Mouse sometimes getting "stuck" on button on actionbar when moving cursor between monitors

I have a dual monitor setup where I have WoW running on my main screen and Chrome on my other (I watch videos, browse the net, etc. while playing). Recently, I’ve been experiencing this strange issue which I cannot find an answer to online.

I’ll go to my secondary screen to do something, then when I move the cursor back to the WoW window, the game will lock onto one of the buttons on my right action bar. So the actual cursor could be in the middle of the game window, but if I click, it will activate whichever button that it decided to get stuck on (even though the cursor isn’t physically there). To fix it, I need to move my cursor back to my secondary monitor, then try to click back into the WoW window again.

This is frustrating because after going back into the game, I’ll click somewhere in the window that is NOT on an actionbar, but because of the glitch, it will try to activate whatever ability, flask, window, etc. that’s there until I figure out what’s going on and fix it.

I’m assuming that because it only occurs on my right action bar and that the right side of the game window is where the cursor goes when moving onto my other monitor is related to what I’m experiencing. And this bug doesn’t happen all the time, but fairly frequently.

Does anyone have any ideas what may be causing this?


Just wanted to say I have this problem as well. Only it isn’t with dual monitors. I play with the game in one of the windowed modes where I can click out to the start menu or the sides of my screen (wide screen monitor) and sometimes when I change to check a webpage and come then come back to wow my mouse gets stuck and I have to click out of wow and back in to get it back.

I’ve had this setup for over a decade and this the first patch were it has started happening to me.

EDIT: It’s windowed mode and I am using one of the standard resolutions provided in the drop down (1768 x 992)

i am having loss of control of my mouse cursor started with the new patch

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It is good to know that I’m not the only one. It only started happening to me very recently too (but I didn’t notice the exact time), so we may be having this issue because of a patch.


We’ve had a couple of people, so far, mention this in our guild, both when they’re moving from a second screen back to WoW. Seems to have started since the last patch.

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This should be relocated to #support:bug-report because it’s not something tech support can assist with. I’m also experiencing this.

I’m having the same issue since around the same time.
This is the only result that came up in google.

Has anybody had any success resolving it?

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Has anybody had any luck solving this yet? It is driving me insane.

No success. I’ve had to disable my actionbars that have pots, flasks, etc. on them because they would keep getting activated and I was starting to waste gold.

Also wanted to mention…Since I first posted this, I did a complete format and fresh install of Windows/WoW on my PC and the issue persisted.


That was my nuclear option. Thank you for the update. Guess I’ll try looking into some other alternatives.

I removed Bnet and Wow, and after a reinstall the issue hasn’t happened once. Make sure to get all the temporary files and cached data. Full UI reset.

Same issue, I notice when i Play SOM and I had to move all my pots off my Action bars to my right, cause I kept clicking on them… Driving me CRAZY!!!

  • I did a full, fresh install of all Versions of the game, this didn’t fix it…

I have a Radeon Video card

Also been happening to me on both Retail and Classic

Friend told me he had the same issues and it was tied to Details. Turn it off and hasn’t seemed to happen again

This issue is still happening to me as of May 18th 2022. I’m playing on BC Classic if it matters, and I wasn’t sure if it coincided with a Phase/Patch release for the game, an Addon update, or something else entirely. It’s nice to know that I’m not alone, but frustrating to still have this issue plague the game.

I initially thought that maybe the problem was related to my Action Bars addon, which I’m using Dominos but now I’m second guessing that after reading here. I have my Action bar 4 set vertically on the right side of my UI nearby the edge of the screen, but not quite right against the edge. I put some space between the edge and the bar in hopes of that fixing the issue, but it still plagues it. Suspiciously though, I do have Details in near proximity to this.

I am on a dual monitor setup on Windows 10 x64, and I play WoW on my left monitor and usually have windows/applications up on the right monitor.

When the issue manifests itself, I am usually able to fix it by pressing the Windows key to sort of “release” the button that is stuck. It is still an annoying issue to have to deal with though.

And disabling Details doesn’t fix it?

It’s too early to say. I just posted and read the thread a few hours ago, and only just disabled Details now to test. Sometimes the issue doesn’t manifest itself until after a few hours of gameplay, and it’s hard to reproduce. So might be a bit to get a confirmation that everything seems good.

I just had it happen to me with Details disabled. So it’s not related to that. I do want to have it happen again for some more evidence though.

Disabled or pulled out of the addon folder?

Disabled and not running, all 3 modules (BC Classic). I also reached out to multiple guilds / friends of guilds and while Details is very popular, I have an anecdote that it is happening to someone who doesn’t run Details.

Since my last message as well, I’ve had the same issue happen 2 more times (during Black Temple raid on BC Classic)