Caution: Unable to upgrade gear from Great Vault!

There seems to be a bug where even with the crests obtained before 10.2, you cannot upgrade season 2 gear. If you go to an upgrade person you cannot select season 2 gear.

Clearly this is a bug since it invalidates the Great Vault this week for many people.

Apparently catalyst also doesn’t work, so RIP anything that was in the vault

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Those crest are all invalid now. It says right on them “used to be used to upgrade XYZ”, now they only vendor for gold.

Working as intended per this Blue Post.


I think you’re misunderstanding the issue. Obviously they made the crests gray (as they indicated). This isn’t the issue.

It seems like a mistake to not allow the items themselves to be upgraded given they were only just available in the Great Vault. What is the point of the items in the Great Vault if they are not able to be upgraded?

That makes this weeks’ vault useless. Items can’t have the catalyst used on them or upgraded, and for what seems like no reason - the next season hasn’t started yet.

Especially when they didn’t announce that the crests would go gray until after the server maintenance started.


Yeah, I feel like they could have said that at least 2 weeks in advance of the intended patch release date.

On the other hand, this is identical to the S1 to S2 dead-zone we had before, so kind of expected it. S2 is over, but S3 hasn’t started. Can’t do any upgrades or catalyst conversions. Same as last time; it’s a dead-zone until 14-Nov.

Really can only work on acquiring new flightstones/crests, rep with the new faction, and maybe upgrading what gear you have since I’m already getting 450 ilvl drops that are only 4/8 from the new Dreambloom events; I haven’t even run a heroic or M0 dungeon! I knew the ilvl jump would be bigger than usual (+39 vs +26), but seeing such items from Open World content is making that really start to sink in.

On the PTR you could still upgrade S2 gear with crests, even though they were grey items there. It came out of nowhere for the upgrade NPC to completely stop working on your S2 gear. Very quite annoying. I wanted to do those upgrades for transmog purposes.

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Exactly this since I saw from various sources the old crests would still work I assumed we would be able to upgrade S2 gear still and now I’m left with a bunch of gears I wanted to upgrade to unlock the transmog of their upgrades, I don’t even know what’s the purpose of this, benefits no one.