Let us hide gloves, bracers, and pants!

(Hella) #1

They said in the Q&A that we will be getting a “Hide Chest” option soon!

Once this change hits we will be able to hide cloaks, helms, belts, shoulders, chests, and shoes! (If you have Griftah’s authentic Troll shoes)

So why not let us hide EVERYTHING!

Id be fine with just hide gloves and bracers since those are the two pieces that annoy me the most whenever i am trying to make an elegant transmog. Also we can basically already “Hide” our pants on most classes anyway thanks to loincloths and other skimpy leggings.

Edit: Thanks Kaivax! Cant wait for this to be in game.

BFA Transmog Update - @Kaivax - Clarify?

And lose the level/rep restrictions while we are at it.

(Sorelai) #3

All the way… If players want to be Conan or Zula in a loin cloth, let them.

(Tentaclatrix) #4

Hiding chest is such a game changer for me. Omg

(Hella) #5

Oh yes! They have already been taking restrictions off of tabards and the rep needed to wear them on alts. Why not take off the rest of the restrictions?

(Lucifuge) #6

Transmog limitations annoy me so, this is a step in a right direction. I also concur that bracers and gloves are the most difficult part of any elegant transmog; I would have preferred those first before a hidden chest option. Alas, it is what it is, and I can only keep advocating for the others.’



Yes if you are going to hide something start with gloves and bracers.


Careful. Get too beautiful and you’re likely to brick peoples’ computers. Modern technology can only display so much elegance at once.

(Lucifuge) #9

Well, are you not just a pleasant surprise? I have not blushed this much in ages.


(Hella) #10

Same here. I hate whenever i am trying to make an elegant dress mog on one of my clothies and then I am forced to pick some ugly gloves that most likely wont match my dress :frowning:

(Merilwen) #11

Absolutely we need the option to hide Bracers & Gloves, so many outfits ruined atm because we can’t :frowning:

(Khorbyn) #12

Bracers and gloves need to happen. It actually makes no sense to have hide chest but not those other 2.


I would like to hide bracers and gloves.

Vol’jin didn’t need gloves! or pants lol…

(Hella) #14

Or a shaving kit. Beard options for Trolls when Blizz?

(Lucifuge) #15

I assure this is is already possible love, it is how I make most of my income. Pantless, dancing on the mailboxes of Orgrimmar for coin.


(Sylvan) #16

100% supported!!!


• A long term project is to loosen some restrictions over time so players can have more self expression.

curious to know what this means…

(Hella) #17

Same. I’m hoping it means we can mog them sexy bronze anniversary shades all year round! :sunglasses:


I won’t be satisfied until I can hide my entire character

(Lucifuge) #19

They have a class for that, love. It is called the Rogue.


(Xoja) #20

I really thought they’d add a hide gloves option before a… hide chest option, but I’m always happy to see transmog flexibility added.