Kicked from guild for killing a resetter

for someone that likes to waste hunter’s time doing their bow and staff quest you sure are a walking contradiction

nothing to expect from a degenerate

who wants to spend 3 hours in AQ? lol…

They can play however they want its when they feel entitled to things like buff and throw tantrums when they don’t get them on time that I have issue. The guy trolled them sure but the thing is their expectations are skewed no one is entitled to buffs. canceling someone for making people wait 5 mins for their precious buffs to me is acting like a baby and taking a video game way to seriously. I would have G quit that guild just for doing that lifes too short and wows just not that important. If he was making so someone wouldn’t play sure that’s a dick move but this is just funny. The way people cry about buffs and losing them is honestly ridiculous. People care more about the color of a number in a raid log than playing the game and its sad. Seriously its a 15 year old game get a life.

Vastly different thing going after a single person vs affecting hundreds of people! I get killed questing, no reason a hunter shouldn’t/

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no difference at all

you’re a hypocrite and now you are being cringe

go trash post on reddit or go back to retail if this game too hard for you

Maybe take a critical thinking class if you do not see the difference.

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I think there is a difference one is griefing what he did and one is not what OP did. In fact considering blizzard is the authority and their blue post pretty much said they will do nothing about stopping players trying to stop the resetting players its sanctioned.

The people think the OP did nothing wrong. I looked up the last 3 people and they DEFINITELY ENJOY with the biggest smiles on their face that do 2 to 3 hour AQ clears that are actually recent. Like idk, a certain lvl 60 priest that’s has posted a crap ton within an hour. Weird idea, but idk if said priest actually spent time to actually get better with their guild vs flood the forums, they might get better times.

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ouch! That has to suck

it sounds like yall are hypocrites and like to grief others and cry when done to you… smh

degeneracy at it’s best

I know its weird its almost like I play with my real life friends and enjoy socializing and understand this is just a video game crazy I know.

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How the hell are you spending 3 hours in AQ without world buffs…?

loooooool your guild is sooo incompetent that without world buffs you spend 3 hours doing AQ? hahahhahahhahahahhahahhahahhaha thanks now makes sense

I’m not lol… someone else is. I can’t even imagine! Maybe they should get some buffs… I replied to somoene that said they were spending that long in there.

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For real, but instead they do some prepubescent mental gymnastics of having “real life friends” and w/e bs they said. The friend lie was the funniest part. Wasting a large amount of people’s time is an universal issue and not “just classic wow”. moxnix insists on wasting his guild’s time and uses every excuse in the book to be lazy in everything they do. Glad your time is more important than others. Moxnix should poach the OP for your guild, because it sounds like that is where they need to be. Self entitled? Lazy? Refusal to follow orders? Yeah perfect fit.

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are you that degenerate you’re replying to yourself from diff accounts?

that hard to believe that people agree with the right side of the argument?

I mean I understand your desire to make your clear times in a 15 year old game mean something but they really don’t I’m sorry. Maybe if you ever go outside you might find a truly useful skill. All you have done is prove my point you guys take this game WAAAY to serious.

wrong account to answer from bro

You mean get 30 to 40 minute clear times to go do said IRL stuff vs you spending 3 hours being complete trash and wasting 39 other’s people time who have families and things to do? Since we’re reaching at nothing but air and make mouthy assumptions, how bout you stop being lazy in every single thing you do inside and outside this game and actually do your job?

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