Level 70 Character Boost not usable on Eranikus

[UPDATED 9/15/22]


CS told me that “boosts can’t be used on new realms, friend”
ok fair play but how long is it considered ‘new’? 72 hours? a week? until it has a queue?!

I asked why this isn’t stated in the Limitations and Restrictions section https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/316169
CS told me "It’s mentioned here: ‘You can only use the boost on a Wrath of the Lich King Classic Progression realm’ "

Is Eranikus not a Classic Wrath Progression server? I’m pretty sure it is considering the plague event is ongoing.


Where was that stated, Hruodland? I show that you submit a few tickets but it looks like they were closed before a Game Master could answer.

I don’t currently have any information, but I’ve made an inquiry to see what I can find out. As soon as I learn something I’ll pass it along.


BlizzardCS via twitter just recently stated this

I appreciate any clarity on the matter

I think that applies specifically to the Fresh Start realms, not Eranikus, but as I said, we made an inquiry so we’ll see what we can find out.


I was wondering if this server was being treated as a fresh start realm (un)intentionally.

thanks for the help and any info you find

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Following. I was planning to boost a character since we moved from Faerlina to help with the queues and now feel like I essentially wasted money since I can’t use it.

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I also came from Faerlina, as Alliance we were the 1% on that server that kind of had no choice but to move.

I used the free transfer, a day later I was able to purchase the Heroic Upgrade, but was then very dejected when I found out I couldn’t use it on this server.

I hope to get some feedback from Vrakthris if they were able to get any clarity on if/when we can boost on Eranikus

Not as of yet, but it does seem likely that it is currently marked as a Fresh Start/New Realm. Not sure what needs to be done to change that, but it’s being looked into.


Appreciate the efforts! :sparkling_heart:

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Yes, thank you! I’d boost on like Faerlina and then move her in three days, but I’m worried something will change and xfers will close to Eranikus.

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Following. My ticket response told me to wait 72 hours after I did already. :V

I have a guildie that has this problem too. My guild is from Benediction, unfortunately he is a new player in classic so he created a level 1 char in Benediction but he didn’t play it. Then he got desperate about the queue, transfered his only char on benediction to Eranikus and then tried to boost it just to find he couldn’t do it… Now he can’t make a char in any of the servers allowed to transfer to Eranikus to use the boost.

Yeah he is pretty screwed up. If this doesn’t get fixed he’s probably just quitting ):

Personal opinion here, but that’s silly. If he’s new to the game, maybe have a chat with him about how helpful it might actually be for him to level up from 1 so that he can experience the actual game and learn proper mechanics.

That said, if he’s so impatient that he can’t wait for the server to be unflagged as a ‘fresh’ server, then there’s really nothing anyone is going to be able to do about it.

What would he have done if there were no boosts in the game?

Anyway, again, just my own personal opinion.


100% Agree! try to help them level and learn their class! hopefully it get’s sorted out soon and they will be able to boost before the expac drops!


Any luck on this? I have the same issue.


Still waiting to hear what’s going to happen with this. I hope we get a fix soon.


I am also affected by this.

Just wasted my 80 bucks too it seems. I transferred my character from Grobb, am level 30, the plague event is ongoing, and NOWHERE on the add/info for the Upgrade does it say that it cannot be used on Eranikus. I only xferred to this server because I don’t have time to wait for 4 hour queues lol! I have found a lovely community on Eranikus and I don’t want to transfer again (not free) just to be able to log in and use the upgrade I paid for. I am starting to regret coming back to the game and I was so excited for WotLK and the upcoming stuff on retail. Sigh. Super disappointing and saying that “it’s being looked into” after people paid 50-80 bucks for something they can’t use and then radio silence again for days isn’t great customer service.


I was hopeful it would get resolved with today’s patch. Guess not.

Alright, I heard back on Character Boosts. It seems the way Eranikus is set up, it is not currently possible to use a boost on the realm.

That is a restriction not easily bypassed so the current recommendation is to boost on a realm that has freed character moves to Eranikus. It’s obviously not ideal.