Item restoration how long?

I DE a crossbow by mistake on my Remix character…I went too the item restoration page and had it restored no problem…but I am not seeing it in my in game mail now…its been over 30 mins…normally its right away the item shows up in mail box…

Is the mail system even working in this remix now?

I see where this processed - and it looked like it worked.

I’m suspecting that process may just be a bit backed up at the moment.

I’d give it a bit more time.

If this doesn’t come through by morning, absolutely let us know.


I already put in a ticket on this subject I will wait and see what shows up tomorrow …so far nothing yet…just ck my mail nothing there…if it shows up tomorrow I’ll get rid of the ticket if its not received I’ll leave the ticket up.

Dug into this a bit deeper - this may be related to a current bug under investigation.

Doesn’t look like this one we can manually restore either. Hopefully will get addressed soon.

I do apologize.


And I can’t buy any weapons either…I am stuck …with a lvl 63 character with 43,000 on them too…

There’s a vendor in the Bronze Dragonflight vendor areas that sells the starting weapons. You could get one of those while you wait.


I am going to try now …a friend on FB told me about a vendor in Jade Forest that had a bow…luckily being a beast master hunter I can work with my pet to keep them healed and do most of damage till I can get something higher ilvl…this really sucks they didn’t ck their item restore to make sure it was working correctly.

Bugs happen. Very hard to plan for that.


I am having this same issue. When I attempted to restore the item, my 3 gems DISAPPEARED and I did not receive any items. This process also AUTOMATICALLY created a support ticket. I did not create the ticket. The next day I received a ticket response telling me to use the item restoration process. ROFL

Even though the item restore process is a self-service thing - all of those kinds of services still create a ticket number that a player can perhaps reference. It leaves a paper trail, as it were.

Say that outside of this known issue, you had accidentally deleted your BiS chest or some such. It was there to be restored and you did it - but the process borked and now your chest piece is MIA. You can submit a full ticket for a GM to hopefully help you out, and you can reference the self-service ticket # so they can see all of the data that was generated by you attempting to use the service.

Hopefully they’ll get this muck fixed for all of you guys and without much more wait than already has passed.


I understand…but I did an item restoration. A ticket was created by that tool. The response on the ticket was to use the item restoration tool…

Crap, just happened to me as well. My purple pants with haste/mastery and 3 legendary prismatic gems was mistakenly swapped to a green pants that I had meant to scrap along with some other items. The scrapping process is so quick that by the time I noticed the wrong pair of pants was in there, bye bye.

All this does is validate my choice to spend 0 bronze on item upgrades till all my desired cosmetics are bought. Can’t imagine how much bronze would have been lost had it been a full upgraded 500+ piece.

I was able to find a weapon but it was lvl 13 while I was lvl 63…I had forgot about upgrading it but first quest I did after losing my weapon I got a high lvl one in the box…and I still never got a in game of the weapon I asked back for from item restoration…still hasn’t come yet.

had my gear deleted because the scrapper machine disappeared and so it equipped the bad gear and then deleted my upgraded gear plus my legendary gems and dps gems. now i cant raid or do anything. went to restore, says restoration successful but nothing came in the mail. that was yesterday, it is now 2:13PM the next day. im stuck doing absolutely nothing because i cant even dps or raid im missing all my dailies because i cant dps for anything anymore and cannot host or get invited to heroics as my HP is sitting at around 900k after all this. this made the entire gamemode suck for me but it was fun until then c:

waiting on response from ticket for a whole day but no help and cant retry the restore process as is “successfully restored” my items already this week

Ticket times are around 2-3 days currently I think.


nice mog xd and oof 3 days :c ty for info

Heh ty! Good luck - hope the outcome is favorable.

If its related to the know bug stated earlier a gm wont be able to help at the moment.

They are going to tell you sorry but they don’t know when it will be fixed…its going on 2nd week for me using the item restore and still haven’t gotten back what I restored.

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Thats because gms dont give eta because we. Forget what the e stands for estimated.