Is it possible to Ignore Individual Forum Posters

Hi I am wondering if it is possible to just ignore individual forum posters in order to prevent them from antagonizing and leading in the direction of arguments?

If there is could someone explain to me how to do this?

Click their portrait, Activity, the right side should say Normal (click it) then chose one. I should clarify it doesn’t stop them from posting just hides and ignores them for you.


If they don’t have their Profile hidden, it’s as simple as clicking on their name, clicking “View activity”, and on the right side of the screen, clicking the box that says “Normal” and change it to “Ignored”.


Thank you so much. This helps alot.

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If the person has their profile hidden you can manually ignore them by clicking on your icon in the upper right corner of the page > click the little person icon (preferences) > then the Preferences category and click Users on that page.

Click Add and then type out their posting character. The list should populate based on what you enter. Just select the appropriate one, pick a duration and “Save Changes”.


Do keep in mind that it doesn’t stop other people from seeing the posts of the person you ignored, so the conversation may still revolve around the ignored person if they’re being antagonistic to other posters…


Or you can do what I do: just ignore whatever they’re posting.

May work for you, but some of us don’t want to see their posts on our screens.

I don’t like that it says show hidden reply.kind of defeats the purpose of ignoring instigators. I feel like not caring if they replied at all should be an available option.

Regardless something is better than nothing.

You didn’t want to see the post, now you don’t. The button is there to allow you, on a per-post basis, to see what it is you’re ignoring. You don’t have to click it.


I am just saying if I choose to ignore someone I dont need to know that they are still trying to reply to me or get my attention at all. It still ruins the experience of the forums.

It’s called a personal preference I think you need to understand that people have those types of things.

Blizzard isn’t all that willing to remove someone from view more then they have already. To be frank, if you dislike someone replying or typing in a given thread, probably best to mute the thread and move onto another forum/thread.


I disagree. I think it is satisfactory the way they have it already. I am just stating my opinion on showing that people you have already ignored are still trying to get your attention. If I am posting on the forums and someone is antagonizing me and I am trying to have a meaningful conversation with other forum posters I would rather not be reminded that that individual is still around trying to get my attention by replying to every single post I make.

I am not saying it is such a big deal that I am going to leave the forums. just saying I don’t understand the point of it. Since I ignored them just don’t show their presence to me any further. That’s my opinion.

Your opinion here is moot though. If you would like to offer a suggestion in changing how things are done, you need to either make a post in GD or through the in-game suggestion interface. Here it is only players helping other players. There are no GMs or Devs here, so what you would like to see implemented isn’t being seen by anyone who can do anything with it.

Yes, we have Vrak and our other SFAs, but they have nothing to do with that arm of things and they cannot pass things along to those who do.


Yeah there is? lol

As a reminder, the Customer Support forum is not an alternative contact point for In-Game, Technical or Account Support. To request assistance, please contact our customer support staff directly through our Support Site


No, there isn’t.

The forum staff here are neither.


Why is this such a big deal to you. I posted an opinionated statement about something on my own thread that was completely related to what I was asking about. Why don’t you just move on?

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I really don’t even know why I try some days.

SFAs are not GMs. From Vrak himself:

Because this is not the appropriate venue for it. This is a place to bring your issue here for others to either help fix or point you in the right direction for assistance. It’s not trying to shut you up, it’s trying to tell you where to post your opinion and thoughts in the proper place so they’re heard by the staff who can possibly take them into consideration for development in the future.


Anyone in good standing can post in any thread they see fit. No one can determent who can and can’t post in a given thread.