Make Conduit upgrades specific to loot spec?

Can we please get rid of conduit energy now? Trying to do raid, M+, arena, rbg as a melee class that uses multiple different specs/conduits for each of those things is just a nightmare. I can’t play the game as much as I want to because I have to make sure I have enough conduit energy left to switch things back for raid, or for keys, or for arena. It’s just a bad system, plain and simple

Will this change apply to conduit upgrade items obtained after the reset, or will the one I got tonight from Adamant Vaults that’s sitting in my bag have this change as well?

Why are we testing system on live servers? Why did this even need to be a thing? Were there no QA this time around? These are all questions I’m sure a lot of people would love an answer to.

Relics acquisitions was already pointed out on PTR as with the upgrading system in fact disregard this tier, even last tier you had to be somewhat lucky. Granted I’m a bit miffed this tier because I got absolutely no conduit drops in heroic or mythic raid and relic farming became my thing.

How would other players know about all sources of relic drops because I can guarantee you they don’t and I’ve just managed to have 2 conduits left that aren’t 252.

This has been a thing in past systems and it really feels like a slap to the face to say “we heard you” but clearly it’s not being heard, it’s just being ‘fixed’ way too late.

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It’s laughable that this change is only being made now. It’s also laughable that you still won’t allow us to just target upgrade the conduits we want. Especially when people who are trying to progress their gear through PvP have no means of acquiring these conduits other than through this ridiculous random upgrade systems.

On the one hand, I want to be grateful and kind because fine, this is better than the way it was before. On the other hand, I am sick to death of these changes being made months and months after the flaws in the system were pointed out. Here’s hoping that playing WoW won’t feel like work some time soon :slight_smile:


Hello everyone. Here are a few answers to some of your questions on the upcoming change:

It will now always pick conduits that fit your spec including generic covenant ones. So if you have all your conduits at 239 now and start using it after the change goes live tomorrow, it will only find your spec and covenant ones to upgrade further to 252. You would need to change spec to get the other ones to increase.

Additionally, the upgrade item will not function if all the conduits for your specialization are upgraded. The item will remain in your bags for you to use after changing specs.

The drop percentage does increase with Torghast level. :blush:

The Death-Bound Shard can only drop once a week in the Adamant Vaults.


So, what about addressing the concerns for those of us who put in the extra effort, have been tier 6 with Archivist’s Codex for some time, and ended up wasting 60k+ research that gave us largely offspec conduits? How is that fair, when someone who just hits tier 6 will get all main spec conduits?

Is there any type of compensation or refund planned to correct this inequity created by this last minute change after the tier was well under way?


Thank you for the information update, highly appreciated.

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Can you please provide details on this item, it’s lockout, and it’s drop rate?

What should the drop rate now be? At least 1 person per run? If you don’t get the item, can you run it again in the same day until it drops for you?

Is there any kind of max daily/ weekly lockout?

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So if I finished Adamant vaults and didn’t get one on first run, can I run it again during same week until it drops or we are locked out for whole week after first run?

Btw adamant vaults have separate lockouts for different torghast wings, because I did get 2 conduit upgrade items on same week from different wings…


I’m happy to hear that this is finally being addressed.

I only play Resto on my Druid. It just seems like I’m always getting conduits that have absolutely zero value to me, going through entire tiers/patches without being able to upgrade most/all of the conduits that I actually use.

One concern I have is about the few conduits which are beneficial even off-spec. Like for example, the Guardian conduit Well-honed Instincts. This is a very good conduit as Resto, but it seems like it will be difficult to upgrade it after this new fix. Maybe the few conduits that tend to be used off-spec could simply be changed to generic conduits?


you could just switch to the new spec you want to gear, run normals and do wq’s, callings and pretty much farm up a beginning set of conduits in a day or 2. As opposed to playing for 6 months and having an amazing set of all the wrong ones, and a small few of the ones you can actually even use

Happy this change has gone thru finally. But what compensation to players that have dumped 60k+ research and over before the announcement was made?


100% agree there should be some sort of compensation


Thank you for the information. It has helped this conduit stuff become less of a black box that we can’t see inside of.

Can you let us know if there is some sort of system that is regulating the pace at which we get conduit upgrades from Korthia treasures? It seems like it’s sometimes possible to get one a day, on the average getting one at least every other day if not slightly more often then that. I don’t know how to phrase it other than… I’m wondering if there is an internal cooldown on the drop rate, or if the drop rate is really low but with an anti-bad luck mechanism that eventually will feed you on if you go without.

Thank you!


I still think that given how many conduits there are, you should just be able to pick the conduit you want to upgrade. This reliance on RNG for force MAU is both annoying and transparent. The RNG gameplay is getting the upgrade shard in the first place. This RNG over RNG is absurd and I honestly don’t care if “this is how it’s always been done.” It’s bad game design.

At the very least, then, these upgrade items should be purchasable.

This is an adequate first step, but we need a new system for legendaries, especially for those who sank a ton of gold to do right by their teams and get the highest possible upgrades only to find out that they have rebuild their legendary because they need a domination socket gear item where their current legendary is.

You can’t do that to people.

Why can’t the Runecarver have you dig up a widget that lets you “shard” a current legendary for a significant amount of soul ash or otherwise let you swap out the base item for 10% more soul ash than just upgrading the item with no changes? Or, allow us to easily add a socket for a domination gem. Having a “dead” legendary while you start from scratch to build a new one was a stupid decision, and Blizzard can ill afford stupid decisions.


I did the torghast clears but didn’t get any vault at the end…

Will there be any changes to the way certain conduits are categorized? Currently the best endurance conduit for all specs of Druid is considered a guardian conduit despite working for all specs, and having to go though all of the tank conduits to upgrade it is going to feel pretty bad.

You need at least layer 9 and a flawless run.

I’ve been getting mostly ret and pro conduits, at least I’ve been able to get them through chests but I still haven’t seen the best conduit. They should have left the inscription system alone, all these randomized borrowed power systems are more tedious than fun.