New races and allied races for 10.0

Honesty, I think we have it. By Customization. I don’t want more Reskins Races.

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Kelfin for me.


Warlocks are being removed in 10.0, and all 3 specs are being merged into 1 DH 3rd spec.

I’d love to see Ethereals.

I want a little Water Druid as well.

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kinda kicking myself for forgetting ethereals. on that note you get wolvar, tuskar, and taunka.

  1. Hozen
  2. Murloc
  3. Sethrak
  4. Skinny Human (Drust magic, wicker forms)
  5. Saberon
  6. Broken Draenei
  7. Satyr
  8. Mok’nathal
  9. Partially Withered Nightborne
  10. Full Mecha Mechagnome
  11. New Raccoon race (Vulpera re-skin)
  12. Mogu
  13. Saurok
  14. Drogbar





Draenei customization.





Stupid idea. No.

:snake: Sethrak (N)
Love the Sethrak and they’re my top choice for a new Allied Race. Amazing Lore to start and the potential is great, unique race with little to no sexual dimorphism. Amazing. Also those lightning and sand powers!
Faction: Neutral - Devoted go Horde, Remnant of the Faithless choose Alliance.
Racial: Poison spit - cause nature damage initially and then for a short over time effect. Or a short blind effect.
Racial: Lightning Scales - chance on melee hit to return some of the damage in nature dmg.
Racial: Krolusk Husbandry - Increases skinning yields with carapace and scaled creatures and tame such creatures faster.
Racial: Poison Resistance - Minor poison resistance.
Classes: Warrior, Hunter, Rogue, Priest, Shaman, Mage, Warlock, Monk, Death Knight Maybe Druid or Paladin.
Mount: Sethrak Krolusk

:crocodile: Saurok (H)
Bagzak convinced me that these guys were amazing and honestly I really like reptile races (See Sethrak above). The potential for them either in a return to Pandaria or a major encounter with the Mogu again is wild, plus they’d fit in nicely with the Horde races I think.
Faction: Horde
Racial: Leap - Similar in nature to heroic leap or grappling Hook propels them to a new location.
Racial: Lizard Climb - Allows them to walk on much steeper terrain than any other race. Not entirely climbing walls but ignoring a greater range of impassable terrain.
Racial: Underwater breathing - 200% increased breath meter.
Racial: Nature Resistance - Minor resist nature.
Racial: Grab the bones - Skin more bones from creatures.
Classes: Warrior, Hunter, Rogue, Priest, Mage, Shaman, Druid, Monk?, Death Knight.
Mount: Mushann

:japanese_ogre: Ogre (H)
Bagzak also convinced me we NEED ogres to finally be released. Long requested Horde race that joined their faction back in WCIII. Should have been added ages ago. Unique option of a two headed ogre should be considered.
Faction: Horde
Racial: Thunk - Bash your enemy and stun them for a short duration. What can I say they’re big and they’re burly. Use it.
Racial: (If One Headed) Descendant of Stone - Minor increase to Stamina
Racial: (If Two Headed) Arcane Heritage - Minor increase to fire, frost and arcane damage.
Racial: (If One Headed) Ancient Shipwrights - Minor bonus to Blacksmithing and Engineering
Racial: (If Two headed) Arcane Understanding - Disenchant gives more materials.
Classes: Warrior, Hunter, Mage, Priest, Rogue, Warlock, Monk, Shaman, Death Knight
Mount: Giant Boar

:honey_pot: :bear: Furbolg (A)
Furbolg are often overlooked by many but I believe with some love and care from blizzard they can go from the kinda kooky vaguely ridiculous looking bear men to truly awesome between what they are now and a playable model. Plus they’d add a non-human race to the Alliance that truly could look amazing and fit extremely well among the other Alliance races.
Faction: Alliance
Racial: Strength of Ursoc -Grab your opponent and throw them over your shoulder sstunning them for 1 sec and placing them behind you.
Racial: Wisdom of Ursol - Your mana regenerates slightly faster
Racial: Ceremonial Beads - Faster Jewelcrafting and once per day can use any pearl or feather in place of a gemstone or ore.
Racial: Natural Soul - Minor nature resistance.
Classes: Warrior, Hunter, Rogue, Shaman, Druid, Monk, Priest, Mage, Warlock?, Paladin?, Death Knight.
Mount: Elk

:eagle: :hammer: Wildhammer Dwarves (A)
Ok so this one isn’t exactly likely and will probably only happen if they make a sub-race system but I’m still including it here. They deserve to be their own Allied Race and I don’t care what anyone else says. Harumph.
Faction: Alliance
Racial: Stormhammer - Hurl your Stormhammer at the enemy. It will bounce three times to any nearby enemies (Within 3m) and then return to you. stuns the first person it hits and deals depreciating damage to up to 3 targets. *Works on the back of Gryphons without dismounting you.
Racial: Gryphon training - Can fly with apprentice riding skill. Pathfinders still need to be achieved where applicable. Able to tame Feathermanes and tame them faster.
Racial: Resilience of the Hill Dwarves - Poisons have shorter durations and minor nature resistance.
Racial: A Good Strap - Skin more leather… to make armor. What were you thinking?
Classes: Warrior, Hunter, Rogue, Shaman, Druid, Monk, Priest? and Death Knight.
Mount: Wildhammer Gryphon

:japanese_goblin::shell: Kelfin (H)
Like come on. They practically already joined the Horde they’re hanging out in Durotar. They should already be an Allied Race. I like their counterpoint to the goblins of the Bilgewater Cartel being entirely community based and fighting for each other rather than money. Plus imagine the strength the Horde to their boats if their crews can just breathe water.
Faction: Horde
Racial: A little help from my friends - Summon a Sea Giant, a Mukrara or a Murloc to take a few hits on your target. Does damage with a temporary “pet”.
Racial: Gift of Graal - Can breathe underwater.
Racial: Seaborn Scavenger - Bonus to Fishing and Fishing often finds other crafting materials.
Racial: Ocean born - Resistance to Frost damage.
Classes: Warrior, Hunter, Rogue, Priest, Mage, Warlock, Shaman, Druid, Monk and Death Knight.
Mount: Snapdragon

:eagle: Alteraci Humans (H)
The Alteraci are best known by the Syndicate in the Arathi Highlands, however they’re actually the left over remnants of the Kingdom of Alterac. Now the Alteraci have issues with both the Horde and the Alliance but they especially hate the Stromgardian humans of Stromgarde. So I think its reasonable that the survivalist, get the job done by any means, humans of Alterac might consider joining the Horde now that the Alliance has rebuilt Stromgarde in exchange for letting them continue their tiff with Stromgarde and retaking their city of Alterac. The Horde gets a new stronghold to relink Silverpine to the forces in Western Plaguelands and further off to Quel’thalas and the Alteraci get their home back and an ally to support them in their hit and run tactics on Stromgarde.
Faction: Horde
Racial: Rationing - Chance to not use a consumable when you use one.
Racial: Harry - Send your personal Hawk to harry your enemy dealing damage and preventing stealth for 8 seconds.
Racial: Retrieve - Command your hawk to retrieve loot from a loot source.
Racial: Supplied for the Pass - Resistance to Frost Damage.
Classes: Warrior, Hunter, Rogue, Mage, Priest, Warlock, Monk and Death Knight.
Mount: Alteraci Great Dane

:bat: San’layn (H)
They’re the San’layn. They’re already trying to join the Horde and its been a long requested Horde option. I’d like them as their own AR though I know some just want them as customization.
Faction: Horde
Racial: Vampires Kiss - Gives you a Leech%
Racial: Mist Form - Turn into mist and go to a targeted location within 30m.
Racial: Enthrall - Turn an enemy into an ally for 5 seconds. (PvE only)
Racial: Creature of the Night - Resistance to Shadow damage.
Classes: Warrior, Hunter, Rogue, Priest, Mage, Warlock, Monk and Death Knight.
Mount: Large Undead bat.

:eagle: :ice_cube: Frostborn Dwarves (A)
Frost Dwarves joined the Alliance in Wrath and I think they’d make a fine addition to the game and with the Wildhammer above fill out the rest of the Dwarven clans (Associated with the Alliance.)
Faction: Alliance
Racial: Frostblood - Remove all poison, disease, curse, magic and bleed effect and increase your armor by 10% for 8 seconds.
Racial: Frostbody - Resistance to Frost
Racial: Thorim’s Tactics - Increased Haste minorly.
Racial: Call the Eagles - Call an eagle to take you back to the nearest flight path.
Classes: Warrior, Hunter, Rogue, Priest, Monk, Mage and Death Knight.
Mount: Eagle or Polar Bear.

… I’m tired. I’ll add the rest later. I got a lot more. :stuck_out_tongue:


I do like these guys as a race, although i disagree with putting them horde. I mean, yea normally horde gets the “monstrous” races but in this instance, they are the mortal enemies of the vuplera, it would make more sense, in my mind, for them to be alliance, otherwise youve gotta go through some lore gymnastics to explain why and already established horde race is just cool with their enemy joining up.

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The Devoted are allied with the Vulpera as of the events of Vol’dun. The Faithless were their mortal enemies.

I kinda see it as the Devoted choose to strengthen ties with the Horde and their new allies there while the remnants of the Faithless flee to the Alliance as the Horde cracks down on whats left of them.

Thus the Neutral. One group going Alliance one Horde. In both cases they’re also atypical archetypes for those factions. The Horde gets a relatively Alliance like Sethrak, the Alliance gets a relatively Horde like Sethrak.

Though I get the desire to see them just go Alliance dont get me wrong. I started there. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m all for adding new races. I’d like to see the covenant races become playable as either allied races or perhaps permanent soul shapes if given the option.


updating my list with things i mentioned above plus a few others have said.

These mysterious guys have shown up in several expansions in multiple forms. Not much is known about them so we may not get them as playable until an expansion that deals with the nether, but still, they could be fun.
Faction - both, these guys are out for money, they are basically mercs with no mouth
Racial - Illicit substance, toss a cocktail at your target, or at target location. Enemies caught get drunk and confused wandering in place for a few seconds
Racial - Scry, see into the distance (like a hunters eagle eye)
Racial - Unbound, temporarily remove your bindings having an effect based on roll, tanks take less physical damage, healers and casters gain spell power, physical dps gains crit
Classes - Warrior, rogue, hunter, monk, demon hunter, mage, priest, shaman, warlock
Mount - some sort of ethereal beast, id say wolf but that would get me attacked for suggesting another freakin wolf

These guys were my favorite side faction to play with in WotLK. Something about them, they were fierce, tenacious, protected their own, cuddly, yet vicious. I still use the wolvar toy regularly that lets you transform into one.
Faction - Alliance, or both
Racial - Voracious Bite, Take a bite out of your enemy healing for a percentage of damage dealt.
Racial - Small creature in a big world, extra damage against playable races larger than you.
Classes - Warrior, rogue, hunter, shaman, monk (maybe), DK
Mount - Penguin

The bison like taunka are built tonka tough. They live in the north and mostly seem to keep to themselves. Part of the tauren lineage they dont always seem to see eye to eye with their cousins. I’d like to see these guys alliance because honestly, I want more noble races like this in the alliance, and we have various groups going horde, like elves, that would seem more alliance bound, let us have something that seems more horde.
Faction - alliance
Racial - Frosty Fur, attackers take slight frost damage, and have their attack and movement speed reduced.
Racial - Headbutt, smash your head into an enemy dealing damage and stunning them.
Classes - Anything Tauren can be
Mount - Whooly Rhino

These large and hardy fishermen were mostly passivists, but were able to hold their own in a fight against some pretty tough opponents.
Faction - both, leaning alliance
Racial - Blubber, high chance to cause attacks to bounce back at enemies.
Racial - Big nasty teeth, rake and enemy dealing physical damage and bleed over time.
Racial - Belly Flop, Jump to target area and land hard dealing damage and knock back enemies.
Classes - Warrior, hunter, mage, priest, monk, DK

These guys always had some interesting stories, they often even talk about being adventurers in their youth. So, let us have some youthful tortolans to adventure with. Horde got to spend more time with these guys than alliance did, but I could see them going either way.
Faction - Both, leaning horde
Racial - Home is where the Heart is, Withdraw into your shell increasing defense, making you immune to critical strikes, but also making you unable to move or use abilities.
Racial - Shell Bash, Smash your enemy with your shell knocking them back and dealing damage.
Mount - Nothing too fast, a giant sea snail seems best.

Sporregar was another of my favorite factions back in TBC. I was the only person I even knew that ground out that faction to exalted. I’d honestly be happy with both sporelings and fungoids (giant mushroom heads) being playable. I think they are fun and interesting creatures. We can say that in the years since TBC, thanks to our efforts to manage the fungal giants, not only have the sporelings populations increased, but they are strong enough now to manage the giants on their own, and many have decided to become adventurers to carry on in the footsteps of those that saved them so long ago.
Racial - Choking spores, release a personal AoE cloud of spores causing all enemies around you to choke, stunning them for a few seconds.
Racial - Magic Mushroom, target enemy sees multiple versions of every creature and player around him. Able to attack/heal all of them they are unable to tell what is real and what isnt.
Classes - warrior, hunter, rogue, monk, mage, shaman, priest, warlock
Mount - shrunken fungal giant or treant.

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I want a dryad from arenweald. They would make awesome druid


I mean, the Taunka are already part of the Horde, their high chieftain Raunok Icemist pledged themselves and joined the Horde back in wotlk. They’re technically as much part of the Horde as the tauren or HMT.

I like many of OP’s ideas. Frost Dwarves and Earthen Dwarves are interesting to think about. Also Ogres and Jinyu.

Broken Draenei could be a really cool race. That one should get some consideration.

I’m not wild about Arrokoa, because they have that hobble to their gait, as well as stiff and limited arm movements which makes me think they’d be super limited as physical fighters.

But… if Blizz were to ever develop races that are exclusively either fighters or casters (which is kind of a neat concept I think), Arrokoa would be an amazing consideration for a ‘caster only’ race.

As for Hozen, no. Jeezus, just no.

I emphatically agree.

I get why you see them annoying, but let me point out 2 things. First, they are horde, so you get to kill them, second, as player characters you wont hear any of the annoying chatter they are so guilty of. Sure they are like the Jar Jar binx of wow when they are NPCs but as players? they will only be homicidal lunatics. And again, as my proposed horde only race, only horde players who roll them and see their starting area would have to actually deal with the dooker nonsense.

Believe me, there is absolutely nothing you can say to gain my support for the Hozen idea. I’ll be very, very, very opposed to them ever becoming a playable race.

These guys have long been my top pick for a second neutral race. Tortolans have SO much potential. My Yogg that would be a cool race. Blizz should really consider it.

My dream list? Playable Faeries, some type of playable Dragon or Dragonkin, the Sylvari, the Sethrak, Uncursed Arakkoa. None of that will happen, but I would love any of them. :slight_smile:


Halforcen, halfelven, halftrollen, halfdwarfen, halftauren, halfgnomen, halfhuman, halfdraenein. They’d be like the pandaren and can join either faction or maybe start their own.