Normal raids are actually very easy and fast for slime cat

Specially with tier and double legendaries going into season 4. Only a few legit reasons you can’t do normal raids like that hand condition or your time is taken up almost 24/7 and you only get less then an hour of gameplay a day. Heck, I’d even say the raids could be cleared under an hour with the right group on normal for slime cat! Stop being afraid, jump in and go for the cat! It’s a once and done clear after all.


Says you. You think I have 4 hours to hope that we clear X-raid in a normal pug? Nope.


People aren’t worried about difficulty. People are worried about pugging. I can just see these pugs requiring certain ilevel, certain classes and I wouldn’t be surprised if they required AOTC.


I’ve pugged raids in the past.

Even if the content isn’t hard, the “Can’t get a group until you’ve cleared” barrier will be.


Normal raids will be easy for an organized group. They are terrible with pugs, even if you get picked. Which is doubtful unless you’ve cleared the next layer in the past.

Everyone says that they want boosting to end in the game. This decision will just lead to boosting. If I wanted the cat, I have a lot more money than time…


Yep it’s a chicken-egg conundrum for the community and hesitant players.


Yeah, thats a better use of my time. I can buy about 20 tokens with discretionary income and just go buy the funnel. It’s worth it to me because I know that I will in fact maximize my limited time on the game.

So until they make all raids easier, this problem will always persist.

So this is the real reason Blizzard is giving a separate channel for boosters. They know the market will explode next Tuesday. Good job thinking ahead, Blizz!


Who cares? The mount should be available from LFR.

This looks like a WoW Token sales opportunity for Blizzard.


You have over 11,000 posts, OP, and none of them are valuable or intelligent in any way.

Pugging normal raids is HARD, doesn’t matter what you have. Your gear won’t stop people from messing up the mechanics.

Getting to the play offs is really easy if you have a good team around you, too.

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Yeah if I were Blizzard’s bean counters, I’d keep the game the way it’s currently going.

Ultra-hard raids that cultivate a boosting community coupled with their WoW Token. Their hope is that players buy loads of Tokens. It’s literal 5D chess.

Rewards for completing content.

How and when did this become a controversial concept?


Bit of a jump between doing normal and the play offs

More like, having a team and being able to play vs Showing up to the field and hoping people are playing and let you join

When they said you could get the cat on any difficulty of Fated then said “psych!”


Tier and double lego will most certainly do something for Nathria and Sanctum dependent on tuning (Sanctum has its Shards disabled. While not as strong as Tier sets its still something). Nothings changing for Sepulcher. However the ilvl requirement for all raids are upped.

From what i can gather its that people are mainly peed off that a blue confirmed its LFR exclusive, while the achiv in game doesnt state this as it doesnt refer to any difficulty at all.

Does LFR have Fated?

It does yes

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It would be idiotic not too.

Having been in a few LFRs, I’m not sure that’s true.