Normal raids are actually very easy and fast for slime cat

I would need to look more into the affixes, but my guess is the driver for this change is it wouldn’t work in LFR.

Anything that requires individual responsibility to not wipe the group will inevitably wipe the group.

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What if…all the people who think that pug restrictions were ridiculous…played together? :eyes:

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I’m not sure how we’re supposed to get together. Is there a meeting place for people like us?

That’s crazy talk. You can’t expect them to organize a raid. Only hardcore’s are ever willing to do that.

Again, how am I supposed to find this people out of the 200 or so servers and millions of players?

Anyways, I hope I get lucky and find a pug that don’t require a heroic ilevel for normal but I’m not getting my hopes up.

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Indeed…its called progression raiding and why guild raiding happens.

If it’s as widespread of a concern as GD makes it out to be, there should be no shortage of people looking for chill runs without crazy requirements.

What raid drops the slime mount?

All 3. You have to kill every single raid boss of all 3 raids on normal fated weeks that raid is fated.

Throughout Battle for Azeroth into Shadowlands there’s been a military-like arms race between developers and high-end raiders which have trickled down. Comparatively from even Wrath of the Lich King to contemporary times: Things have certainly gotten way more complex.

Complexity to some degree is good. I like the choice that comes with the flexibility of specs for instance. Looking at raids such as the Sepulcher of Domination though is another beast entirely. Even Sylvanas – a good fight - dragged on too long and was exceptionally cluttersome.

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Blizzard employees need to make their raiding gold for 10.0 season 1

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Players are always a far bigger barrier to entry than anything else.

The WoW Pug Scene is a slew of petty tyrants. It’s Either have a half-decent guild or be left to the whims of the Wider Player base.

No one who raids with any level of seriousness engages with randos for a reason. That they suggest people who are interested do the same is kinda funny.


Pugging raids is indeed awful if you’re not over ilvl for it, already have high achievements, and are not willing to lead/form it all yourself. If it was queueable like LFR is, it wouldn’t be so bad but people do tend to gatekeep in premade group finder and go with the highest ilvl/achieves/rio score.

Not to mention, if you don’t have time to do the WHOLE raid lockout good luck finding a pug that will then continue from the spot you need to be at.

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