Community Council won't change ANYTHING

Personally, my area of expertise is in, funnily enough, your name, World PvP.

War Mode and WPvP is an area of the game that I feel gets ignored. I’ve been reading the community council, and while a few of them say, “I mainly do PvE Mythic+ and Raiding, but I dabble in open world PvP and battlegrounds.” it really isn’t enough.

I wish they would pick players on the community council who actually care about the areas of the game that get ignored, such as WPvP. They literally have a War Mode and WPvP forum, but they ignore it.

Hand out invites to players who actually care about those areas of the game and spend a majority of their time doing it.

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i mean



I still have yet to see a community council member that has expressed a desire to help represent the RP community.


Give it time :slight_smile: They are no where close to done intros and most people don’t even have invites or forum access yet. Pretty sure there will be at least one person who has an RP focus, and others who enjoy it as secondary activities.

While RP isn’t my cup of tea, yeah, I haven’t seen this either.

Not saying I have a problem with the current select council members, but so far, none of them have addressed areas of the game that I enjoy, that I feel is dead and gets ignored. I’m very passionate about World PvP and have so many ideas and so much input that I’ve given in the past, not just me but other players in the WPvP community on the War Mode forums, going years back, but it just gets ignored and buried under the forums.

I’m sure this has happened for RP and other areas of the game too, but it’s just sad.

In my opinion, what they need to do is allow players to comment on existing threads created by council members, but just not allow them to make threads in it. The only ones to make the threads could be the council members only while allowing others to give their feedback who aren’t apart of the council.

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And here you go! Introduce Yourself Here - #23 by Halite-bonechewer

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“I have no problem it high end content players or even streamers are represented but I want to know if the rest of us will actually be represented .”

This sums it up well. From the feedback I’ve read from the “Community Council” and the couple people I know who are on it, it’s all about how to appease the mythic plus and raid players and there is no representation for the “casual” player. From what I’ve read and heard, there is no concern about making the play experience for the “average” player, it’s all about end game raiding. There is zero concern for making the game more enjoyable for the average player, it’s all about appeasing the complaints that the streamers have been putting out regarding raid and the mythic plus community. It’s not shocking to me that they chose people who represent that small community that only does end game content, that is how I perceive this entire expansion.

Trying to keep your “streamer” players and those who only log on to knock out their weekly dungeons and raid is the theme of this expansion. No thought or care towards the “casual/for fun” player.

The current development team, especially it’s leader, seem more concerned about making the game more attractive to those who are “like minded” with the developers.

To make an analogy, it feels like the developers (especially leadership) have the mindset that since they prefer strawberry ice cream, that they think that everyone does as well. There’s a real disconnect between the players (customers) and this current development team. You can’t force someone to like what you do, but it feels like that is what they are trying to do. It’s a very narrow minded approach, that is not good for the state of the game.

Unfortunately, I don’t see it changing until there is new leadership (the whole disgusting sexual harassment stuff that they seem to be working hard to sweep under the carpet aside). New leadership is needed or the ship is going to sink. The game is not a viable commercial product in it’s current state. That’s not an opinion, it’s looking at how many subscriptions they are losing every month. There is an accountant at Blizzard who is cognizant of the financial losses, I just think the current leadership is too arrogant to listen to them. They don’t listen internally, so I have little confidence that they are going to listen to their “Community Council”. Arrogance cannot be overcome by reason, history proves that. The current leadership is arrogant (read the current lawsuits and make your own decision). I’ll probably get a forum ban for having an opinion that doesn’t support every decision this “team” makes, but so be it.


Oh, Everpyre. Someone from AD-EU is always a win in my books for the council.

It is rather telling that there are about 3 council member topic threads and 2 are PVP… maybe a bit more diversity in the discussion? Only real observation I have momentarily. The other one is about collecting things in PVE but doesn’t really specify any specific details.

Outside of PVP not really seeing a lot of talk in the now 8 something threads about the content of the game itself, which I’d think would be the major concern, especially for 9.2 and probably in the workers 10.0.

I do like that there’s a guild/communities suggestion thread going, but one of the biggest reasons guilds ARE suffering is cause the game itself and our potential and new recruits are suffering, they just DON’T want to be in the game, much less in the game in a guild.

It’d help if maybe instead of concentrating all the “suggestions” in two threads one of which being the actual council member intro thread if they could spread them out to other threads even giving each issue it’s own thread and thus more public presence? Just a small suggestion.

tfw you’re more qualified than any people they could possibly pick for the “council” but will never be asked to be on it due to “wrongthink”

You really really really should go read the Intro thread. There are quite a few who prefer other aspects of the game and are focused on that. That includes me - although I am only one of the casual folks. P.S. “Casual” should not be a bad word. A game is a hobby that can be as intensive as organized sports, or as relaxing as reading/art/etc.

That is not how it works. You don’t get banned for having a different opinion or there would be no posters here. You don’t break forum rules and you don’t get a suspension. Not even when you did not read the Intro thread and seem to have missed all the folks who have talked about game improvements for non raiding/average players.

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I’m going to reserve my judgement but i must say that the early signs aren’t very promising, i don’t want it to go this way but i suspect most of the invites will go out to people that traditionally support Blizzard in whatever they do (friends and family, streamers, high end raiders etc etc).


I’ve seen a few, but they were all from EU servers?

Like I said, though, the US players might be, uh. Reluctant. To be the tallest poppy and call themselves out publicly.

“That is not how it works. You don’t get banned for having a different opinion or there would be no posters here. You don’t break forum rules and you don’t get a suspension. Not even when you did not read the Intro thread and seem to have missed all the folks who have talked about game improvements for non raiding/average players.”

It’s awesome that you are telling me what my experience has been and providing me with an opinion. You must be on the community council. I really can think for myself, and really don’t need to be told how to think so that it is in alignment with what you think is right. People are allowed to have different opinions (except here on the forums). I have received a temporary forum ban for having a “different” opinion, so please tell me what to think and write here, that seems to be the direction that things are heading, so I’d appreciate your input.

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I’m a special snowflake it seems :>

I am not telling you anything but facts. The Mods do not suspend you from the forums unless you actually break the rules such as using profanity, personally attacking other posters, spamming, flame bait to be really disruptive, etc. I can’t pull your history…and Blizz won’t share it with me. If for some reason you were falsely reported then that is what Appeal is for.

Your statement that there are no folks on the Council interested in “average” players is also blatantly false. The intro thread has that info.

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The reason likely for this is because the US RP scene is small compared to Argent Dawn’s one. They have not only a community page dedicated to them but several smaller pages as well.

Argent Archives is the popular one.

Out of curiosity… what do you want to you bring to the RP-scene?

Would it maybe help if there were sections on the council forum to put threads into and make new threads in like:PVP, RPG/Roleplay, Open world, raiding and dungeoning, etc?

I’m gonna press “x” to doubt on that one.

RP events on Moon Guard (US) have made the actual news. Like, not WoWHead news, not Blizzard’s news, the real Forbes news. There are reams and reams of Wiki sites, projects, resources, player-made newspapers, blogs, etc. It’s my understanding that Wyrmrest Accord (US) has a similarly hefty population with as much community involvement.


I have been checking the subforums here for a while and they don’t have the same engagement as AD’s one, not even close. But to be fair, most of the AD forum regulars are very passionate posters. I remember several hot topics and how easily they hit +700 postings after just one to two hours.