)
  2. Some quick catch-up quest that unlocks all memories
  3. At least make max rank legendaries scale w/ average ilvl of other slots. Makes no sense keeping them at the same ilvl while increasing ilvl of all other sources.

Having to recraft legendaries in bracers/neck because it’s the “less bad” slot is not a good thing

No, that will not be possible in Season 4.

I’m personally hoping for a reappearance of the Friendship Moose communities we saw six years ago. Really fun times.


Interesting because the Achievement text says differently last I checked? It only requires completing the fated raid on any difficulty.

The dev team right now:

Edit and the Achievement:

Complete all three Fated raids in Shadowlands Season 4

It says nothing about “on Normal difficulty or higher” so this is moving goalposts. :roll_eyes:

Oh to add insult to injury

Defeat the following bosses on any difficulty while Nathria is a Fated raid.

emph mine.

Defeat the following bosses on any difficulty while Sanctum of Domination is a Fated raid.

Again emph mine.

Defeat the following bosses on any difficulty while Sepulcher of the First Ones is a Fated raid.

And again… emph mine.


Blizz changed the achievements… I have no words for how boneheaded and toxic this is. Doing so feeds the most toxic elements of the community like they toss gasoline on a fire. What utter garbage game design. Whomever thought this was a good idea should be fired and banned from the industry, they have NO place near any sort of game if they don’t have a sense of fair play.


Since it was not specified, most players assumed it will be earn-able in LFR.

Which is sad for those that don’t do normal or higher.
Maybe reconsider? I don’t think it hurts to have it in LFR too… and im not asking for me since i’m doing higher anyway.


Would these items be locked into just one spec?
Or will it hold only one major stat? Only Str or Int?

Perusing your gear everything (well most everything) has STR and INT I would assume this vendor gear would be the same.
But I don’t raid and whatnot so I am curious

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It is actually really fast if you make a raid group to kill the dudes. get enough people doing it, and it just takes a few hours to go from honored → exalted

is it a slog? I suppose, but it’s not really all that miserable, unless you try to do it solo. don’t do that lol.


they should reconsider this. the achievement stated in any difficulty which some people were hoping to this using LFR.


Just make S4 fun. For everyone. Go out on a high note.


Really? that was the only reason I was going to do it.


Terrible decision. Just make S4 fun for everyone. Reconsider this move. It should be a no-brainer that the slime cat is a participation mount for ppl to do the raid content on any difficulty like the Veilstrider title was.


I don’t think you’ll see Friendship Moose-kinda deals since this is a 30-boss effort, not a one-and-done end boss. Getting specific groups like that will be much harder.

As someone who will clear at least Heroic fated raids and 100% get the mount, I do believe this is not a great decision. I really think you should reconsider.


That is still going! They’ve had Friendship Bird (Legion), Friendship Dragon (BfA), and now they’re just starting the Friendship Crab (SL)

I tried that and it was still pretty miserable. Luckily, there is nothing that the vendor sales that I really want…just a rep that will irritate me for the rest of my time playing wow

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Now I need to do normal! I don’t wanna.

However! I need this pussycat in my life!


Any chance on changing this? This is a real bummer to those of us who don’t have guilds for the runs. I know your text says for Season 4 which could mean it will still be available after but since we don’t know if it will, its just hard to try to either get into one of those groups, or pay (in gold) guilds to run people through for it.


why nothing on world quest loot? is it going to like 265? or are we going back to the dark ages where if you dont do end game content you’ll be 60+ ilvl lower than everyone else?


Cool, then people who can’t raid aside from LFR get screwed. Awesome Blizz.