No timewalking 500 token at end of dungeon

Did timewalking. Did not get the quest drop for 500 tokens.


Same - but I saw 2 others in group get theirs


I did it on 2 toons and nothing. However it looks like the quest is flagged as “already completed”. if you copy /script print(IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(55498)) into the chat, it should come up as true as well. It should be false, meaning you’re eligible for the drop. So it could be that the quests just weren’t reset or something along those lines.

Interesting … mine is showing true but that was my first run of the week.

on my newly leveled alt, the quest comes up as false so maybe its just a bug where if you’ve done it before it didn’t reset.

Edit: I just checked a toon that has completed it and so far all of the ones that have done previous draenor timewalking quests are flagged as true, whereas those who haven’t are false.

Yeah mine is marked as true. :frowning:

Same thing here. I made a post on the General Discussion forum as well as r/wow. I also put in a ticket. Hopefully this gets enough traction for Blizz to take a look into it.


Glad I’m not the only one. Same thing is happening to me. If I don’t get one tomorrow I’m gonna put in a ticket.


I put in the ticket today :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m not getting it on characters that have done WoD timewalking before. It looks like it hasn’t reset since the last time it was up.


same here, showing true, not dropping

Two toons here that the crystal didn’t drop for. Both had done WoD TW and gotten the crystal previously.

Same here, just ran 3 with no drops

Same here, ran 5 dungeons with 4 different characters, none received the badge. Hope this get fixed soon.

Same. Just ran the one.

On the plus side, this saves me running TW on a few alts.

Thanks for noting this - I won’t do any TW until I see this has been fixed.


Same here :frowning:

Three of my guildies and I all had this problem, too.

Also didn’t receive mine and I did complete Garrison on this character. I keep my Garrison Hearthstone on me at all times!

Also didn’t receive the quest item for 500 timewalking badges, did 3 dungeons in total across 2 different characters.