Character Transfer Process Feedback

Huh you do get told why you can’t do a transfer.

I wanted to transfer a character from one account to another. I bought a token, tried to use it on one of my toons, then get an error message that said my character was wearing heirlooms. You’re also told if you have mail, an auction, account full or if you’re the leader of a guild.

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That was not my experience. The character screen just refreshed whether it succeeded or failed.
That’s literally what I’m here whinging about, its in the OP :smiley:

I can agree a bit here. I do think a “Transfer Readiness” check would be something good to offer. Being able to see a checklist of items on a character before you purchase a Transfer token would help modernize the process without really impacting the actual process itself. (It’s a dry run, effectively.)

I know it’s in the OP, I’m saying I don’t believe you. I’ve done a few transfers and I’m always told why it doesn’t go through. You also say the token is wasted which is also not true. It just sits on your character page until it’s used.


No. Players would transfer and wonder why things on their character are missing. Even if there was a warning about those items being deleted players would just click without reading it.

If I had enchanted heirlooms I would want the chance to mail the heirlooms to another character before transferring and then mailing them to the new realm. If I had extra pets I would want the opportunity to move them before transferring.

I think that calling someone a liar is out of line. I’m going to ignore you now.

I wasn’t that blunt but you are saying things that don’t make sense.


And yet you post.

That didn’t last long.

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I never said I was going to stop posting, I said I don’t care if you ignore me. Obviously you’re not ignoring me, so I’m not sure why you even made that statement :rofl: :rofl:


I can’t find the option, I’m new here. Someone mentioned you could do it though!

I’m trying to, where is the option? :smiley:

Click on my portrait and go to “View Activity”. Change “Normal” to “Muted” or “Ignored”. Then select forever. Please.


No dice, looks like you’re a protected species champ.

I’m not allowed to post links for some reason, but if you imgur to ~/BwEQDka you’ll see the error.

My profile has never been hidden but these instructions should still work.

However, I’m starting to think PEBKAC.

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Go to the imgur reference. All you have to do is put imgur com in front. It literally says that I may not mute you.
Website is janky too, it seems.

I went to your picture. I have no idea why you’re getting that but I’ve never tried to mute anyone, just ignore.

Anyways, this is way off topic and I’m bored with this conversation. Good luck getting me on ignore and transferring your character.

It does for me.

Cheers mate, good luck with the boredom.