Item Conversions with Guardians of the Dream

With the Guardians of the Dream patch, the following conversions will happen:

  • Flightstones earned in Dragonflight Season 2 will be converted to gold.
  • Shadowflame Crests and Crest Fragments will become grey items.

As we outlined here, you’ll resume earning Flightstones and start receiving the new Dreaming Crests currency and Spark of Dreams crafting reagent in Guardians of the Dream.


Oh thank the light for Flightstone gold.


I assume the flightstones to gold will be 1=1? I’m not sure since you say converted to gold (but not a gold)

Although I wouldn’t mind a higher rate, 1=1 would mean that someone with flightstone cap will get the equivalent of 12.8 cents worth of gold using the WoW token.

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Come on at least make them worth something!~


I like gold!

I’m assuming they can be vendored for gold. That would be silly to have flightstones convert to gold and the higher crests not.


Why are we learning about this hours after the servers went down?


I don’t know could you have just left them alone? Maybe the crest only work for last season items? However Blizzard needs to burn it all down that way we all get back on the wheel.


Looks like grinding flightstones is back on the menu boys!


They posted that weeks ago lmao


We knew about this a long time ago. Plus, this happens every patch lol. This is not something new.


Why would you expect any different? This is standard operating procedure.

This is supposed to say with Season 3’s start next week right? Upgrading season 2 gear is still going to be possible this week right?

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Just to clarify, does that mean when the servers come back up today, this will be the case? If so, going forward I would love to have this information before servers go down, so we could spend our existing currency accordingly.


Also last tier primal infusions could be converted into rep. Why are we simply getting gray items for the crests? So much talk about “not wasting player time” at BlizzCon and then these posts make me doubt the authenticity of those words.

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So you can’t make a profit of potentially 1k gold (or whatever) per character. Blizz gotta blindside people with anti-gold inflation tactics.

It was not mentioned in the patch notes (last I saw), but the deprecated crest fragments and their respective container items can now be sold to vendors.

For those saying this was posted before, sorry not everyone hangs out on forums every day all day. I wish summaries of announcements could just be sent as in-game mail with a link to the forum. Seems like it would be the best way to get information to all players; not sure why this isn’t being done.


This still isn’t fully clear. You’re referencing “Guardians of the Dream” both at the start and end, implying we will be earning season 3 currency today when the servers come up. Is that correct or did you mean to say we are earning no currency this week and it will resume when season 3 starts?

Hey blueman poster, what about all those shadowflame sacks we been getting from Arena wins and such that we cant open on account of being flight stone capped?