Mind controlled out of WSG

its good to see you finally agree AFK kicking is reasonable pvp tactic, with auto squelching to.

Not exactly, as your example requires a player to use underhanded tactics against their own team instead of the opposition.

But sure, if that’s how you want to take it.

MC a player out of BG
= 15 min ban for the player removed
-player gets no honor
-preventing a opposite faction player from getting honor

afk kicking a player
= 15 min ban for the player removed
-player gets no honor
-15 min less they can play and earn honor which mean more honor for you then, so a valid pvp action

auto squelching
-chat ban for a hour
-less thing they can do
-less gear they probably get since they cant talk
=less honor they get which mean higher rank for the person using the system to there advantage

literally no difference

None of which affects the accused player. All that matters is the win and how much honor you are earning per hour.

If you say so.

And here we are. I’m surprised it took 20 days:

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They are putting a giant pillow at the base of the Lumber Mill cliffs in arathi basin, and making mind control and polymorph have a 30 second cooldown. You can also no longer fap or lip in bgs. #lottachanges