Missing Character

I am missing a level 120 druid. Believe me I was EXTRA sure to triple check to make sure. I sorted by realm and characters. he is just gone,. What adds a little extra sting to this: I realm transferred THREE characters over a year ago to a low population server (my druid being one of them). Now I am on a HIGH population server and I am missing a character to boot. This isn’t what I wanted and this is not my fault. i even tried the “undelete character” on every server I have characters only to see: doesn’t exist :frowning: And the length of the ticket is 4 days!

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And you logged into the realm you’re sure you transferred it to after you sorted by realm?

Characters don’t just disappear like that-- the realm select screen does stop showing how many characters you have on a realm after a connection or specific length of time has passed since logging into it, however. But the character is still there.

Do you have multiple game licenses and are logging into the correct one?


Hi Ekon. I only have a total of 12 characters on 3 realms. I have gone into each server i have characters on. Literally i have only ever played on 4 servers. I am so afraid of the forums I MADE SURE THREE TIMES OVER my druid isn’t there. and I created a new character on the realm. i tried that restore character button. No luck. And tis happened after the realm mergers.

Just for clarification, they aren’t. That is the current estimate, but it is off by a good deal. The average response time, depending on the issue, is less than 2 days.

Please keep your ticket open, a Game Master will look into the issue as soon as they can.

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Thank you kind person. I did get a response in- game just now . It was more than 2 days. Will be glad to find out what happened :slight_smile: /Sigh. now that i have clarified i am missing a character and not locked out of my account i get to wait for reply. Fingers crossed.

Still waiting. My account expires in 21 hours. Guess who won’t renew till i get an email telling me my 120 lvl druid is restored.
From the email that was sent 2 weeks ago:
I was able to check into your account information and I can confirm that the character was negatively affected by the realm connection that recently took place.

The good news is that I was able to get this issue escalated for you, and we have our development team looking into the issue to bring your character and other characters that were affected back to a payable state as soon as humanly possible.

This character was my famer for mats BTW.

From the sounds of it, they don’t quite know what happened, and when they do, they will get back to you. Is your ticket still open, or has it been closed?

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My ticket has been closed.


For clarity:

During a scheduled maintenance period planned for 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. PDT on Thursday, August 20, the following realm connections will be made:

  • The Eldre’Thalas and Korialstrasz realms will join the Akama, Dragonmaw, and Mug’thol realms.

This is when my character disappeared.
AUGUST 20, 2020.

I have not renewed my subscription and am waiting ‘patiently’ for my level 120 druid which is my herb farmer to be restored. Once per day I log in and make a new character to ‘refresh’ the character select screen. it is not that big of a deal I suppose, but it is getting rather irritating.

Direct Question: Will I receive any communication about this issue being resolved and/or will my character show up in the character select screen without me having to create a new character.

Day number 38.

Was there any response when the ticket was closed? You may need to open a new ticket, and reference the closed ticket number.

I was told by a blue that:
No, you don’t need to open a ticket or keep one open. It isn’t necessary for the work being done.

The original call to open a ticket had been for tracking and to get samples for investigation. That is no longer needed.

If you don’t feel like re-subbing, then I would just log in once a week to check things out. The GM’s will get back to you, or they will find and restore your character.

Even though you have already done it, you need to just give them more time to work this issue out.

I don’t know that any communications will be sent out. Checking periodically is a good idea regardless.


I just logged in first time in a while and i also have a few missing characters, all from the same server, including my 120 hunter…I dont know whats happening. First time something like this has happened and ive been playing since vanilla

The only thing I can control in this situation is my wallet and attitude. I am still unsure if when I do log in, do I need to make a new character to refresh the character select screen?
Not trying to beat a dead here, but is there a MAXIUM amount of time I should expect a resolution. “Ok Quill, it has been 90 days and the character is gone. here is [what ever remedy Blizzard offers: 120 character boost and /or 1 month sub]” as an example.

I’m sure if there had been an ETA, one would have been given either here or via the ticket response. But hopefully it will be resolved quickly. Who knows, you may even be able to request comp game time once it is fully resolved.

I would not think it would go to that extreme though, given any player can restore a deleted character over level 50 with no maximum date. Yes, I am aware this is simply not a deleted character issue, but the data base seems quite capable of storing data.

Maybe check after today’s maintenance window? It should be finished by 4PM Pacific. Not sure if that will include just the new connections, or if progress on this and the other issues ongoing, but just looking at the bright side of that rainbow. :rainbow:


Not currently, no. There is high confidence in the ability to recover the character, and many who were similarly affected have had their characters recovered. But it is a somewhat manual process, so it is taking a bit more time.

It’s difficult to weigh remediation options while the issue is ongoing. If game time, or some other compensation were to be requested it would likely need to wait until your issue is resolved. Then the impact can be fully considered in such a request.


Day 42.
If anyone finds me counting the days annoying, imagine how I feel.

Day 50.
Have a great day!

Direct Question: As a consumer is there place on the forums I can express my unhappiness about the length of time my character restore is taking without my post getting deleted?
Or is this a sit down and shut up kind of relationship?