Level 70 Character Boost not usable on Eranikus

We looked into this, and we believe we know what’s causing the bug. We don’t quite know how long it’s going to take to fix, but we will make the Boost service available on Eranikus as soon as we can.

Just stop. You just want to argue.

No arguments here, but you have been making posts about ‘partial refunds’, perhaps you should take your issue and request a refund. They are fairly quick to issue refunds if you are still eligible, not sure what you want to be done here?

Is this a quote from a source you can properly cite, or wishful thinking?

there is a blue post regarding this

I see it now. (I couldn’t find it earlier.)

So, progress.


I hope this gets fixed very soon. Transferred all my Grob characters to Eranikus, bought the boost, and now can’t use it. Can’t make a new character on Grobbulus to boost and transfer either due to the server lock.


Vrakthris, something else for you to look into would be for them to allow us to transfer characters from an unlocked server to a locked server so long as we already have a character on the locked server. Since we are already playing there to begin with… To give an example, the character I am posting this from I left on Earthfury when my guild moved to Faerlina. And now we have taken advantage of the free xfer to Eranikus from Faerlina but I can’t get this toon to Eranikus because it’s locked.

This feedback would be better for the classic forum. Development, not CS sets this policy. It would be nice, but probably a set limitation.

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we discussed the unlikeliness of this earlier in the thread

We’ve been told they believe they’ve identified the ‘bug’ which I think is most likely that this server was created with the fresh server status, meaning you can’t boost for ~180 days.

So it’s more than likely easier for them to change the server state, rather than lift these restrictions for individual players. I feel something like that would have to be done across the board, for everyone. What we are hoping is that they are saying they have possibly identified why, and how to revert the boost restrictions on Eranikus.

It’s funny you mention the fact that Eranikus could close during the 72 hour wait period after boosting because this is EXACTLY what happened to some of my friends. They boosted before moving over because they heard that they couldn’t boost on Eranikus itself and guess what. The server is now locked for transfers(hopefully it’s a bug but since Blizzard borderline hates giving us information about things like this we might not know for a while) and now they’re stuck on Grobb. We wanted to raid 10man in Wrath and if they can’t transfer they’ll probably just quit because they can’t even make a new character on Eranikus to level to be able to play with us.

Unless it’s a bug(radio silence from Blizzard so far on this) you were actually spot on because last night you were no longer able to transfer to Eranikus

unfortunately the longer we all waited the more likely we were to be locked out eventually. They have stated that free character transfers can be closed without warning. Hoping they can open it back up again over the weekend or something, oh and actually communicate on when they will open/close transfers more accurately

I guess it all depends on what Blizzard deems “Not a great deal of warning” means. Because to ME that means that they still give a warning on when it’s closing but it won’t be weeks or days in advance. It would be like “Oh hey btw we’re closing transfers to Eranikus at 8pm tonight so that means you have 5 hours or so to make the jump there.” Not just complete radio silence(i know you’re not defending them btw i’m just more or less talking out loud at this point in frustration). If they were just gonna lock it whenever they should’ve stated that they would give no warning as to when it’ll become locked.

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“We strongly encourage players who wish to use a Free Character Transfer to do so as soon as possible. Free Character Transfers may be closed without warning.”

closed without warning does not mean “not a great deal of warning”

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Please note: we will close free transfers to Eranikus when we see it approaching a population that is so high that it might begin queueing. This may occur without a great deal of warning.

This was the one i was talking about. We’re talking about different posts haha. A misunderstanding obviously!

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yeah basically both statements mean the same thing: “we will give no warning”

which is the issue especially during this time, communication needs to be more accurate and not be vague/misleading

I 100% agree with you on this. Not a great deal of warning is incredibly vague. And while i appreciate the response i got in another thread, say “i can’t share what i don’t know” isn’t really good enough at this point. Obviously CS Blues don’t know what is going on behind the scenes unless they’re told so i don’t fault the CS Blue for that but someone at Blizzard that knows what is going on should be giving us some information instead of leaving us in the dark of telling the CS Blues to “Say that you don’t have any information yet so that they’ll calm down for a bit”

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We’re not entirely certain at this point, Dillpixel. We’ve sent up an inquiry to see what is happening with the realm and it’s being looked into. As soon as we get an answer we’ll provide an update.


Thank you very much for the info i really appreciate it! You and Orlyia seem to be working overtime with all the server issues going on and all the thread spamming about it so i really truly appreciate the response. Hopefully you and Orlyia get a nice big vacation after all this is said and done!