Conduit Upgrades are bugged... right?

Under the current system we (Arms) have 4 possible upgrades:

1> Arms
2> Fury
3> Prot
4> “general”

Blizz recently changed it so that, if I have “Arms” selected, a Conduit upgrade will be applied to either “Arms” or “general.” (before Fury or Prot)

I still think that’s stupid (it should apply to Arms FIRST, not this “general” nonsense), but I understand that’s how it works.

Except I have 4 Finesse Conduits. They all fall under the “general” category. All 4 are i252. That is max.

I just applied 2 Conduit Upgrades, and BOTH went to Finesse Conduits … that are ALREADY MAXED.

Isn’t that broken??? I still have 2 Arms Conduits that should have been applied, why the hell did it waste 2 upgrade items on Conduits that were already maxed???

Or is this “working as intended?”

Seems bugged. You can report a bug in the in-game support menu.

Likely bugged. We’re just getting to the point were people have enough of them upgraded for this type bug to surface.

Thought I saw it double upgrade my covenant conduit this week but not 100% sure. Would be nice if it logged it somewhere so you could check what it did.

Sounds bugged since Linxy said this is what should happen

I saw this happen when I upgraded one of my conduits yesterday.

The conduit was 226 and when using the item, I saw it flash the upgrade of that 226 conduit.

Yep. The thing that’s hard to track about it is you’re trying to look at 20+ Conduits all at the same time and you can’t really tell what it’s doing, what they WERE and what they upgraded TO.

edit: The interface UI for this needs an improvement. It should glow across the one it’s upgrading, then show what it WAS and what it upgraded TO, and stay on the screen for 6 seconds so you can tell WTF just happened.

This example worked in my favor because I could CLEARLY see that it was upgrading my Finesse Conduits … ALL OF WHICH are at max level. And it did it TWICE.

I just submitted a bug report/in game ticket. We’ll see what happens.

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100% agreed!! At least make it so that the one that was upgraded has a temporary gold glow or something so we can see which one got picked and upgraded.