Make Conduit upgrades specific to loot spec?

Why aren’t you mailing people who have bought and used them refunds or compensation? Hilarious incompetency


What is the drop percent?

This is a great change and I’m thankful but this is negating months of work for people, and essentially rewarding people for not participating in Korthia. People that delayed will literally bypass people that grinded for months. This makes no sense. This is not a good feeling and will jeapordize future content. I will always ask myself, should I just wait to do this unfun grind and they will make it easier later? Come on. That’s terrible design. Please do something about this.

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Glad that is getting fixed. Now it would be nice to get conduits for all specs. Instead of forcing this meta only spec. No one is original they all have the same spec and rotation for every class. it’s getting stale fast.

My 13 year old niece saw this system and I explained it to her how it worked.

“Well that’s just stupid.”

Ah the innocence of children!! More proof that not even the Devs play this game anymore, lol.

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This didnt happen

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so all the research I spent on upgrading conduits for specs I dont play are wasted dps I could have for the spec I do play. A little late on this one.


Thank you for responding. Is this once per wing or once for both for the week?

Allow conduits to be bought at this point by stygia or something.

For example I just leveled a mage. 7 hours at 60 I was 41 renown and about 201 Item level. I had three total conduits.


You can buy them with stygia and with research can’t you not? Or you mean brand new? At which point you can just go to your dungeon journal and figure out where they drop from.

How about just adding all the conduits to a vendor… you know… so people can get what they want without needing to mindlessly grind boring content for weeks on end?


This has been the case for 3 expansions, have you not learned this yet?

You’d think out of all the people, Blizzard devs would learn.

The only reasons why they didn’t make the system like this from the get go is either:

  • incompetence
  • intentionally made it like this to pump the engagement metrics

Your frustration sounds like the systems are working as intended: punitive, limiting, and needless.


How else would they keep people mindlessly grinding boring content for weeks on end?

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I just wanted to quote / bump this comment because it’s spot-on.

It’s one thing to have random loot in raids. When loot stopped there, it wasn’t too big an issue. It’s another thing to compound that randomness with the randomness of a conduit dropping and the randomness of upgrading that conduit.

If we have RNG for loot, we don’t need added RNG for stuff that are glorified tweaks to numbers.

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better late than next expansion i guess lol… thanks tho much appreciated… to bad ive rando rolled Hundreds of these into the wrong coduit… even more gross on my alt i tried to not install off spec coduits to prevent this… well it will first generate one u dont have(for a spec you dont play) b4 upgrading one you do

ive also complained about this on the forums at least 5 times this expansion

Ignorance is being dismissive. Most players know what specs they will play and those they will never play, i.e., tank vs. dps: for me I will never tank, or heal for that matter.
Rather than just being a Penny Pooh Pooh just have an option to toggle spec specific conduits on or off, and let the player decide.

Had 3 Death-Bound conduit upgrades saved up for today. Got two defense and one finesse conduit upgrade. GG Not one single ret conduit upgrade. Nice fix.

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