Mecha-Gnomes were a terrible idea

Are you kidding me? They are the best AR!

It does when the Alliance population was already nosediving before your abomination of a race was added. Being paired with the most requested race since BfA’s starting gates on the other side? Lol good luck blue team!

Then maybe the mistake was that Gilgoblins weren’t the goblin AR instead. I mean Vulpera are the only allied race added that wasn’t an offshoot of an existing race. It is the odd one out. Not the other races.


(Statement): No matter how unpopular, Mechagnomes aren’t going to be removed, and the few of us playing them won’t cause any damage to the game by doing so, since they’ll never be removed. Blizzard would never set the precedent of allowing playable races to be removed.

(Statement): That’s not how you spell, “Void Elves.”


That’s because the Horde operates under rule of Cool.

Nothing has to make sense with them.

If you played through the Horde story, this isn’t true. The Horde actively aided the Sethrak and helped them recover their Loa. It was a primary part of the Vol’dun questline; meanwhile the Alliance interaction with the Sethrak was barely a blip during the War Campaign opening.

The Sethrak going to the Alliance is just a meme.



Haters gonna hate and trolls gonna troll. See the Mechagnome Love thread.


I don’t want them to be removed now, that’s just unfair to the 1-6 people that do actually enjoy them. But you’re fooling yourself if you think those robotic options wouldn’t have been satisfying as a customization choice for regular gnomes. Think about all the extra hair and hair colours you’d have if that was the case.

And the fact that they were dead on launch is probably only going to damage the Alliance population even more. That’s why I said it’s damaging to the game defending this stuff.

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The Horde save their leader just as the Alliance does, then they go on to stop Korthek, and canonically save Sethraliss in the temple of sethraliss. Not only that they end up killing Myrthrax canoncially as well.

The Alliance saves their leader. Once. Then buggers off.

That said we have ideas about how they could become Alliance aligned. You can ask about it in the Sethrak Discussion thread.


(Statement): Unit Exacitor would not have been against the Mechagnome customization being added to standard gnomes, although he would have missed the racials strongly.

(Statement): There was always going to be an Allied Race based off of the gnome model. Ergo, that Allied Race was always going to damage the Alliance population. This was always going to be true.


I also do not like how they brought this god forsaken race.


Mecha-Gnomes were the cheapest option without having to admit that the obvious choice was actual high elves for the alliance.

These allied races feel like so much stuff in BFA… Underwhelming, low cost, and undercooked.

Edit: Its hilarious watching them try to use any excuse in the book not to admit they’re wrong on that one. It’d be very cheap/easy to do (Blood elf skeleton/customizations with blue eyes) and the community seems to really want it overall, but then certain devs would be wrong and we can’t have that.


I know this isn’t a popular opinion, though I actually prefer the Void Elves to High Elves. I love the skin tones, the hair and colours, the racials. Telogrus Rift is hauntingly beautiful, the music is a masterpiece of eerie calmness.

That said, I am not opposed to new customization options to allow partial High Elf skin tones, hair, and colour for the Void Elves. Much like Alleria herself, I can see others wanting to look more High Elfen.


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So the delusional pike-eared troll is mad that the furry fox people that the Alliance never interacted with joined the Red team?

Mechagnomes are great.

Erazmin? Gnomaity is technically a diarchy now with him.


I’d want some more skin toned than them telling me same skyblue skin and dark blue skin are different. And there are only 4.

Literally can be said in regards to almost all Allied races.


I’d prefer a living pale human skin for once than color blind skin tones telling me they are all different.

Too be fair, they are all different shades. You can more easily see this if you use a model viewer.


Wrong. But then again you’re playing the only race less popular than trashgnomes, so I can see how you might be confused about a lot of things.

Like this, for example. Gelbin was very clearly made king of all gnomes, who then asked Erazmin to stick around as an advisor. He’s not in charge of anything.

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How’d this thread become about High Elves? Lmao. I want them playable on the Alliance as much as the next person, but this was about Junkgnomes.

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