No Auto Complete for AQ War Effort

On Anathema, we are a fairly small server. Because of our size, we were counting on the auto complete feature clicking on after Blizzard’s stated “30 day” time frame to assist us with our gate opening. Six days past the 30 day mark and a weekly server reset, we’ve seen NO assistance and numerous inquiries to GM’s have been ignored. We’ve tracked turn ins on multiple spreadsheets and stopped turning in materials to check on the autocomplete function. It is clearly not working.

Plus, we are not alone. Our friends on Arcanite Reaper, Sul’thraze, Loatheb, Felstriker, Deviate Delight, and Thalnos are also not seeing additional resources being added with a bevy of evidence to support that conclusion. This is a large problem that needs to be addressed. Otherwise, why even have small servers if we’re going to be gated behind a massive war effort without the same help that some of us experienced in Vanilla?


Not happening on Thalnos either! This is getting dumb

Blizzard, this is an absolutely unacceptable failure of communication. Get your sh*t together.

I feel bad for people on small servers right now. Embarrassing, Blizzard. Just embarrassing.


If I remember correctly, they said resources will be added weekly. This implies you still have to do the turn ins to complete the event, you can’t just sit on your hands and it auto completes itself. Smaller servers have less bots to compete against for resources. It’s a server event, get out and farm.

That’s like… not what Kaivax said, OR what that other GM said.

Where does this comment “imply” that you still have to do the turn ins with the auto completion going? It doesn’t.

And according to Tarethla, there is no auto completion.

So which is it, Blizzard?

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Has anyone done the gong questline?

You can’t ring the gong until the war effort is over…

It flat out states that it isn’t going to auto complete instantly, but that it will slowly perform auto turn ins for you. If you were banking on 30 days and then “open” you clearly did not read the message.


You start the scarab lord quest line prior to the war effort being completed.

Nobody is saying they would open after 30 days. You read better.

There are conflicting statements from Blizzard regarding auto completion for AQ. Additional communication is 100% needed.

Duh? That has nothing to do with the auto completion of the war effort.

“small amounts”

Might want to read the OP, because he was clearly saying precisely that…

No, he’s “clearly” not.

How the hell is this the OP saying “I expected the gates to open automatically after 30 days?”

You are right. I did misread it.

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But, it has been zero amounts. That’s the difference.

No one is seeing any small amounts turned in automatically, and we have a Blizzard GM telling people there is no automatic completion.

Blizz needs to respond to this.

They must be some VERY small amounts.


Was never specified how small the amounts were. Maybe you’ll get your AQ opened by the time WotLK comes out.

Its been 0. We have counts on all our mats


This is true. Its has been 0 of ANY resource.

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