Item Conversions with Guardians of the Dream

Have you ever considered not doing this until the actual season comes out, especially when you change one of the best embellishments in the game the day before?


Well, I didn’t know either, but some (posts above) have stated that the info has been out for a while now.

I’m putting all those grey items in my bank… I’m going to hoard them now.

Alls i know, being an open world only player, i better be able to upgrade the lowest crests the the next crest, and then be able to upgrade to a few Wyrmn’s crests! Also i hope to god i dont have to play my enchanter to go earn some spell to enchant those gold crests to upgrade a loust 2 pieces of my crafted gear per toon.

That would be stabbing open world players in the back, while catering to the competitive player base! I did researchers, Loamm rep and everything else for MONTHS now, and i hope to god my lower crests(that were not able to be upgraded for some idiotic reason) better not become useless.

I mean ilvl 437 gear is by no means some kind of game breaker to competitive players, if we lowlife open world plebs have the option to use ALL of the crests we have gathered to upgrade 2-3 pieces!

Hope this is not the case, really do.

@Kaivax, Please answer this! Because if this is the case, i am out of here until possibly the next expansion!


This change is meant to happen with Season 3, not with the patch today, right?

The linked post specifically mentions the upgrade changes going live with Season 3.

I have like 30-something, or 40-something of the Shadowflame Crest that sells for 250-something gold in the vendor.

Oh pooh. Wish it could have been a conversion to the current currency ( of some factor, 3 flighstones = 1 new flightstone, or such).

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Would have been nice to learn this prior to maintenance. :unamused:


You will still be able to vendor the crests for gold

Does this mean collecting transmog by upgrading season 2 items isn’t possible anymore?


I don’t recall seeing this posted anywhere before. It would have been great to know this before shutdown so I could’ve used my crests and flightstones.


It’s been known and has been a thing since seasons have been a thing.
PTR has been up for months
just saying…

Everyone is talking about the wording of the post specifically mentioning the patch launch, not the season launch. In the past, these currencies have only been converted at season launch.


Honestly, the fewer currencies I get from various activities, the better. I’d rather have a few of them to juggle all around with this sort of reset than get half a dozen or more where most of them are seemingly useless.

Super excited for 10.2 and especially 11.0.

I think making the crests upgradeable is a great change, but I think not making gear tracks upgradeable is a big oversight. It would be great to see us finally getting our bis , but oh no, it’s only at a veteran or champion level. We’d have to grind again and again and again to get it at the highest track.

Would love to see upgradeable tracks in the near future, so we could upgrade from veteran → champion → hero → myth, if we’re doing the appropriate content. If someone is a mythic raider/doing +20-30s and is stuck with a veteran piece that’s their bis, that isn’t very fun at all. Doing the appropriate content to upgrade the track, now that would increase the excitement for the game

The season ended when this patch goes live. Those currencies are no longer usable. it’s always been this way as I remember it?

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This is Awesome News, Thank you for this information.

My guess is it’ll be converted on the 14th, since season 2 ends on the 13th (m+/raid wise). But this weird week overlap is confusing for sure

It only ends for some. AotC and CE have remained available in the “post-season” week in the past. Valor back in SL also did not convert until the day of the new season, so they have demonstrable inconsistency.

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so this is for everyone and not just PVP? How the heck am I supposed to upgrade my gear without them?

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