M+ Community w/ Sunday AOTC Team LF DPS!

6/12H Ny’alotha! Active nightly M+ community looking for more like minded individuals to join our ranks with our new one night a week Sunday Raid Team!

Mean Girls Squad is a M+ guild on US-Zul’jin that is seeking to expand our roster with more like-minded players! Just don’t let the term “new” fool you; the majority of our squad has been slaying internet dragons together since Warlords of Draenor, just not always in World of Warcraft. With our return to Azeroth, we’ve decided to switch gears and use the majority of the time we used to spend mythic raiding instead running keystones. That doesn’t mean we’ve given up on raiding. Instead, we plan to push and farm at least AoTC in a one night a week constructive environment.

If you’re returning, new or just bored of endlessly smashing your face against mythic progression bosses and want something different, you’ve come to the right place!

++ We are currently recruiting for 8.3! ++
Sunday - 10:00 p.m. EST to 1:00 a.m. EST

Recruitment Needs:
ANY Ranged DPS
Retribution Paladin

For our Saturday Team openings check out: Mythic+ Community w/Sat Night AoTC Team LF DPS!

If you’re an adult whose not easily offended and wants to be a part of a growing community of players that are mostly active after 8p.m. EST, visit us on discord to apply! https:// discord.gg/bJhheP9

++ Contacts: ++
Delikate#11304 - Battletag
Delikate#7556 - Discord


Looking for some fresh blood!

Join us for a good time :wink:

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And cookies. We have cookies.

We also have beer…

Did someone say beer?

This is hawt

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Let’s go go go go!

I heard we had cookies, but all I have is biscuts.

I promised we’d get cookies…

Still looking!

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Still looking for people!

Nightly bump!

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We still have openings for both teams! High priority for DPS and 1-2 more healers.

Still recruiting!

Where my ranged DPS at?

Weekend raiding guild looks fun. Could I play cross server on my horde char?