Marksman is the new meta

i can assure you that nobody is crying for beastmaster hunters :expressionless:

BM and Mark are both fine but the thing is that you can use Marksman too, I respec’d and im farming faster with the BM rune ontop of it. Aimed shot doing numbers

12 years ago before Blizzard nerfed pvp gear, i was force to playing MM because BM was garbage at the time and MM didn’t do well either . Blizzard nerfs pvp gear . I was done playing WoW for 3 years because of the nerf . All my friends quit WoW . Never to return . Now i feel like i am in the same boat again as of 12 years ago . What am i suppose to do now ??? Like history is repeating itself.

you’re digging to hard into this my guy

I’m LF raid on my lvl 1 alt on your server can you inv me to your guild? I want to play BM and you seem the most sincere.

if you’re going to lie, at least put in 2% effort

Here is the thing pogchamp. This was a direct nerf to BM spec and the melee hunter build, since they do not use Chimera or Explosive shot.

If you’re going to misrepresent the facts, at least put in 2% more effort.


I also think that they can address the dps of the pet by reducing cooldown of Kill Command to 30 secs I feel that it would help BM as a spec and be a proper way to address dps issues with Pets and Hunters

“Why do SoD if you won’t allow all specs to be viable.”

A question I ask myself every day I log in and remember I went frost instead of fire.

Where’s the lie? Both Chimera and Explosive Shot were already nerfed before this. The only compensation is mana, on two shots nobody uses, 2 melee runes, and Kill Command (which was previously nerfed).


BM should be the weakest raid spec because it’s the best spec in the open world. Checks and balances.

Master Marksman on chest is a bait. Lion is still BiS.

they literally buffed chim shot though?

THis guy is on crack all the top parsers are just using BM talents and using chimera shot and flanking strike to melee weave , the MM hunters that are testing are not even using aimed shot. SUrvival melee hunters are doing great right now btw.

I don’t think Blizzard really has any choice but to make MM the new meta. Otherwise, these forums will continue to be the Hunter Complaint Box.

BM will be the levelling spec and then you will switch to MM once you hit level cap.

Hunters are upset because bm rune is still bis except on extreamly short fights.
This change nerfed overall damage when using the bm rune by 12%.

When using the other runes, they saw a 1-2% increase in dps.

This means hunters effectively just got a 12% nerf from our best performing options, which is still the best performing option in most cases. And we are not the top dps.

If their goal was to shift power out of the pet and into the hunter like they said they would make chimera or explosive better than bm rune so we use those no questions asked, but thats not what they did so we are upset. If their goal was to lower the top performing damage dealers they would nerf warriors and rogues by at least 12% as well, because they are above hunters before this nerf. Then we wouldnt be complaining as the entire top end of dps would have gotten toned down.

The complaint is their actions do not seem to have met their stated goal, and it doesnt make sence to nerf the 3rd place dps without touching 1 and 2.

This wasnt a small nerf. The bm rune is much closer to the other rune options now, but still better. And it resulted in a 12% nerf in overall performance for the 3rd place dps.

They could buff other runes to make up for that dps loss in the leg slot (noone is changing out lion so chest chanhes wouldnt really work)

Example flanking strike buff duration increased to 18 seconds.
Sniper training now effects auto shot damage
Kill command… this needs a complete reword or replacing as its a dead ability now, and it has the proboem of giving power to the pet which is what we are trying to move away from
Serpent spread no longer has a target limit and serpent sting now gains damage equal to 30% rap over its max duration (so the 6 second serpent sting would get around 6% rap added to its damage)

If their goal wasnt to nerf hunters overall they should put the power back into the hunter. Instead we saw about 12% nerf…


So era hunter. Glad everyone else gets to play sod while hunters play era…


Very good post, too bad a majority of people who are upset about getting killed by hunters in PvP won’t actually read it.

As of right now we are still forced into 2/3 rune choices - Lion on chest and BM on gloves. Leg runes have slight play mostly because they all kinda suck.

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Off topic: I wonder if Gnomer will be hard or LFR difficulty like BFD was

If it starts hard, they will nerf it back down to care bear levels…