Normal raids are actually very easy and fast for slime cat

Did they originally say it could be done on lfr?

I legit don’t remember, cuz all I ever thought was mythic = teleport, heroic = title, normal = cat

crazy … maybe people should learn the mechanics for a team base game?

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They never did as far as I remember. People just assumed so due to datamining. Hence why I’ve said before don’t look too deep into datamining…

Indeed, instead of LFR’s infamous “afk auto attack boss to death, yay loot!!!” style.

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The description used to say “any difficulty.” That’s why they needed to clarify it today.

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It’s easy if you find over geared AOTC players. But casual players? I’ve seen casual players struggle with normal mode like it’s Mythic. It’s sad, but true. Not everyone is cut out to do normal or higher raiding.

Me personally, I have every AOTC but I am just lazy and don’t want to put in the time or effort for gear that will be useless to me come Dragonflight, and want to keep enjoying my break until the new expansion so I want the mount ASAP to be done. 3 weeks, full clear each raid in a single week, and done. And dealing with people in pugs in normal mode will be a huge annoyance and who knows if pugs will clear it without hours of wipes and relearning.


The people that are wanting it through LFR aren’t going to get invited to raid groups lol… my 265 gets declined for fresh heroics because players that have more time are sitting around 270-275. That’s part of the problem.


but remember some people play solo in a MMORPG and don’t want to do the hardest mechanic of all. socializing!! but still want the same rewards… Before anyone goes off, remember WOD when they gave us garrisons and you could just do everything there… the game felt really social and amazing huh?

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This never happens in LFR, but keep spreading that propaganda. I’m sure some fools buy into it!

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start your own raid and invite 250-265 for normal, if you are getting denied ALL the time.

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it’s partially true, I’ve ran LFR before for transmog and I seen people literally afk auto attack until they died and got carried to the kill. It was sad.

Yeah I can’t wait to do that. Haven’t raided this entire xpac and I start my own group.

“Hey RL, what now?”
“I don’t know. Kill something until I get my slime cat.”


Ok so dont say dumb stuff like that.

Even if 100% of the people in LFR did this, it would never get cleared. Even in the highest ilvl in the game.

I have done LFR with out a weapon on as a melee dps and just avoid stuff on the floor and no one complains, its pretty easy honestly.

“The first achievement is the easiest one. You must clear all 3 Fated raids to get it. It rewards the datamined [slime cat mount]”

It technically does not say any difficulty or really specify any diffuculty, this was a post from april 28th

I personally read it as normal, but can totally understand why people would assume lfr is included as well


Look up a video, read the dungeon journal (i know im saying some crazy stuff here), maybe … just maybe do some research, yall seem to do a lot of research for data mining mounts but zero one to three raid mechanics.

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It’s funny how anything Blizzard adds that takes the tiniest bit of effort is actually a plot to sell tokens.


Well, if you’re going for speed in a pug, you’re doing it wrong.

Of course, because if not it means that the players complaining are just lazy and want free stuff or don’t want to put a slight effort in maybe socializing and learning 2 to 3 mechanics per boss

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