Let us hide gloves, bracers, and pants!


Gloves and bracers definitely. I’m hyped over chest, but that also makes smaller armor parts way more trivial so it would be weird not being able to hide those.

(Tentaclatrix) #62

Only if you show yours first :smirk:

(Suhuy) #63

Yes please. This body deserves to be seen.

(Thorland) #64

I want the Kul Tiran to show off their moobs.


Ever since i stopped playing rogue I really miss being able to hide my entire body

(Kaivax) #66

Okay! Done.

Except for the pants.

I spoke to the development team just now, and they are determined to make this a set of changes that give players ways to hide every slot.

Except pants.

We’ll let you know as soon as we have details on how that’s going to come about in a future update to the game.

Wot In Tarnation
BFA Transmog Update - @Kaivax - Clarify?
Good News everyone!
(Teenietoon) #67

Blizz hid my face, so why not? Nekked for everyone!

(Wolftrakker) #68

Hurray, I can finally mog my hunter into realistic gear for a hunter rather than dressing like a warrior, in layers of mail.

(Wasselin) #69

What about mogging one handed maces for one handed daggers? Or maces for wands? Or staff for one handers?

(Sinelus) #70

I hope this is serious. I want to make a windwalker male human with a Kenshiro/Bruce Lee theme(pants only) and bandage bracers.


Here I am :heart:

I had to make a guild out of it :joy:

(Bourbonboxer) #72

Couldnt you hide feet already with the Griftah tmog?

(Hazzulu) #73

Can we please get an option to hide only ONE shoulder pad? I really like the one shoulder pad look but that leaves me with very few shoulder options.

(Tabaqui) #74


Trying to look at my Zandalari characters without access to any troll-themed armor sucks. Lowbie mail is the ugliest thing in creation, plate is not far behind and cloth is dresses and ripped pants :-/


Would you be ok with a hide underwear option…? :thinking:

*Imagining Undead with this option… :weary:

(Tabaqui) #76

Let me make my rogue’s daggers look like fist weapons please!!

(Bourbonboxer) #77

We call those Hungdead

(Hnetu) #78


And credit where it’s due since I am very vocal about problems…

Thanks, better late than never, but thanks.


Ill pay you 50g per thread to comment on more threads.

The long boi could soon be yours for the taking.


Please don’t tease us like that!