Shimmering Timewarped Crystal - WOD Timewalking

Anyone NOT getting this at the end of the dungeon?

Ran a script and it says the quest ID is flagged completed, but I didn’t turn anything in.

Probably gonna create a ticket just wanting to know if anyone else has experienced this.


Same happened for me, I ran 2 dungeons to make sure. /script print(IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(55499)) is showing true even though I did not turn in, nor recieve the crystal this week.

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Same here. Is this a bug, or yet another “working as intended” in Beta For Azeroth?

I didn’t get it either. Must be another feature of Beta for Azeroth.

Do you still have one in your bags/bank from last time?

Nope. And I asked my guild. The other players that have run TW today didn’t get it, either.

Yeah - I ran it as well, and didn’t get the quest for the 500 Timewalking Badges. Also going to raise a ticket. Tuesday @ 10:30 PM EST - Destromath

I had the same issue, I ran four dungeons with a friend and saw it drop for him on two separate characters when it never dropped for myself. Checked bank and bags and nothing. Hopefully they fix this soon, im so close to getting enough badges for one of the mounts and the quest would really help

Same problem here! Did a run on 2 different chars… no crystal.

I did get it. Just saying it does happen.

I am in the same boat. All my characters have the quest flagged as completed. I’ve put in a ticket hoping for a fix :frowning:

I put in a ticket. The response I got: “We are currently experiencing a high volume of tickets. Try abandoning and retaking the quest.”

NOT helpful, Blizzard!

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You may have gotten it last time, but not finished five dungeons. I think you need to finish the WeeklyQuest or else it won’t drop.

Can confirm still bugged, not getting the crystal after a run today. Guess someone at Blizzard got pissed when players said BfA was worse than WoD. lol

Yeah, same. “GMs are not here for providing hints with quests, etc…” i.e.: nobody even reads your tickets.

I got it on 4/5 characters. Really odd.

I always finish on my main, and never finish on my alts, and this has never been a problem before on any of the above.

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I thought maybe I was just missing something but I’m in the same boat. I did two TWing dungeons on my main character and did not get the quest. I haven’t done all my alts yet but each one got the quest on their first dungeon.

Something is definitely up. Hope it gets fixed before the end of the event.

I hope ppl who posted here come back to check this thread. Further, I hope you did not complete the 5/5 Savage Path Through Time. I also did not get the quest on my first run. Tried a second dungeon - no luck. Decided to drop Savage Path Through Time, and restart. On my first re-run, I got the Timewarped Crystal. I hope this helps.