Introduce Yourself Here

Hello everyone, my ign is Petitdalf ! It’s the username I’ve always gone by since I started playing WoW at the very beginning of vanilla.

I’m not special in any way, no stream or youtube etc, but I have been an active member in various discord class communities for many years now. Especially in the Monk and Paladin discord. This led me to meet tons of people, with various experience in the game at different skill level - from world first raiders to more casuals players. I’m hoping I can mesh their feedback in the council rather than focusing on what i personally think.

Although if you do know me, you know I have always loved to try and make different talent choices, different covenant - legendaries combination work. And I think that it is something that i will personally try and focus on. There are some seriously undertuned talents/covenants in the game, and some that could be fixed with very minimal effort, leading to a much more healthier class gameplay.

If I can give a specific example, the Brewmaster monk barely changes talents since Legion. Some rows have been completely dominant for years. I personally believe smaller, a bit more frequent, tuning patch/hotfix could be very healthy for the game instead of focusing on major patches. A small 5% here and there. Obviously, we still need the big patches changing the game and classes, but why not try and give players more choices?

As for myself in WoW, I was a tank main until Shadowlands where I have been playing primarily Holy paladin, although i have started to invest in Mistweaver lately. I raid with an amazing group - slurp on Mal’ganis. A two days raiding guild that achieved World 272 / US 88.


Hello fellow gamers, most people call me Winter due to an old nickname I use on various platforms :slight_smile: I’m also an EU player so I’m currently using a Trial character to post here.

I’ve been playing this game on and off since end of TBC and started playing a lot more during Legion when we made a guild with a bunch of friends with which I’ve been raiding mythic since.

I don’t stream or write guides however I am a very big blaster on basically every class/spec in the game and I occasionally help people either ingame or on class discords.

Currently I raid around rank 1k world and do dungeons around 20 and I would consider myself as casual as it gets while still trying to perform as best as possible for whatever class I play.

My main focus on the game is basically raiding and doing dungeons with friends with the occasional pugging every now and then. I am also a big fan of warcraftlogs because I simply like reading information like that.

My main reason for applying is because I want to provide feedback related to classes/class design and possibly activities tied to raiding such as korthia/nazjatar etc.

Also shoutout to all my fellow EU DRAENOR Horde /1 [General] raid chat enthusiasts :partying_face:


Hello everyone! I’m Halite / Everpyre from Argent Dawn EU, stopping by with a trial character to take part in this wonderful endeavour :>

Although I have been playing WoW for 15-ish years, I haven’t engaged too much in so-called endgame content for a while, instead having been sucked into the roleplaying community - which I aim to try to represent! I still play the game on a regular basis, mostly doing daily and weekly content and probably fiddling around with some alts, and enjoy collecting things both for the sake of collection, and also to make roleplay more exciting.

Beyond that, I suppose I am a somewhat familiar face in the Argent Dawn RP community as I am part of an in-character newspaper project called the Lion’s Roar, but I am largely a fairly private and reserved person, working behind the scenes more often than not.

WoW is pretty important to me, and I really hope that my voice, and the voices I can elevate, can help it be as good as it can be, for everyone. I’ll be reading and commenting where I feel my input can be good, and I’ll likely create a few topics of discussion of my own down the line.

Thanks to Blizzard for this opportunity, and happy to see all you fellow councilmembers :>


Hello everyone!

I am a RPer from Argent Dawn-EU. I play both Alliance and Horde, and have done so since the beginning. I have been familiar with the Warcraft universe since 2004-2005. From playing Warcraft 3 to playing WoW on my brothers account, to then getting my own account in 2010, I would say Warcraft has had a huge part of my life. Consistently RPing from 2010 to now (Note; had a break from early 2013 to the release of Legion), I have experienced a wide variety of gameplay, storytelling, changes and so on in; RP, PVE/PVP and the general gameplay.

I would say my biggest areas of experience would be; RP, visuals, alts, mounts/pets and mogs. I am not strictly only a RPer, I have also done PVE and PVP, but never anything other than casual. What I do want to focus on is the RP aspect of things. While WoW may be RP friendly, comparing it to other MMORPGs and with the general feel of RP the last years, it could be massively improved.

I will keep in touch with my fellow Warcraft RPers and will try my best to be a voice for the RP community as a whole, not just my own views and opinions. I will soon make a forum post about RP ideas and thoughts like; new cosmetics, customizations, visuals, updated graphics, emotes and so on.

I am not happy with the current state of the game, but as many people say; RP is what keeps them here and RP is also a part of the game. But with the massive focus on raiding and mythic dungeons, people feel left out and the whole point of getting to level 60, is gearing up and being able to do these challenging raids and dungeons, which not everyone is interested in or has the patience for. The amount of focus on the end game and the grinding leaves out a lot of other possibilities and ideas, that I hope this Community Council can highlight and push.

With every expansion and patch, I try and do as much of the content available for a casual player (Not mythic raiding etc), and keep up to date with what is new and added into Azeorth! I pay very close attention to physics, model updates and in general the visuals of the world.

I am looking forward to see what this experience can do and bring us, and I am humbled to be elected as part of the council. I will try my best and I will keep myself updated on forums, suggestions and other things related to the things mentioned above!


Hi all!
I’m Bornakk on the WoW Community Team. I’ve been playing World of Warcraft since it was released and I’ve done my best to experience as much of the different content as possible over that time. I look forward to discussing the game with you and sharing our experiences on current and future content.



I’m coming up on 11 years as a Community Manager here, and I’ve played WoW almost exclusively as a healer since the first time I stepped foot in Warsong Gulch in 2005 and found myself desperately wishing that someone would heal me. Fortunately I was playing a Paladin at the time and I learned that it was easy to switch my focus, which led directly to being pulled into my first raiding guild. With the launch of Burning Crusade, I started a new priest on Earthen Ring and that is still my main to this day.

I can honestly say that I enjoy every kind of WoW gameplay and over the years I’ve constantly invested in them all as a player: group/guild play, questing and world exploration, economy, and solo activities such as pet battles and collections. That diversity of interactions with the game entertains me greatly and, since I’m a communicator by trade, it has given me a ton of shared experiences to talk about with other players.

Some of my favorite experiences over the last decade have been getting to spend all of BlizzCon standing near the Darkmoon Faire arch/entryway, meeting WoW players from all over the world and talking about their game interests and their communities until I practically lose my voice. One year I literally lost my voice, but that wasn’t from talking to convention-goers. It was because I went to Medieval Times with my guild and cheered on the red knight in a dangerous fashion.


Hello everyone, my name is Oak! :deciduous_tree:

I’m very humbled to have been selected and invited to join the World of Warcraft Community Council. I’m joining you from Argent Dawn (EU) so please forgive my NA trial account character’s uninspiring avatar!

I’ll share a little about myself, how I enjoy WoW and what my focus will be as a member of this council.

:deciduous_tree: About Me :deciduous_tree:

Most people know me online as “Oak” and I have been playing World of Warcraft since mid-TBC. Here are some things about me:

:uk: I live in London
:hear_with_hearing_aid: I am Hard of Hearing. English is my first language and I oral. I use British Sign Language (BSL) as my second language.
:man_teacher: By day I am a Teacher of the Deaf and work teaching d/Deaf/ Hard of Hearing children/ young people who are staying in hospital.
:rainbow_flag: I am Gay man with He/ Him pronouns
:video_game: I’m a big fan of Overwatch, and currently head up the London Spitfire’s fan assocation and volunteer as Head of Community hosting viewing parties here in London for the Overwatch League. I also set up Watchpoint: Pride for LGBTQ+ Overwatch content creators.

:crossed_swords: World of Warcraft :mage:
I am a big fan of the story and lore of the Warcraft universe and play WoW on Argent Dawn (EU) which is a Role Play server. During my long time on Argent Dawn I’ve lead several guilds (Druids of the Forest, Aldori Axiom, The Tirisfallen to name a few) and I’ve organised lots of community RP events such as village hours and markets. I enjoying a quieter life in RP right now as I focus more on work, but I can be found on “Kirelanar” when I’m online and am a member of the Covenant of Lordaeron heading up their mage division “The Northern Circle of Magi”.

:books: My focus as a member of the Community Council :books:
As a member of this Community Council I will endeavour to contribute to discussions on lore, story and role play along with wider community and game play topics such accessibility, mental health, safeguarding and equality & diversity.

I am looking forward to joining these discussions and being part of the narrative. Given recent events I appreciate now, more than ever, the importance our voice as fans and members of this community and hope I do not fall short of this tall order or opportunity.

I would also love to help feedback ideas from the community so please don’t hesitate to contact me when I’m online on Argent Dawn (EU) as “Kirelanar” or to drop me a message on Twitter where you’ll find me under “BearlyOak”



Hi folks,

I am from Frostwolf [H] - EU, so just a toony char, tried at least to keep my main class.

The me:

I started, as many others, back in Vanilla, watching/playing on a friend’s account, swapping then in TBC on my own one. Played then more active to the start of BT release and then pretty high end PvE since WotLK (world top 25) till mid/end of Cata. Swapped the game and just played ultra casually since then. Regularly coming back for the new expansions, but they never hooked me up again. Started with BfA again and playing mainly since then most of the week on evening. In my RL I am a head of department, responsible for people, trainees etc. also project manager, which I create often enough by myself, so my usual playtime starts on the later evening and ends at night, before after a couple of hours of sleep, the daily routine begins.


I am one of the guild’s council members, raid-leader and recruitment officer, mostly, if possible, playing on PTR and checking new raids for the guild, since we are semi-casual and new founded since mid of CN.

Back then:

As pointing out regarding the above written, I do merely know all kinds of this game. I played with a friend on a RP-Server and was an active part of the scene, if I didn’t have to raid or prepare my characters with the common stuff. Some mates and me did found an own channel to coordinate BGs, when RBGs weren’t existent then. Using addons to join as a raid in AV, stuff like this, talking in premade groups via Ventrilo / TeamSpeak tho. As being once a hardcore raider and a super casual one, who just visited the LFR, I do push keys today, only pugging at ~2.7+ and doing the best to get through SoD mythic. I do still have enough friends from playing only the start of an Addon to still top 5 CE raiders, I do try my best to represent them.


I am really grateful for this opportunity to part of something bigger, even if some voices might be overheard and some are louder than others, it will be always like this, I do appreciate the system and hopefully something good will turn out, otherwise more people might lose trust into Blizzard.



Hello, my name is Lilaith.

I’ve been raiding at what we now call cutting edge level since mid wrath, with a break in WoD for my masters research. From Antorus onwards I call Winterfall my home, a semi-casual 2(Since SL 3) day raiding guild with the aim to clear mythic roughly within 3 months. Mainly a holy paladin, but also played several alts on prog if the fight required it. I stopped raiding after Nzoth prog/at the start of the pandemic due to burn out and lack of time.
In SL I’ve raided casually for the first time, meaning I cleared about half the mythic bosses in each tier, apart from that it’s mainly whatever I can do with friends.

Beside this I’m a moderator in the Hammer of Wrath discord, a holy paladin theorycrafter, and a former guidewriter for Icy-Veins.

I suffer from a motor neurone disease, meaning my muscles slowly lose strength. For wow this means I’ve merely had to become a bit more creative with keybinds, but anything with heavy thumb usage like controllers has become fairly difficult.

IRL I’m a parent to a 2 year old, and teach at university level.


Hello everyone, I started playing WOW 15 years ago. I spent the first three years playing on EU servers as Alliance, and then I swapped to Horde. Before WOW I was a console player and loved games such as Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Parasite Eve so, WOW was a very big change in genre for me.

I main an elemental shaman (at the moment) but dabble in most classes to some extent. I am a very casual player and spent most of my time levelling alts, collecting pets, transmogs, doing achievements ect. Here is a link to my main As for dungeons and raids, I might do the very low-key M+ and LFR once in a while. I used to raid as Resto Shaman back in WOTLK but was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis which ended my very short raiding career as MS affects my hand /eye coordination, memory, slow reaction times ect ect. I still love the game, and really do hope we can have a voice that is heard and makes a difference.


Hi all, I’m Brie (aka Alisera) :slight_smile: I’m excited to be a part of the first year of the community council! I hope we have an impact of some sort. I’m an spriest main and I love this game - I’ve played since release day (stood in line to get it lol) and have played every expansion/class. Right now though I don’t really enjoy Shadowlands and the current state of the game. I’m mostly playing Classic doing the Hardcore Ironman challenge.

In the early days, I was ~hardcore~. I played this game 16 hours a day, every day for years, no job, no life lol I was an altoholic at the start with 4 60s in vanilla (mage, hunter, rogue, pally). I raided on mage/hpally back then. My guild was a server-first guild on a medium server (big fish, small pond). We went to Naxx and continued on raiding at the top until Cata (worst expansion for me). I have 10,000+ screenshots of all of my time in WoW, I love old screenies!

But what I represent now is the ~hardcore casual~ player. I will put what I put in my app: there is a high percentage of players that don’t read forums, care about patch notes or review every datamined detail, they don’t even know about this council! They LFR raid, they don’t serious business pvp, they don’t really bother with m+ but they have a HIGH playtime. The hardcore casuals. This group loves the game and plays many hours a day but they are out there doing their own thing - ton of alts, collecting, achieves, old content, secrets, pet battles, crafting, exploring, questing, solo stuff, helping new people, etc.

There are roadblocks to this playstyle, but for the most part we just play around them and move on, slightly disappointed. I’d love for more content to be designed with this group in mind but I want to stress NOT at the expense of any other playstyle. I respect and love all players of this game and I think both sides of the hardcore/casual coin can have fun in WoW and get what entertainment they want from a video game.

So my main focus here will be to bring topics and start discussions about my experiences with that group of people in mind. I think there could be some really fun things put in game or changes made that would not detract from how anyone else likes to play. I also want to try to help start discussions on ways to bring back that good old MMO feel to the game. All of my posts/experiences are going to be through that lens.

I think we all agree that WoW is not quite in the best state atm, but we are all here because we love playing this game and want it to succeed and be the best possible game it can be :purple_heart:

Edit: I edited this 12/15 because I used the abbreviation “HC” for hardcore and I wanted to be clear HC meant Hardcore - the Soul of Iron buff in Season of Mastery :slight_smile:


Hello everyone,

I’m Panthea. I’ve been playing WoW since Patch 1.7 where I hit level 60 shortly after Zul’Gurub was live for EU. Since that point, I got hooked on raiding and have played in every role in my time from then to now. My raiding career started off as DPS and as the needs of my guilds adapted over time I transitioned to being a Healer and since Mists of Pandaria I’ve been a tank main. I don’t really have a main character, I will play whichever tank is best for raid progression.

I am the Guide Writer for Blood DK for Icy Veins & WoWHead and the Protection Paladin Guide Writer for Icy Veins. I also maintain my website for tanking reference material TankNotes, and am quite active on class discords for each tank providing advice and support.

I’m primarily a Mythic Raider/Raid Leader now and am the leader of my own guild. I participate in whatever activities are required for raiding to get any advantage that is necessary to obtain for early progression (PvP/Rep/M+).

I aim to provide insight from a Mythic Raider perspective, but also experiences that have built up over the last 16 years of playing this game at all levels.


Hi! I’m Sigma (pronouns: any). I’ve been on the combat design team for six years. Combat design creates the classes and specs, as well most other bonuses to players and their abilities. In short, buttons that players press in combat, and everything that affects them. Some of my specific interests on the team are: healer specs, the interaction between combat and encounters, the math that makes WoW work, and inclusivity in the game and culture.

As a player, my biggest interest over all the years has been raiding. At different times I’ve played different classes/roles, different positions in guilds, different levels of intensity (everything from casual to high-ranked progression). My first deep dives into WoW as a fan were in the math realm (while I was in college studying math and physics) and I gradually broadened into general game design from there, before joining the team.



My name is Brian Holinka and I’m the Lead Combat Designer on World of Warcraft. I’ve been working at Blizzard for nearly 10 years with 9 of those being on WoW. I spent my early years on the team working exclusively on PvP, and as a result, most folks in the community associate me primarily with PvP. But nowadays, I spend my time supporting the team of Combat Designers who are responsible for PvP and Class Design. Class Design deals with all of the spells and abilities players may use, including many endgame expansion systems that are class or spec specific like Conduits, Soulbinds, Set Bonuses or Legendaries. PvP Design encompasses both systems and content related to PvP such as Honor Talents, PvP trinkets, Arenas, and Battlegrounds. I’m looking forward to reading your feedback and appreciate that you’re taking your time to contribute here.


Hey, hi, hello!

I’m Cambios. I’m a Mage enthusiast and I’ve been playing since the last patch of Mists of Pandaria. My love for this game is huge, so I appreciate this initiative and the possibilities that it can bring.

As for my playstyle, I don’t focus on anything right now. I have always been a raider, sometimes PvPer, but the collecting and exploring part of the game is what has kept me playing all these years. I have always wanted to do some RP, but I find it somewhat difficult, so that’s a work in progress.

I applied to the Community Council with the premise of addressing the issue of accessibility. I have a high case of color blindness and I always check accessibility options in games. Sometimes it’s hard to play normally when you have a condition, and here I am to try to help improve the overall view of this side of the game.

Thanks for the opportunity! Let’s help the game a bit and give some voice to the community.


Hello there. I’m Zulzara, hailing from Khaz-Modan EU (sorry for the low alt, the Community Council Forum requires a NA toon).

Contrary to most here, I’m a relatively new player, I’ve started playing exactly one year ago (if you except a 2-weeks experience in WoD where I didn’t even reached max-level). I’ve been hooked by most activities of the game, first by collecting mounts and transmogs during my early weeks, then doing 8/10M in Castle Nathria as a Fury Warrior and pushing M+ keys, and this tier by discovering tanking, healing, and PVP.

I’m surrounded by many very experienced players, which I’ve known and heard the stories from since many years (some since vanilla), and my fresh point of view is often different from theirs. Which is the main reason I submitted my candidature for the Council, I wanted to share this different view on thing and maybe help make the game better.


Hi I’m Sensations, I started playing WoW at the end of WOTLK and raiding “CE” level since Cataclysm. I lead HC which is a cutting edge raiding guild, I’m here to hopefully provide insight into higher end raiding and various PvE aspects related to raiding(M+, world systems, and anything that provides power increases really.


Hey there!

I’m Malfuría, I play on the EU servers with my main server as Tarren Mill. I started playing World of Warcraft in Burning Crusade and have loved it ever since. I am what you would call an “overall player” I am not specifically into one part of the game, you can say I have done a bit of everything, but more of some things.
In my time of playing this game I have achieved a lot of different things and I continue to do so everyday. I have been raiding with multiple CEs behind me. I am an achievement hunter and a collector of everything you can collect. I have been a staff member in an ingame achievement community and lead my own RBG team.

With my background and my current experience I am looking forward to be able to contribute to the community, so we all can be a part of improving the game for all players. As a Wow Community Council member my focus will be on:

  • Collection: For all the collectors out there, if its mounts, achievements, pets or what your specific desire is. I will be there to voice opinions of what should be added so we can continue to achieve and collect!
  • Raiding: Raiding has change a lot since i started playing this game, for good and bad. I would love to discuss and come with feedback about the current and upcoming raiding experience.
  • The ingame community: With this i do not mean the ingame community tab, which tbf could also need some work. But the overall player base, I want to address and discuss some of the issues there are with the ingame social aspect of World of Warcraft. From the faction balance issue to trade chat spam. So the game can be improved in a way that all players gets a good experience while playing the game with what ever it is they want to do!

I look forward to having some great discussions and hopefully contribute to the community!



I’m one of our Lead Encounter Designers on WoW, supporting the team that makes Dungeons & Raids, as well as abilities for creatures you fight just about anywhere. I like to say that our job is to “tell players a story by punching them” =)

Currently I’m focused more on the Dungeon/Mythic+ side of things while my co-lead (who you may know from the PTR forums as Aelthas) is focused more on Raids.

I’ve been playing WoW for 17 years, getting into everything from PVP to CE raiding to pushing M+ keys. I’ve been at Blizzard for 13 years, and in addition to WoW I’ve worked on Diablo 3, Starcraft 2, and Heroes of the Storm.

I appreciate everyone taking the time to share their thoughts here. Looking forward to stopping by when I can to talk with you all!


Hello everyone,

I’ve worked at Blizzard for nearly 16 years, 5 of which were in Quality Assurance, and the rest have been on the WoW design team. I have worked on almost every set bonus from Dragon Soul through the end of Legion, Draenor Perks, Artifacts, Azerite Essences and Traits, Legendary Items, as well as core class talents and spell updates over the years. I also work on the Pet Battle system when time permits.

I have played WoW since the beta in 2004, but primarily enjoy raiding with friends, and recently have been enjoying doing M+ to get Keystone Master each season. I enjoy camping, cooking (I took 6 semesters of Culinary Arts in college, and was offered a choice of going to the Cordon Bleu Academy in Los Angeles or getting a job in QA at Blizzard - I chose the QA position!), and hanging out with my dog.

Looking forward to the discussions here and am happy to see so many topics already.