Mecha-Gnomes were a terrible idea

(Opinion): It could have been better writing. It makes perfect sense to want to form stronger ties with the rest of gnomekind and unite under a single flag. Joining the Alliance was a natural result of that, but there really wasn’t anything to really cause Mechagon to join the Alliance except for that. It would have been preferable if the recruitment questline had involved the Mechagnomes having a better reason to join the Alliance, and perhaps, like the Vulpera, proving themselves worthy through the unique skills and technology they bring to the table.


Hey Mechagnomes. You realize coming in here because “your favorite race is trash” is like a shining beacon to people who like said race doesn’t actually change the fact that the race is incredibly unpopular, right?

That aside, I think everyone was expecting mechagnomes of some kind at some point. Allied Races are more or less all alternate versions of existing races in some capacity. Gnomes were going to get one eventually. I question the whole “diaper gnome” design, but even if it didn’t look like that, it’d be a metallic gnome. It’d be just as unpopular to the general public and attract the exact same gnome fans playing the mechagnomes we did get.

The only question is if we’re going to get Worgen and Forsaken based Allied Races in the 9.0 prepatch or not, since those are the 2 races (not counting Pandaren, which are neutral and on both sides, they kind of have their own thing going on there) that haven’t been given an alternate yet.


Personally I feel like bringing Metatorque back was more impressive than throwing a party for some angry peons.

But like you said, opinions. :slight_smile:


“Hey, we’re literally just gnomes with metal bits, guess we’ll join the faction with other gnomes on it.”

“Yep, sounds about right.”



(Statement): Affirmative. I personally hope Blizzard never adds another race to the game as unpopular as the Mechagnomes are. That doesn’t mean I won’t enjoy them.

(Suggestion): True, but I wouldn’t have minded seeing the Mechagnomes, say, flying Aerial Units over Darkshore to wipe out the remaining Sylvanas Loyalists in a display of loyalty, or going to Drustvar to outfit the Order of Embers with superior guns to fight the Coven. Perhaps some spider tanks sent to Gilneas to help the Worgen clear out lingering blight.


If it didnt require doing rustbolt to get them, I would unlock them and play them as a main but at this point, I just cant bring myself to grind that exalted status. Cannot do it. Sick of it all.

This character is not fun I killed a couple of mobs but do not enjoy it. It is not because it is a mechagnome though. Mechagnomes are fine.

You realize coming in here because “your favorite race is trash” is like a shining beacon to people who like said race doesn’t actually change the fact that the race is incredibly unpopular, right?

Who cares? Popularity doesn’t matter and as far as I am concerned the lack of popularity is a bonus. It makes our fanbase itself more tightly nit. Mechagnomes didn’t come in place of anything else. We were just always destined to get some kind of gnome AR or race using the gnome rigs. People who ignored this reality are the ones at fault.


I said this in the same post that you quoted.

It’s like you never actually did the quest to earn them.

It does when the Alliance population was already nosediving before your abomination of a race was added. Being paired with the most requested race since BfA’s starting gates on the other side? Lol good luck blue team!

Oh no, I did. Meccatorque is sick, etc, we fix him up, and then they elect him as king, which is a thing you elect people for now apparently.

Mechagnomes are such a pathetic race they don’t even have their own leader. They just lumped them in under the existing one.


Those of us in the Sethrak Discussion Thread support our Mechagnome brothers and sisters. We recognize that they did not steal a slot from the Sethrak, and that being a jerk to another AR does not give anyone including Blizzard reason to add ours.

Also Mechagnomes are awesome.

While it is true that the Vulpera’s Voldunai rep has been in BfA since launch, the design of the zone of Mechagon makes getting rep for the Rustbolt Resistance one of the easiest reps in BfA. Even just doing the World Quest there each day you’ll have your exalted surprisingly fast compared to the Voldunai.

Further by the time they announced the Mechagnomes and Vulpera most active players likely already had the Exalted rep with those factions (Assuming they played Horde for the Vulpera).

And I suppose while I’m here, Sethrak are more likely to go Horde than Alliance. While over in the Sethrak Thread we enjoy talking about how to get them to be Alliance, we do have to admit that the Sethrak are poised to go Horde.

Sethrak for the Alliance! (But playable is totally fine Blizzard really. Seriously. Thanks.) :snake:


Lmao at everyone defending MEchagnomes. Where are all of you guys in the actual game? FAce it, they’re wildly unsuccessful. You guys are damaging the game by pretending this was a worthwhile addition. They could have used mechagon’s story to further develop regular gnome customization, and it’d still feel just as good.


Lol where’s ur tree at bro

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Yup. It works too, generally a race is going to follow the same race. It’s not racism, it’s just natural.

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So they should have been an unlocked customization? Glad you agree.

I disagree, I’ve been really enjoying levelling and playing my Mechagnome.



Mechagnomes was made just to prevent High Elves being added into Alliance.

I don’t see how they are poised to go Horde.

The Sethrak NPCS and Alliance ones got along FAR better than the Horde ones.

Then again we are talking about the same Writing time that was like “Wahhh Tyrande said a mean to one hobo Mage…so this Allied race goes to Horde”

And I hope it stays that way and high elves are never added to the game <3

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