No timewalking 500 token at end of dungeon

Well, I didn’t get the Shimmering Timewarped Crystal from any Final boss of WoD Timewalkings (already did 3 dungs, it always drops in the first TW dung at final boss), but the weird thing is it only happens to my main character, I looted the crystal with all my alts except with my main.

I don’t think this is related with any WoD content, like garrison or so, because I have a DH that I never brought to the introductory Draenor campaign and still looted the crystal with him.

Oh, tragic to see I’m not the only one experiencing this issue, I should’ve checked here first!

I made a thread about this in the Dungeons, Raids and Scenarios.

I’d like to add my voice to this thread as well, hopefully some attention will be drawn to this issue. I ran my first Timewalking Dungeon of the week today, and did not loot a Shimmering Timewarped Crystal; I saw other party members loot it. I ran the script and saw that the game has flagged the quest as complete on this character, which is outright incorrect.

exactly the same.

Yep, same here. Im guessing they forgot to “reset it” from the last time we had Draenor timewalking.

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Same here. Must be bugged. Submitted ticket. Everyone please submit a ticket. If they get a lot of them, they may fix it.

Same. Happens randomly each week on a few of my characters. None of them are on the quest, none of them have an old quest item in their bags. No consistency which character this happens to. Submitted a ticket on each character this happens to - yet to receive a reply or solution. Have provided details and took screenshots etc.

Me and a friend are also experincing same issue. one of my other friends got the quest item. when we check if it has been completed it says yes. trying to open a ticket now

Same here as well. Hope they fix it soon, that 500 will put me over the 5000 I need for the WoD mount that is up for sale this week… but I don’t want to earn 495 the 5 per boss way!

Same. Today, I did not receive the quest item drop, that rewards 500 TW tokens upon turn-in, for completing WoD TW dungeons on my main toon or on either of 2 Alts. The quest item was Not in the mail for any of those toons.

I too didnt recieve mine yesterday and it wasnt in my toons bag this morning. I will try again today with other toons but it looks like it is still happening for others and realm/faction isnt an issue.

I got a reply to my ticket this morning. The reply: “We are currently experiencing a high ticket volume and apologize for being unable to discuss the issue further. Please attempt the following: - Abandon and retake the quest. -Reset UI -Check Wowhead for more info.” Do GMs even read tickets anymore?

And can we get a Blue acknowledging that this is a problem? This is ridiculous.

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same here… i opened a ticket and the gm replied
saying it’s normal, because the drop rate is ~15%. -_-
Now I sent this discussion to the gm…


I also encountered this issue on 2 of my characters (the only 2 which I’ve attempted WOD timewalking on this week). Both of these characters completed the quest the last time WOD timewalking was up, so I wonder if it’s an issue of the quest not resetting.

I sent a ticket 3 times, always a generic response, they didnt even read it completely. I know they will fix this next week and we will lose the oportunity to get the item.

I opened a ticket too, blizzard just replied that they are too busy to deal with this problem :slight_smile:

I thought you could only ever do those quests one time per character…? Like if you did WotLK TW, got the gem thing and turned it in, that it was the only time you’d ever get the 500TW badges.

Nope. You can do it every time…except for this week, it appears.



I remember that! Yeah, but it hasn’t been like that for …over two years now?

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Adding that this is a problem for me as well. Opened a ticket but no response yet.