New races and allied races for 10.0

Acceptable if we can pick the race or they aren’t all Half-Human (Sans the one that is specifically that.) because Fantasy REALLY needs to come up with more hybrids that aren’t part Sapient Cockroach.

Alliance could get Furbolgs, on account of they seem to get along with Night Elves for the most part. I couldn’t bear to se them joining any other faction! Furbolg have ended friendship with Night Elves. Furbolgs have begun friendship with Argus Wake.
They’d get Warrior, Hunter, Shaman, Druid, and, ehh, I guess Mage…? It’d be a slap in the face to their culture given the lore, but maybe the Mage Furbolgs could start out as Neutral with their people, and get special gossips from other Furbolgs. Something along the lines of the other Furbolgs going, “Aw, you? Hmph, well, okay, I guess I’ll tolerate you…”.

Horde could get Stonemaul Ogres. Come on, dude, give the Horde their ogres already. :pouting_cat: They’ll feed and water them, and the goblins with alchemy have even promised not to ride on their backs!
They could get Warrior, Hunter, Shaman, Mage, Warlock, and… jeez, maybe Priest or Paladin would be kinda neat. The question is, “How…?” with Ogre Paladins (that aren’t the ones my wife Yrel converted to the Light).


That was my thought. DW8 already has the ability to create children from married toons by blending the models together.

im not personally huge on doing hybrid races. that being said there is a presadent. lore-wise, i forget who but there are some half human half orcs, and i think half human half elves. of course, there is also Rexxar, hero of the horde, his entire tribe is half orc half ogre, id love to play that

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Figure I might as well link it here but I made a thread after my writeup earlier for the Furbolg.

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i still have the rod of transformation if that tells you anything about how i feel about playing as a furbolg :wink:

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I lost mine at some point… Had it on my druid for the longest time but I must have tossed it out finished the quest on him at some point.

Thinking about going to get it again on one of my toons.

You may be thinking of Garona Halforcen. She and others thought she was half-human but discovered she was half draenei.

Maybe I am the only person wich want to play Naga . :mermaid:t2:

They could have two forms . - Highborne and in combat - Naga.
This will solve the problem with the mounts .


You know, the Wolvar look pretty much like a raccoon already! Same facial maskings, etc.; just a bit more hulking and evil looking. Not that far away from my Rocky of “Guardians of the Galaxy” fame :slight_smile: And a similar attitude: not taking crap from anyone, pretty much. I don’t imagine the females will be very attractive though :frowning:

Just let us pick any two races and make a half and half. All they would really need to do is open up all of the customization options from both parent races, and then let you pick a single active racial and 3 passives from all of the racial abilities from both parents.


I’d definitely love Naga in any capacity, and I like the two form idea so that they can work with mounts, as well as a reference to Azshara being able to appear as a Night Elf at will.

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Murlocs… Mrrrrrrgllllll!

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I personally would love to see Ogres become a playable race; they could use the same rigs as the Maldraxxus Gladiators to help them seperate themselves from moonkin form.


Did some more.

:fish: Jinyu (A)
Jinyu joined the Alliance in MoP and should finally be added to the game as their own Allied Race.
Faction: Alliance
Racial: Gilly - You can breathe underwater and swim 60% faster.
Racial: Wavespeaker - You conjure a wave to strike out in front of you in a short cone pushing targets in its path back.
Racial: Gillspeaker - Your fishing is increased by 5, you fish faster, with a net and collect twice the fish as others.
Racial: Fishilation - You are minorly resistant to frost damage.
Classes: Warrior, Hunter, Rogue, Priest, Mage, Shaman, Druid?, Monk and Death knight.
Mount: Water Strider

:mushroom: Sporeling (A)
The Sporelings or mushroom men of Zangarmarsh are amazing and I’ve always wanted them on the Alliance.
I even have a story where my druid took some of their mushroom “eggs” and brought them back to an enclave he has on Azeroth and grew them there, adding them to his druids and teaching them such ways.
Faction: Alliance
Racial: Sporeskin - On hit 25% chance of reducing the chance of your enemy to hit by 35% when struck.
Racial: Fungal Recovery - When you stand on a corpse you regain health 100% faster.
Racial: Is that Hibiscus? - Herb regardless of professions getting only trash if you’re not a herbalist, herb faster and occasionally recover a Hibiscus that can increase your primary stat by 1%.
Racial: Fungal Heritage - Slight resistance to nature damage and poisons are 1% less effective on you.
Classes: Warrior, Hunter, Rogue, Mage, Priest, Druid, Monk and Death Knight
Mount: Silt Strider (Use the Spore Walker model but smaller and kind of the way a gnome rides a mechanostrider.)

:mountain: :japanese_ogre: Mogu (A)
Mogu I would want to be paired with Saurok if I had the choice. They’re neat they use the Draenei model might as well.
Faction: Alliance
Racial: Legacy of Ra’den - Become wreathed in electricity shocking any one within melee range for 3 seconds then release the energy outward hitting all targets in 3 meters.
Racial: Stone wrought - Blacksmithing is faster and have a chance to double your yield from ore nodes.
Racial: Imperial Decree - Vendors will buy your junk items for double the price.
Racial: Resilience - Take 1% less damage because of your tough stony hide.
Classes: Warrior, Hunter, Rogue, Priest, Mage, Shaman, Warlock, Paladin?, Monk and Death Knight.
Mount: Quilen

I’ll do some more later…

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got distracted a bit with 9.2 but it did give me an idea for a new race/class combo.

Following the wrap up of the Shadowlands the factions were able to figure out automa tech. It is piloted by either a sentient core as we have seen some evidence of, or it can be piloted by a jiro or pocopoc, either way works for me. It would be fairly doable to just make the race and give it a few classes, or 1 single custom class I will discuss below in the classes section.
Faction - Both
Racial - Interchangeable parts, once per 5 minutes CD when activated changes spec and weapons to current configuration (see class details) instantly, usable in combat.
Special Class - Construct. Construct class works somewhere between druid forms and old school warrior stances, the former more than the latter. The class has 3 configurations, bulwark, reaper, and gunner. Each configuration has a respective spec, but like druids it can take on any to a limited effect despite current active spec.
Bulwark - The tank spec of course. While in this form you take on the appearance of automa like protector of the first ones, antros, etc. Just like what we normally see the preferred weapons of this spec are 2h maces, axes, and polearms. Trademark abilities would be the forward facing shield spell that blocks 90% of damage in front of the tank.
Reaper - the melee dps spec. This form takes the appearance of the architects. Preferred weapons, fist weapons, 1h swords, axes, warglaives. Trademark ability Ravage, 3 second damage, stuns single target and attacks with both hands tearing them apart.
Gunner - finally another physical ranged dps class (i know, some rumors say something might be coming). Preferred weapons, guns and crossbows. Trademark ability - Sniper Shot. Carefully aims and charges a heavy blast. After a few seconds fires a shot with 100% crit dealing cosmic damage.
Class wears mail armor, because mail armor needs love too.
Class flavor - Something that could be the product of glyphs, or my personal favorite, boss drops (the fiery druid cat form), could be different skins for the various forms. Id prefer to ignore the various undead constructs since they would be best used for other classes, but otherwise most other constructs, including some forms of infernals, would be cool. Kill supremous and get the blue infernal form for tanking. Or the various versions of sunreaver constructs we have been seeing since BC for tanks. Harvest reapers from westfall, or drust reavers (not sure if it violates my no undead rule but its hard to think of appropriate forms). For gunner spec some of the dwarven golems might be cool, if i remember right they had some models with cannons for hands. Most of these skins im mentioning have multiple colors and various skins so a player could get maybe 3 forms of say the dwarf golems and RP as something similar to boss encounters from the past.
Finally, i would mention a travel form. By default transforming into a cervid at low level or a raptor at higher levels makes a bit of sense. But going with the flavor above of collecting forms, what about one of those suramar centaur like contructs? Give that 100% mount speed and the ability to hold a friend, but still have them mount onto a flying mount for end game.
Anyway, thats my thoughts on another possible new addition i would like to see.

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Oh… This thread got bumped. >.>

An excuse to do more of my own concepts…

:bow_and_arrow: Dark Rangers (Banshee) (H)
The Dark Rangers have long served the Forsaken and Sylvanas and many remain loyal to the Horde and to Undercity and Silvermoon.
Faction: Horde
Racial: Banshees Wail - silence enemies around you and stun them for one second, does very minor damage.
Alternative Racial: Dark Arrow - Fire a arrow shrouded in necromantic energies. This shot will ignore obstructions between you and the target dealing moderate damage.
Racial: Possession - Briefly possess an enemy leaving your body behind but taking over your target for 10 seconds. Damage to your body can still kill you and end the effect.
Racial: Repossessed Corpse - Resistance to shadow damage, able to tame undead animals and you move faster while dead. You’re used to it.
Racial: Alchemical Scrounger - Once per day ignore the reagents excluding vials for a potion or elixir.
Classes: Warrior, Hunter, Rogue, Priest, Mage, Warlock, Monk, Death Knight
Mount: Rangers Undead Charger

:snowflake::water_buffalo:Taunka (H)
Taunka joined the Horde back in Wrath and really should just be an allied race for the Horde at this point.
Faction: Horde
Racial: Gore - use your bison horns to gore your enemy. Dazes the target does minor dmg and bleeds for 3 seconds.
Racial: Dark Shamanism - your element based abilities do 2% more damage. (regardless of class)
Racial: Hide Masters - get more leather when skinning.
Racial: thick fur - resistance to frost.
Classes: Warrior, hunter, rogue, shaman, priest, mage, monk, death knight.
Mount: Wooly Kodo

:dragon_face: :axe: Dragonmaw Clan Racials (H)
The Dragonmaw joined the Horde again back in Cata. They should be a playable group.
Faction: Horde
Racial: Dragons Roar - roar galvanizing yourself and removing all bleed, poison, magic, disease and curse effects and raising your haste by 4% for 10 seconds.
Racial: Dragonrider - flight is available at apprentice riding (pathfinder still needed where applicable), can tame droto drakes, while on the back of a dragon or proto drake mount you can command the beast to breath fire without dismounting you. 3min cool down. Firebreath is affected by dragon type changing the damage type, in a cone in front of you. Damage is based on your class’ main Stat.
Racial: My Straps Better Than Yours - your leather working recipes have a 50% chance to upgrade rarity upon completion if applicable.
Racial: tough hide - increase to stamina 5% and resistance to fire damage.
Classes: warrior, hunter, rogue, priest, shaman, Mage, warlock, monk, death knight.
Mount: Dragonmaw Proto Drake

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In what universe would either faction, let alone both, get automa? They’re not an organic race, they’re not even a race that exists to be anything other than caretakers to Zereth Mortis. They sure wouldn’t get their own exclusive class or be limited to only that class, either.

First One tech is beyond mortal understanding, there’s no way that they would learn how to reverse engineer it any time within the next few years.

HIghlands universe. :stuck_out_tongue:

Even if they’re not likely in any sense of the word its still fun to do this sort of thing.

Jinyu, Sethrak, Hedgehog, Rabbit races for Alliance.

Saurok, Vykrul, Saberon, Duck races for Horde.