New races and allied races for 10.0

I’m bored so I thought it would be fun to discuss new playable races and allied races. Not just 1 or 2 races, and not just for horde or alliance. I mean i really wanna have at it. What has always been on your list of races you want to play as? I want all the details, think it through and post how you think it could work out. Here are my ground rules, name as many as you like, give a reason for why you want them, give an idea of what faction you think they should be if not both. (Honestly I like how they handled things like pandarans, and it is sometimes hard to justify 1 faction over the other without a cop out of an explanation, i.e. nightborn elves) List of idea for racials as well. Of course, I will start, because of course I will.

Frostborn Dwarves
I’ve always thought these guys were pretty cool, they have interesting lore but not a lot to really get crazy with, that creates a chance to expand the lore somewhere interesting. I’m no expert on the lore but I know they have a decent relationship with the alliance, so I would see them going that way.
faction - alliance
Racial - frost armor, temporarily increases armor and/or damage resistance for a few seconds.
Racial - frost shot, blast the target with ice
Racial - is it cold in here? - Shrink slightly increasing your chance to dodge and reducing your chance to take a critical strike.
Classes - Warrior, hunter, monk, mage, shaman, priest, rogue, dk
Mount - the white eagles they keep in northrend

Earthen Dwarves
Again, now that we know about these guys and their lore, they are pretty cool.
faction - both
Racial - Earth armor, im sure you can guess
Racial - Geomancy, blast your target with rocks
Classes - Warrior, Hunter, Shaman, rogue
Mount - geo worms or shale spiders

The fish people we saw in pandaria and BfA were interesting and a lot of fun to run around with. Might not make a ton of sense to have them in desert areas, but we know they can live on land and have some interesting abilities, they have spent all of their time with the alliance though.
faction - alliance
Racial - healing waters, cast a healing water spell that may bounce to a close ally
Racial - Gilled breath, target takes water damage over time unless they can breathe under water
Classes - Warrior, Hunter, Shaman, monk, mage, rogue, druid
Mount - Some sort of crab

As an alliance player it was fun to fight these guys, they had all sorts of interesting looks and habits, and since horde gets everything that talks a little funny and has fur…
faction - Horde
Racial - Hijynx, target of your hijynx becomes distracted losing chance to hit and crit against you.
Racial - Banana time, creates an edible banana, that can be traded, eating the banana restores health and mana.
Classes - Warrior, Hunter, Shaman, Monk, demon hunter, druid, dk
Mount - A barrel

Broken Draenei
This is something people had talked about for a long time. They were built up big time in the first expansion, and then basically ignored. A ton of lore involved with them, being a people abandoned by the light, and the fel, they have no greater purpose other than survival now. They have strong ties to the alliance, but at the same time fought beside the horde through most of the expansion.
faction - both
Racial - Blessings of the past, randomly (or based on class) get a blessing of light, or fel, temporarily changing your form to demonic, or lightforged gaining bonus to damage and healing effects.
Racial - Abandoned, target enemy feels abandoned by the light and the fel lowering damage and healing effects
Classes - Warrior, Hunter, Shaman, rogue, monk, dk, druid
Mount - basilisk or crocolisk

The cat people from dreanor were a fierce and powerful enemy. ive wanted to play as one honestly since classic when i had the fist weapons that turned you into the tiger boss from ZG, long before these guys ever existed.
faction - both
Racial - no real ideas here
Classes - Warrior, Hunter, Shaman, mage, monk, demon hunter, dk, druid, rogue, paladin
Mount -

The bird people that have appeared in multiple expansions also have a long and interesting lore history within the game. It could be either the deformed version we met first or the newer version we met later. Either way they have some playability and viability with players.
faction - both although probably single faction across from saberfang
Racial -
Classes - Warrior, Hunter, Shaman, mage, priest, dk, druid, rogue, paladin
Mount -

Of course, these big brutes have to be mentioned. As one of the first known races in the universe of wow players have always wanted them, and always thought they should be horde. I dont disagree, horde makes sense, but im a greedy alliance hunter so… do I really need to complete that thought? Anyway, i have several ogre costumes that i basically have up non-stop so i guess im okay (im not okay).
faction - horde, sigh
Racial - rage, temporarily go into a rage boosting damage at the cost of defense.
Classes - Warrior, Hunter, Shaman, mage, priest, dk, monk, druid (thats a hell of a bear right there)
Mount - giant boar

The race that beta tested being human. Honestly, if horde get ogres this is my answer for alliance.
faction - alliance
Racial - rage, temporarily go into a rage boosting damage at the cost of defense.
Classes - Warrior, Hunter, Shaman, mage, priest, dk, monk, druid (thats a hell of a cat? right there)
Mount - giant ox

Dragon Spawn
To be clear, im talking about the humanoid bipedal dragonkin we see in BWL and rarely a few other places. They are tough, they exist, and would be pretty could
faction - both
Racial - Dragon Breath, blasts out a cone of elemental damage in front of the user
Classes - Warrior, Hunter, Shaman, monk, mage, DK
Mount - whatever they want

I think that is enough for now, Im sure you guys can come up with more. contribute, make it interesting, and give meaningful feedback why you like or dislike ideas.
TLDR i want lots more races, all the races to be playable.


When I first heard of wow back in 2004, I wanted to make an Ogre, but sadly, I had to settle with the second best Orc. I would love to see Ogres as a playable race.


You left out warlock


No, no, this is good.

Game is fine on Warlocks.


yup, i forgot locks, and paladin most of the time

I already made a post wanting to play as quilboar and I stand by it again. Their ancient, Agamagan, fought the burning legion. There’s even a server named after him.


Make mine murloc!

I could get behind Ogres, Quillboar, and other actual new races. I’m tired of the reskin/allied races, at least for now.


What about the Botani, Druids of the Flame, or Nerubians?


I want to play a Jinyu so bad.


plant based races are something too few fantasy games take advantage of. I would love to see the botani be playable.


I’d like to see collusion brought in - there would be the fair share of humans secretly working with the horde, and vice versa etc etc - maybe they could bring in that you earn more gold but lose out on reputation gains - why can’t I be a race that aligns with the ‘enemy’…

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I am all in on ogres and vrykul . . . Just give the latter paladins and the ogres their higher (Greco Roman) culture back and ya got a fine rivalry there.

Edit: also no druids . . . I don’t really see vrykul as a Druidic culture . . . unless your talkin some surviving drust pocket. If we’re talkin Stormheim however yea those guys ain’t druidic.


For the love of everything holy no to Hozen.

No a million times. I LOVED MoP, one of my favorite xpacks but the Hozen, except for a few well timed comedy relief moments, were just plain annoying. Plus lore wise I think they only live like to be like 20 years old or something like that.


This needs to happen immediately.

Technically they’ve already said that both sides have spies spying on the other, so that’s already noted. In particular one of the Members of S7 is a Goblin and the Horde Recruited a Bunch of Kul’Tiran Pirates in BFA who outright fought for them, I think they even wore the banner in the Alliance Daily Quests. So that’s already a thing in lore.

Awesome! Make it happen!


High Elf.


These are the big 3 we don’t yet have in the game.


Just change the hue and saturation settings on your monitor. Bam instant frostborn dwarves.

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im all for botani, nerubians i would love but they are gonna be too complicated to armor or physically put into about anything in the mechanics. druid of the flame is more of a class than a race.

i can get behind naga too, lore wise might be a bit of a trip getting them to make sense. I dont include high elf for the same reason i dont include wild hammer dwarves. effectively, they are already in the game as playable. Like it or not the 9.0 customizations basically put them in without putting them in.