Last Chance to Transfer from Season of Mastery Realms

Season of Mastery realms have remained available for login since we first closed off gameplay months ago.

They will be removed from the realm list in-game on Friday, July 28.

If you still have a character that you wish to move for free from a Season of Mastery realm, please do so immediately.

Season of Mastery realms will become permanently unavailable on July 28.

Thank you!


Era’s jumpin gang, don’t lose your SoM character! Join Whitemane (pvp) or Mankrik (pve) today!


I… had no idea this was still available. Thanks for the heads up.

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I choose not to do it right now, so I can come back in a year to complain about my deleted characters, thank you very much. Expect my lawyers to contact you about my missing pixels.


I gotta admit, I lol’d irl.

I made a note to throw the info out casually in /trade or /lfg once or twice upon logging in. If one persons favorite level 27 they can’t live without is saved then it would be worth it.

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You couldnt have posted this monday so people have 5 days to get to it?


Thanks for the heads up - luckily I was checking the forums for any Hardcore news and caught this announcement, though 2 days warning definitely won’t be enough time for this news to circulate and you should consider allowing a bit more time.

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So we can transfer SoM characters but not Classic Era ones right?

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I see you all still have not learned that you should email people before you delete peoples toon permanently :sweat_smile:


I never saw this option when I transferred my SoM characters to WotLK…feels very bad.

Why does everything always have to come back and bite us in the Caboose (serriously?). Just allow character clones. Why on earth should we need to commit characters to only one direction. It’s like 2 bits of data, what the hell.

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Think the bots moved long ago

they had almost SIX MONTHs

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If only you knew informed us about clones from 2019 properly

That’s how it’s been since TBC launched in 07.

And SoM servers were always going to be deleted we knew that from that start.

On July 29th:
omg bring back the SoM characters, I was sick in the hospitaaaaal :expressionless:


Didn’t even realize I could do that. I can jump this guy right here to era and be set for the honor restart. I might have a decent amount of gold on him, too. Nice!

You can transfer SoM characters to WoTLK realms

Once you log in, go to the shop and select Character transfer though unless your on a free tranfer realm you have to pay

Remulos for example is a free transfer realm

good news here. That’s mean they are making som2 right? released date plz

This is old news :wink: The only real news here is that we got the exact delete date.


100% should be this