OMG why are Shadowflame crests now vendor trash?

Yes they told us long before the patch that they were gonna be vendor trash and that we’d get new currency. This allows everyone to be on the same level starting out the new season.

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If you’re new or haven’t played in a long time then I can see how it may be unexpected. But they’ve been doing exactly this for years now.

Crests are seasonal though, most were expecting them to be trash when season 3 starts. Not a week prior.

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They always do this every off-season. Literally 1 week away.

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Yea but this was a “new system” and Blizzard wasn’t up front with the communicating about whether items would still be upgradable in the interim week.

The upgrade NPCs only deal with 10.2 items. This in particular wasn’t in the patch notes.

Yes but we are no longer in Season 2 where that gear was relevant and upgradable. Season 3 technically started the minute 10.2 dropped.

I wish they had done this next week when the new season/raid launches.

I was needing 3 more drake quests from vault to unlock full heroic appearnce on one last character.

Actually, no research needed. Currencies going obsolete happens every expansion.

You are not a victim.

You can probably unlock it during the Fated raids during Season 4.

I had no idea I was suppose to read those notes until you said this. Thanks for the heads up, I guess. I’ve just seen so many different: you must research ___ (fill in the blank) in order to play the game. It’s kind of daunting sometimes. Though it makes sense. Kind of like the directions on how to play any game, tabletop, cards, or any kind really.

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And you seem to expect people to live on this game.

I don’t play that much anymore, but a basic concern to voice is the degree of experiential expectation here. It’s not reasonable to have expected me to know this, without any in game prompting whatsoever.

Would it have been so hard to add a dialogue to the in-game vendors?

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Why would you need in-game dialogue when they do the same exact thing every season? Old currency always goes obsolete.

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Well, I did and it was announced so Blizzard made efforts to let people know and a lot of people did, but some were caught off guard.

I would expect this every season going forward.

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pretty good rule of thumb to expect that any temporary patch currency will be useless in short order.

Your absurd argument is “you should have to rely on external to the game information in order to play the game, in the game”.

Also, I haven’t played to the end season of any xpac since… ever (they have been that bad), or not perhaps since WOTLK. So why would I know/remember?

Doesn’t matter really, since you can’t upgrade old gear etc. anymore, but rather I would have upgraded existing gear just to be at higher ilvl on alts for the transition.

I do think it’s an issue of “what you have to know outside the game” so as not to miss out on things in game…

For example, what happened with the next chapter of the Titan story? I have no idea since there’s no in game prompt. Pretending that’s not an issue is a recipe for lost subs.

Lol @ complaining about something we were told like over a month ago.


no. the argument is “read the patch notes”

the game has worked like this for almost twenty years. important information is released in patch notes.

twenty years.

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Dude, it happens every expansion. This is not something new.

Stop with the whinging and whiney pleas for hand holding. This is a you problem.

dude. patch notes are part of mmos your EXPECTED TO READ THEM. that’s like showing up to play sports and complain your expected to know the rules of the game as external information.


Lo-fi can help smooth your patch note studies.