Marksman is the new meta

The issue with not playing meta is two fold one you are less valuable. If you ever did a serious raid guild in classic you will understand you will be benched or not be taken if you don’t play the meta build. Second if you are a competitive player and keep gong BM you will never parse/be competitive with your fellow players. No one wants a 40dps priest in a raid where everyone is dpsing 200-500 it would be better if said priest was a healer. I have carried my fair share of players who would rather sit in a corner and smash 1 key parse a 7 and get their gear. That gets old quick. I want Beastmastery to be a thing that is my only complaint. If it can’t do the DPS we want give it some utility raid buff… maybe a healing aura. something to make the pet valuable to a 20man or 40 man raid.

Just roll warriors, we’ll need over a dozen for naxx speedruns just as aggrend intended


I have a warrior both in sod and Nax geared in norm. Warriors are still going to out dps every class and late game prob one shot most squishies. The hunter was the fun class not the 2k dps class

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Holy Molly, I would take you as Hunter Dev over whoever is responsible for this cluster. Everything you said made perfect sense!!

Lol, was in a serious enough raid guild to clear Naxx just fine and we did it, and this is shocking, without being ridiculous. You guys are entirely too sweaty for content that doesn’t require it. Since it doesn’t require it, your whining comes down to a what is essentially a chest beating contest, to which I can only say…so what. You can see the toxicity now where the dps required is so much lower than what people are whining about losing. This is not retail. Classic era was not retail. You are playing a game in a manner that doesn’t require it, so your complaints are largely invalid to be honest. When you play horseshoes in the backyard, do you stop the game to draw out the measuring tape, test the wind, and practice your throw constantly? Do you still win? Shocking. If you do any of those things btw, get help, its a disorder.

So you are not melee weaving, got it.

You would have a better parse with flanking strike and melee weaving. And it is clear someone else had kings covered because otherwise lion is always the best choice.

I had a fellow hunter go lion so I didn’t have to it was to test the water with Marksman why have runes if you can only use one. I have looked at logs Melee weaving does 3-15 dps threw a fight and that is the best hunter dps on warcraft logs. Also the best 100 parsers do not all melee weave seen plenty of them not use flanking strikes and parse 99-100

This kind of thing is thrown around a lot for some reason… and warcraft logs makes the whole situation even worse, imo. BFD is so ridiculously easy if you know the fights, and it’s not so often (in my experience) that they come down to precision DPS, so much that it can’t be done by “lesser skilled” and lesser geared players. The only time anyone should really be complaining about someone else in the raid (mostly for pugs) is if that person is actually not doing anything, or like this one warrior I recently grouped with who won fathomblade off first boss, and then not having in skill in it, switched to it and “practiced” it on turtle boss… which resulted in some rather hilarious drama after the fight. Even with this guy in the raid, we still finished it all without too many problems… and then also maybe the person who just doesn’t seem to understand the fights at all and keeps doing nothing the entire raid, but that is extremely rare, most people eventually learn something.

Plenty of people have been in a serious enough guild to clear Nax the question then comes in where you a parser or a anchor bringing the raid clear times down. I like my free time and do not want to raid 3 hours every raid night.

BFD was easy week one it became simple now since people complained about the last 3 bosses having mechanics and resistances.

The current top hunter parse for today (because i dont want data from before the nerf) is melee weaving and using flanking strike, and it added about 25-30 dps

With me eyes of course

If you must know, its because pets are uninvolved in classic. They are basically just the most forgiving DoT in classic. Once you tell it to attack there is no skill or any real interaction between the hunter and pet. The easiest, least involved spec deserves to be weaker because when your pet can play the game for you, that’s how we end up in the current situation where there’s an ocean of mediocre hunters trying to abuse pets.

I hope they get nerfed even harder. Its called a hunter not a tamer.

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If you are raiding 3 hours a night, thats by choice. People who cannot do veryvery simple mechanics (even in original Naxx) are gonna stay longer.

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Your Posted log shows 8-15 dps… not 25-30 I am confused where you get the 25-30

Melee weaving includes raptor strike, flanking strike, standard melee hits (likely from wild strike) and the pets flanking strike damage. And sometimes wing clip when fishing for wild strike procs if mana is a non issue based on kill speed and availability of the global cd.

Now i see. you’re including all melee damage Then yes I was looking at just flanking strike. When moving threw bosses myself I would use raptor strike also.

But that defeats the purpose of sniper training at that point as you move about every 6 seconds for raptor strike if you are properly using it, so you are never standing still long enough to get sniper training.

Also sniper training only applies the bonus crit to abilities, not auto shot damage, its not the worst rune ever, but it isnt really that good either.

It applies itself to Chimera Shot and arcane shot it adds up the only boss i have to run threw for the most part is Aku’mai.

Does it make sense that a class that can ONLY dps not be in the top dps?
Bliz said they wanted pet tanking to be a thing and they just removed all chances of that.

Wyvern and explosive shot are an absolute joke, arcane shot does half the damage of auto shot, but I still use it because I have nothing else…

what’s your characters name? Just wondering if “your” best parse is actually pretty bad, cause if you’re not melee weaving even as MM it can’t be that great.

Even when phase 2 comes out BM hunter is done . Nerfing BM runes just killed it for BM hunters . Bm hunters didn’t even have a chance in phase 2 . Put a folk in it … they are done . Say good bye to that Talent Tree . I was really looking for to doing pvp as a BM hunter , but for some reason within 12 years for the second time Blizzard doesn’t want me to do pvp . They hate me or something . I finally got a new start in SoD … Blizzard really messes it up for me .
12 years ago Blizzard nerfs pvp gear and now my hunter . I feel like i can’t do anything . like wtf ??? Melee classes don’t have enough range capabilities and casters have very little to no melee capabilities. I got to have a balance of both in which a hunters have that balance with their pets , that is why i like playing a hunter class .