Can you still xfer SoM characters to era?

I just transferred my 60 warrior from SoM to Era just a couple weeks ago I think and I just talked to a buddy of mine who didn’t know you could do that. But when he tried to do it all the SoM servers were locked.

Is he basically just SoL? Reason being is he has a 45 warrior there and I have a 43 rogue on Whitemane so he was hoping to xfer so that we could play together.




Thanks for the response but can you maybe inform me instead of mocking me? I don’t really keep up with the latest news on this game. I just play it and only come to the forums to ask a question, like this.

Appreciate it.

They shut it off on Friday Last Chance to Transfer from Season of Mastery Realms

I see. Thank you!

Literally yesterday… after what, a year of not being able to login to SoM servers, and having free transfers to era realms? (Maybe just 10 months)

Yep! And again without an email to properly notify their customers of data deletion


I would get extremely angry if Blizzard spammed my inbox every time they did something like that.


You’d be angry if they did this twice?


SoM1 participation was low enough where I don’t think it’s unreasonable for Aggrend to write a personal email to each account with a level 60 SoM character. What could it take him? An hour or two? It’s the small personal touches that create brand loyalty


They made the public announcement here on these forums that they would be giving out one final opportunity to move toons from SOM over and then never allowing it again. I was about to, then I looked and had nothing worth moving over so all those others will be deleted.

No, they closed it two days ago, after announcing its end 4 days ago.

The news are here, not in the Launcher, not in your inbox, but on the Forums … we’ll have to learn this.

i mean this time around it was a pretty bad way to announce it.


They where season of mastery realms, you KNEW they would be shut down, it was said when the realms opened, this is not like the clone situation, and is 100% on the players.

The realms should have shut down in November last year but they have kept them open until a few days ago.

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One small peep and the entire battalion of white knights saddle up raising their swords in defense of Castle Blizz.
Hurrah! :popcorn::popcorn::popcorn::popcorn:

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This is true. Initially it wasn’t even the servers just shutting down, but there was no intention to let us keep our toons. They were initially ephemeral.

It was a concession later on to let us xfer and keep SoM toons. So I do feel much less for the folks who lose their SoM toons than the Era clones. Not apples to apples, you’re right

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The way this was done is horrible customer service. As someone who just came back to wow after about a yr or so off to find out my chars are deleted with no ability to retrieve them and no notification it was going to happen is wrong. at the very least this should have been an email or automatic transfer for 60s at least if you didnt meet the deadline. I know som participation was low so people and blizz might not care but its only right to not just delete peoples chars that they put the time to level. Blizz fix this please. The fact that participation was low makes it that much easier to do so.

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So you were gone for a year or likely longer, and are upset about missing characters on a set of servers you knew from the start were only supposed to last a year total? Blizzard gave you an extra 6 months to move characters. That is not “horrible customer service” – that’s failure on your part.

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the said pretty early on that you would be able to xfer off and i definitely would have if i knew they were going to be deleted