Mecha-Gnomes were a terrible idea

The Least played race, gets a subrace.

The Mechanical bits should have just been cosmetics for the current Gnomes.

Why couldn’t we have gotten the Sethrak, or ANYTHING else?

Also I find it funny…Vulpera the race the Horde got at the same time, was based on a REP that has been around since the Xpac launched…and most already had it to Exalted or Near exalted.

Mecha-Gnomes? New Rep to grind from zero…awesome.


(Statement): I’m enjoying them. Also I’ve found that some effort was at least put into the race. I’d heard Mechagnomes couldn’t access the full city, but I was able to do so. Maybe it just requires beating Mechagon? Either way, accessing the full city is nice, and there’s a transporter to take you to Rustbolt in there too, connecting the island and Stormwind.


Yeah…what was Blizz thinking? Obvious hate for alliance players going on here.


Just got this guy to 100 today. Having a blast.

Agree to disagree.


Dark skin and fire beards could have been added to regular dwarves, light tattoos for Draenei, antlers for Tauren, I could go on.


This one makes a valid point.


Guess what the bottom 4 allied races are? Yep you guessed it, all Alllianced allied races except void elves. And people honestly wonder why the Alliance are so aggravated. Nobody and I mean nobody asked for mechagnomes, meanwhile people were begging for vulpera. The bias is so blatant and obvious this expansion.


The rustbolt rep is over 6 months old. I’m not sure if that counts as “new”. The game doesn’t center around you.

  1. Popularity doesn’t matter.
  2. They were clearly going for the ratchet and clank angle.
  3. Sethrak never made sense as a gnome AR. We were never going to get anything else but something that was a gnome or using the gnome rig. It is other’s fault for getting their hopes up for something else.
  4. It could be argued the mistake was that Vulpera wasn’t a core race instead. I’d say Gilgoblins should have been paired with Mechagnomes.
  5. The less people there are playing a race, the more special and unique it feels so I prefer having a smaller playerbase.
  6. Mechagnomes from a lore perspective are easily one of the most powerful races alliance just got. Second to the draenei perhaps.
  • How do you know Gnome is the least played race in WoW?
  • What is it you don’t like about Mechagnomes? (Please be specific)

But you do acknowledge that the Vulpera was around ALOT longer.

You literally had Vulpera PCs wandering around the instant it dropped.


Which is funny. People always cry about BFA’s bad writing. Yet Mechagnomes joining the Alliance makes perfect sense and is actually good writing. Apparently bad writing doesn’t mean much long as people can just get whatever random race they want.


Mechagon had a daily world quest where you would get 800-1275 rep (or something) depending on the week

So you only like them, and the standard race due to lack of people playing it.

The definition of wanting to be that one special snowflake huh?


Ummm what?

Lorewise Mechagnomes have been around since the start of BFA at least. We just discovered them in patch 8.2.


Who cares what was around longer? Rustbolt is easier to get rep with than Voldun. Rustbolt has an 850 rep quest everyday, and it takes less than 10 minutes. For Vol’dun, you essentially have to wait for the emissary or spam WQs all day.


Actually Mechagnomes were being planned as an Allied race all the way back to the beginning of BFA.

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Honestly I love my mechagnome. Bit it was hard to pick a class that fit them for me. I still want to see transformer added (druid) because I think itd be awesome.

I don’t care what faction I play on. I am just here for Vulpera.

They just happened to fall to the Horde. So fur the Horde it is!

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