Warsong Gulch Exit Portal Removal

You’re missing the point. This existed back vanilla. For better or worse it must remain.


I mean, I can respect this answer at least. I mean its been my stance the whole time, but it started cuz I got asked for my opinion by someone else here… then BAM got attacked for it. Interwebs man… lol

Then convince people to stop exploiting it.


You werent attacked. You were challenged on your position. Forums are meant for debate and conversation.

So we’ll remove mcing out of BGs but not getting on roof? Both are exploits and unintended.

Lemmie guess; some high profile streamer got mced out of a game.

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I know, right? I’m surprised that the thread with 3K posts wasn’t enough by itself to convince them: Mind controlled out of WSG - #166 by Ronduwil-pagle

We have that on retail, and people from the classic community laugh how there is no reason to pvp.

Some of these comments are just ridiculous lmao


I can see where you think its challenging, and your right about forums I get that, but I was asked for an opinion after I stated I did not give it originally because I was not wanting to debate it, as it was as I stated, something I was happy the ppl who wanted it got, but not happy about it myself.

Seems like “challenging” at that point is really attacking since it was already stated it was pointless to challenge

It is surprising how many people support griefing.


The mental gymnastics people exercise in order to justify terrible behavior will never cease to amaze me.


I think any issues that come from the players need developer intervention. Players just complain, troll, exploit, or quit when problems appear in game.

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The problem is Blizzard is getting a lot more tickets about the same issues.

The exit portal issue was around in vanilla, but I doubt Blizzard was getting more than a handful of tickets a week about it.

They’re probably getting many times that number in classic. That is the difference between vanilla and classic.

And you can say the same thing about queue dodging and AV premades. Those existed in vanilla, but they’re many times more prevalent in classic.


I will concede that this is sadly the truth, the amount of ppl doing things like exploits and such now are common place, where in vanilla hardly anyone knew about them, and some that did would not do it because blizzard was actually likely to ban people for doing it, not just changing the game.

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Cautionary use of the word intended.

I’m not sure blizzard is ready to handle everything going on not being used as intended. On the surface all these modifications to the game seem like they are neccessary but that’s a double edged sword.

Its slowly happening. The changes everyone feared. The playerbase will always argue left and right on how something is unfair or being abused, but where to you draw the line before the game isnt what it was intended from the beggining, a faithful recreation and museum piece.

A portion of returning players will never know the joy of abusing an exit portal which was a part of the game.

Instead of players working a strategy around and learning from their mistakes, it has been stripped by the hands of the new developers. Because it’s not what they intended.

This isnt retail. You dont have to listen to the constant cries of your playerbase even if they are right.

This is classic, not some game you can just change because it seems like the right thing to do.

Peacefully asking to focus more on the bugs and not the gameplay.


Goblin Rocket Helmet next pls blz

No. Just no. This is a welcome change that does nothing to impact the spirit of WSG.


Blizzard enabling crybabies. Name a more iconic duo.

You caving in like this is really creating more whines and then we move into the dimension where the forums are balancing the game and we end up at retail again.


LOL no, dude I heard the play by play of an Alliance AV last night; the Alliance players are just flat WORSE as a group.

Its almost as if they don’t think they can win and via manifest destiny, fail.

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I’m starting to love #changes