Kicked from guild for killing a resetter

Hello, so in classic wow it’s very common for people to have alts on the Horde faction that are strictly used to Mind Control Field Marshal Afrasiabi and Major Mattingly and make him killable. This allows the Alliance faction to reset Rallying Cry of the Dragonslayer World Buff.

So I decided that it would be quite hilarious if I killed the Horde priest. After all, red is dead right ? Unfortunately, my guild GM messaged me telling me that I shouldn’t have done it, and that it causes drama. I agreed with him and said it wouldn’t happen again, I just thought it was funny.

So the next day they were again using a Horde Priest to reset. All I did was a few melee swings and step away. I was then mind controlled and killed by my fellow alliance players. I log in the next day to find out I was kicked from the guild and their discord without anything said to me. Is this justified?

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I personally would just keep going to kill that horde priest you probably know the times when they’re going to do it.


Was it a d*** move? Sure, but tryhards gonna tryhard, find a guild that doesn’t treat the game like a job.


Yeah, it was. By the OP, not the GM. Griefers gonna grief. But choices have consequences. OP deserved this completely.



Griefing and server rivalry is part of being on a pvp server and part of the wow classic experience , that’s what makes classic, classic.

Thats why cross realm takes power away from these toxic guilds.

With cross realm you can choose to raid with poeple on other servers, join their pugs.

FYI the people perpetuating for non x-realm change just for the namesake of ‘server community’ actually abuses the community to harass and oppress people, just like in your case. They are like childish kids complaining to a person’s mom for something they dont like. The worst part is officers act just like, if not worse than three year old kids.

They are scared of cross realm because once that comes out, power will be in thr hands of true gamers instead of these toxic people.


They’re taking the game way too serious.

All the more reason ‘necessary’ World Buffs are a poison in reality.


Would they be taking the game too serious had they kicked them for ninja looting?

The OP was purposely and knowingly griefing his fellow players. Such players deserve to be blacklisted and always were.


OP, was who I was referring to. Secondly, are you really gonna give someone **** for griefing when the griefed was abusing game mechanics? Give me a break, you take the game way too seriously if you’re going out as far as to have someone pay for another account just to break a games mechanics so you can raid, once more, it’s a game, not a job.


Blizzard explicitly stated resetting is alowed. Reseting is common practice, and it helps the vast majority of guilds. Yes, I will give OP **** for trolling around 80 people for lulz.


Ahhhh OP got kicked for intentionally griefing when their guild master gave them a fair warning the first time. Pity party the OP who thinks they’re above their guild’s rules. Have you considered joining casual guilds where you belong?


Just because it’s allowed, doesn’t change the fact, it’s abuse of mechanics. Blizzard allowed multiboxing for a long time too, doesn’t make it right. The only reason it’s even allowed is because another account is being paid for, and they want the money coming from it, that’s why they allowed multiboxing, it made em lots of money and it was grea area chating.


You have every right to kill that horde member

Your guild has every right to kick you for it


Not all resetting is done by second accounts. Some of it is done by the opposite faction and paid for via the neutral AH.


You’re guild asked you not to do something, as your GM explained it causes drama with other guilds. You choose to ignore that.


Either way, it obviously wasn’t intended, I’d justify anything that manipulates a games mechanics that a developer didn’t have planned as cheating, even if it’s in somewhat of a grey area it’s still shady.

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You sound like a very unimaginative person then. Thank goodness they are less rigid


abso-freaking-lotuely… Hope the entire server blacklisted you and you never see the inside of another raid!


This is a top five all-time most justifiable guild kicking.


Play stupid games win stupid prizes.