The Shimmering Crystal

I have completed Timewalking dungeons on two characters so far this week, and did not receive the Shimmering Timewarped Crystal on either character. I ran the script to find out if The Shimmering Crystal was completed, and it returned “true,” which doesn’t make sense since this is the first day of the current Timewalking week. I submitted a ticket. Has anyone else experienced this?

Edit: There’s a larger thread for this issue on the Bug Report forum. Please post all replies there so Blizz sees it and we can get some action taken.

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I had this same issue today. First timewalking dungeon of the week, no crystal.

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Good to know I’m not the only one. Hopefully this can get enough attention that Blizz will look into it.

I’m also encountering this issue on my characters today. Done a tw for WoD on 3 different toons, none of them have gotten the crystal and the quest script also returns “true”. Thinking it’s a bug with today’s patch.

I have done it on 2 characters and it did not drop for both chars

Phew glad I saw this thread I need one on two of my characters to get the the final two 5k mounts.

Do ya’ll have altoholic addon? Sometimes its still in your inventory or bank from the last one.

I didn’t get mine either.

Didn’t get one either.

Of all the rando things to bug it had to be that I suppose
It’s clearly a bug and not user error.

Thank you for posting this, I’m close to a mount on a few toons so I’ll hold off until it gets handled.