Kicked from guild for killing a resetter

If your blaming not spending time with your family on people messing up your wow buffs you need to get your priorities straight. The excuse that you just want to get your buffs doesn’t cut it. Either way I maintain any guild taking this that seriously wasn’t worth his time in the first place life is to short for wow drama lol.


and you think its fine that he wasted the time of hundreds of people just to get his jollies?

Yes because its a video game and I don’t take it seriously nor feel entitled to buffs, maybe you should take a walk outside sometime.


This is a social issue that demonstrates the corruption of the modern playerbase. They are willing to do anything for an edge, even cross faction collusion and assassination of their own faction in a faction vs faction game.

In an ideal world, everyone who participated in such activity would be banned. However, this is not the Blizzard of the 2000s. Integrity is not as valued as it ought to be anymore. One of the big reasons I have not, and will not be buying Shadowlands.


It is kind of hilarious how up in arms they are about a player in a pvp game pvping XD. Acting like the dude is ruining family’s because he didn’t play wow they way they want him too. What a joke.


The guild can kick you for any reason, or no reason at all. Blizz doesn’t have rules against this unless it is out of discrimination.

However, what you did is not griefing and it is allowed by Blizzard. If you got harassed by anyone for it, you should report them (getting g-kicked is not harassment though).

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Because its about the same thing as a level 60 camping a level 20 for hours on end. There is pretty much no reason to do it other than making other people’s lives worse.

Doing something with no real gain for the sole purpose of upsetting other players or making their game experience worse is basically the scummiest thing you can do in this game.

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I remember when people on Herod made resetting dragonslayer a hassle, took about 1-2 weeks of guilds telling their players to stop messing with their guild getting buffs to stop it, turns out most people play this game with other people, and if you make it so other people don’t want to play with you, this game becomes less fun.

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Classic requires networking with other players and your actions being accountable on a social level.

You behaved poorly, this was the consequence.

Good way to turn off more players from working with you in the future.


PvP happened on a PvP server who would of thought that would happen.

Why did you wuss out and apologies for game server mechanics

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No its not one is griefing a low level player due to the “hours” modifier you added. one is a guy pvping orhaving fun. Its a game you don’t always do things for gain you do them for and I know this is crazy FUN. Maybe you could compare it to a lvl 60 dismounting and killing a lvl 20 one time that’s a realistic comparison and both seem to be far from griefing. So no I don’t think your entitled to buffs and I find it comical you guys are all so upset about it. Good on OP for realizing he’s playing a video game lol.

He probably wants to raid, or you know, play with other people, this is an MMO, if you just want to stomp around without social consequences, play a bethesda RPG, you can murderhobo all day long.

In this game, you become a known quantity to other people, so everyone knows who has stolen gbanks on the server, everyone knows there are some geared and good players but if you recruit them, never give them responsibilty, or count on them staying around.

Everyone in a guild is working toward a shared long term goal, usually raiding, which works better if your guild stay together. You don’t bring the poop in your guild, because all it can do is get on everything, and from his post, it sounds like hes that guy.


Causing 100 people to wait an extra 30 minutes to get their buff wastes 3000 minutes of other people’s time. Causing 1 person to corpse walk for 5 hours only wastes 300 minutes of other people’s time. You are not entitled to being allowed to walk around without getting killed on a pvp server and I find it comical that people are upset about being corpse camped for days.

The only fun people killing resetters are getting is from causing other people to lose their time and making them mad. Anyone pretending that they are “just pvping on a pvp server” are making excuses for being scum trying to grief other players.

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With that being said.

You don’t need world buffs because the raids were never tuned for world buffs and if you can’t clear a raid in under 2-3 hours without world buffs you are a bad bunch of players who lose their motivation if they can’t “parse”.

More people should grief world buffs to be honest.

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" You are not entitled to being allowed to walk around without getting killed on a pvp " Exactly why that priest got killed I’m glad we agree. As far as your ability to read peoples minds goes you go ahead and keep tin foil hatting. Its a pvp server no one is entitled to buffs no one should expect to get them and no ones time was wasted as they choose what to do with their own time. If you want to be salty about your wow buffs not dropping on time that’s your choice but IMO yall need to get a life Its a video game do whatever you want. If a guild wants to kick someone they need no reason but I know I wouldn’t be losing sleep over people taking a 15 year old video game way to seriously.


If you’re going to play the whole immersion card with “cross faction collusion to asasssinate” Then please also add that the goal of said assassination is to mKe thier own faction more powerful in doing so.

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Yeah its perfectly fine in the same way that corpse camping someone 40 levels lower than you for hours on end is perfectly fine. Its griefing plain and simple and pretending its anything otherwise is asinine.

You can go ahead and grief world buffs but don’t go around acting like you’re doing anything less scummy than what many people consider to be lowest kind of players in this game do.

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I don’t agree griefing refers to making people unable to play and running their gaming experience like camping someone for hours. All he did was slow down buffs no one needs to play going out. If you think these are the same I don’t know what to tell you. One is making it so someone cant play, one is trolling a bunch of entitled whiney babies who showed they deserved it with their zoomer cancel culture response.

I agree with you. It’s an exploit. But it doesn’t matter as far as him being kicked. In Classic, Blizzard has decided that they don’t care if players use this exploit.

Let’s say that robbing banks was legal. The police don’t care. You are a member of a gang that robs banks. If you were to poke holes in the tires of the getaway car, the gang leader would be justified in kicking you from the gang.


Why feel the need to belittle the way others play.

Simple fact is, the OP knew what was going on, and choose to grief his teammates. Then after being asked to stop, and agreeing to stop, the OP choose to harass the shadow priest again.

I would kick them from my guild too.

Good riddance to bad rubbish.