Kicked from guild for killing a resetter

false… when you rest the buff you know when it is going to drop almost to the minute. Spending 10 minutes grabbing a buff or two is VASTLY different from getting sucked into multiple hours of BS caused by someone that thinks it’s “hilarious” to waste people’s time. That is what they are having fun with, its not the killing of the priest, it is the wasting other people’s time and making their day even a tiny bit worse. Stop pretending it’s innocent fun.


Wonderdruid I really want to respond to your CRZ is only unliked by toxic players rant which is wrong but this thread has stayed very much on topic so please post this elsewhere.

On topic I agree with most of the others. Your attacking a second time was worth a gkick and you were the one being toxic here.

This is such a brain dead post. Sorry but if you piss off a large group of people on your server it can have consequences. Get over yourself

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Just read your post. The problem is that cross server removes almost all interactions, positive OR negative. And sometimes the negative interactions add some flavor to the world(salt you could say). Basically the game can become dull or dry without the interaction from a server community even if you aren’t really doing anything in particular.


How is that post unrelated? This is a perfect example of community abuse at its finest.

You are saying I attacked the mind controlled priest? You must be fried if you think I am on the same server as OP, or related to the OP in anyway.

Have consequences? You mean bullying and harassments?

Even if the OP did piss a group of people off, the only right thing to do would be to kill him or gang him relentlessly/corpse camp him/purge his world buffs for multiple hours to teach him a lesson.

But kicking him from a guild and blacklisting him from entire communities? That is bullying and toxicity at its finest. Such a cowardly action.

You fight him in game, using in-game tactics. You don’t bring your real world politking and drama into a game people play, for fun.

Also, get off your retail toon.

Nah. If the whole server doesn’t like him it’s 100% a him problem. Nothing wrong with not playing with people you don’t like. Or kicking from a guild for not listening to the gm and doubling back on your word. My guess is he’s leaving out any part of this story that isn’t favorable to him.


Bruh you do realize this is a video game and not important right? If they choose to ignore their family’s for hours getting buffs that’s on them. This is a video game its not important in any way and someone having fun playing it is not a bad thing sorry. IMO if he got g kicked because people were mad about a buff reset he’s better off without them that’s just a snowflake temper tantrum.

well you are wrong… I guess that is ok too

No I do not think you are the OP but I reread my post and it was accidently worded that way so sorry about that.

I just didn’t want to make the thread off topic by going away from the MC priest topic. Basically fighting back against toxic players makes a world more dynamic and interesting. It’s like on a PVP server where lower levels come together to kill and camp a ganker. You make friends and serve justice. It makes the game WAY more interesting and actually an MMO instead of a single player game with a multi player element. Basically I agree with Numdiar above.

You also seem to think the OP was in the right by killing the resetter and attacking again. IMO the OP was the toxic one and him being gkicked was totally understandable.

Are u sure it wasn’t because you’re ret

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Communities have rules if you want to exist within them, either in a guild or as part of the larger raiding community. That community considers people messing with Ony buffs toxic, and removed said toxic player. Guild kicking and blacklisting are also in game tactics to control player behavior.


I mean, you did say the above quote to your GM. Your guild leader was already watching out for you for this, and then you go hit the guy. I am sure they assumed you were going to kill him again.

The reset drama on my server was real. We had horde players make alliance alts to kill the horde resetters. They would extort guilds for gold to allow the reset to go through. Haven’t seen them for a while, maybe they got in trouble for extortion.

Attacking the reset priest, is an easy way to get blacklisted by every raiding guild on the server. I personally think its dumb that WBs are that important to some players, but its the meta on nearly every server and you have to deal with it if you want to play on that server.

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You ever see 2 kids argue and the first tells the second to stop touching them. So the second kid, trying to be clever, proceeds to hold out a finger that’s like 1 inch away from the first kid ?

That’s basically what you did.


“Resetting” a world buff NPC was never an intentional mechanic.

If they were blocking a normal buff on an NPC of their own faction, then that would be griefing.

This obsession with World Buffs and how to get more of them can jump off a cliff.

You said it wouldn’t happen again, then what did you go and do?

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Yes it was, seeing all the neckbeards losing their minds with buffs ticking hehe.
And btw, you dont need wbuffs, do ppl value the game more than their families?


Team player right here! High five

so you’ve never started something that should only take a couple minutes and next thing you know you have been at it for a couple hours because “any second I will accomplish what I set out to do”? I highly doubt that anything short of 100% of people have done so.