Make Conduit upgrades specific to loot spec?

Excellent change, thanks!


Excellent change. I was just lamenting this today. I was flummoxed on how to get upgrades for the conduits in my main spec, particularly since they seem to drop from the previous raid. It’s not like I can’t do the content with the level they’re at, it’s just that it was a little frustrating to watch all my other conduits hit 226 while I’m still sitting at 200-213 in equipped conduits.


Why should customers be beggars? That’s exactly why they treat us like cattle already.

Really? Just yesterday I spent 60 thousand of research and now I have all the survival hunter conduits in 252 when I need the marksmanship and they just put this? what a good game for god!


Does this actually work? I use mine and guess what it’s fire when i’m Arcane ,another rng.

Takes effect on Tuesday. Save them until then.

oh coming up,I thought they already done it.

Now remove aoe cap pls it really doesnt do anything to dissuade big pulls, its just frustrating for most uncap classes or atleast make all aoe square root so its fair for everyone

Yup. Just dumped like 70K research into random non Resto conduits. Disgustingly late and hollow change by Blizz
Refund on research please!


I’m going to be that guy.

Just let me select which conduit I’d like to upgrade.

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Are you absolutely kidding me? We’ve been posting this EXACT feedback since literally BETA of this expansion. This is 9 months late. The disrespect you show to us.

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The expansion came out 264 days ago, and feedback on spec-specific conduit has been given many many times since BETA. This change is disgusting and a spit in the face of everyone who’s played since launch, grinding out their conduits painfully.

You don’t respect us. You treat us as payers, not players. I’m SICK of this treatment


It is ignorant to only use the conduit logic on those two items. ANYTHING that awards a conduit in the outside world; (world quests) should be based on your specialization.

Just to again clarify - they are talking about UPGRADES, not the conduits themselves. Those are items that upgrade conduits you already have.

Sigh, well i was excited but then i saw this

You are awarded a conduit you do not have when you use those items. If you have all the conduits then you are given an upgrade.

Soultwining Crescent
Item Level 60
Binds when picked up

Use: Discover an upgrade to a random Conduit from among your lowest item level Conduits, up to item level 226.
“Can be used at the Forge of Bonds to uncover an unknown conduit or conduit rank.”

So yes, you are correct in that. Thanks I hadnt realised that.

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Wait, what? A blue stopped by and gave us what we want?

More plz. :slight_smile:

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I’m happy for the upcoming change but I can’t for the life of me figure out why the conduit upgrade from torghast wasn’t a 100% drop rate out of Layer 12 from the beginning. It’s already so difficult as it is, and was timegated by torghast layer release. Hopefully the change will make it so.

The only other source of them was from the vendor with research so I don’t see what’s wrong with that.