Do you "identify" with any of the Community Council members?

Agreed 100%.


You can only get so much feedback about world quests and pets till it becomes repeated


I don’t identify with a single one to be honest. Not a single one seems to represent a world content casual, explorer, or someone that actually likes doing quests based on the introductions.

There is absolutely no way for me to know who is who just by visiting the forums. They are all cloaked under level 10 alts so you can’t see their profiles or if they actually fit their “intros.” This is the internet and no one can be taken at face value anymore.


That’s your opinion, I’m sure the pet battlers would disagree :slightly_smiling_face:


Haven’t seen anyone that generally likes solo playstyle. So for me no. I expect community council to focus on community and group interactions mostly. The solo playstyle largely stays away from that so it’s weird how they would fit on the council if there are any solo players.


There’s 2 ! :grin:



There’s lots of pvp talk which makes me happy.

That legit made me smile! Thank you! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Glad I was wrong. Thank ya’ll for proving me wrong

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People that actually play the game? Why are people that only do super duper elite content the ones considered to only play the game? How entitled and self important are you?


It doesn’t matter who are the members of the council or what they think. Blizzard will ignore them. The problem wasn’t that blizzard couldn’t get our feed back. It was always there, everywhere, the problem is that they didn’t care about it. And once again they will ignore it. Nothing changed.


Absolutely thrilled about bluster and i have no shame in fangirling because i think they’re incredible and a treasure and i really appreciate everything they do for pvp

It’s the best outcome i was hoping for

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Both are from Europe though. I am sure they think differently over there.

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Hah. I’m sure they roleplay with their pinky’s out while sipping tea in the tavern.


Imo pet battlers would enjoy Pokemon much much more since the whole game, the series overall is literally focused about turn based and leveling your companions

Vanilla WoW wasn’t about capturing pets in the first place, the Warcraft series never was, it was just a bonus feature they added


I guess if I ignore it all, I have nothing in common with all of them.

Beware the living.

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I play both and actually enjoy collecting battle pets in WOW more than collecting them in Pokemon. In WOW, the pets are more diverse. But thanks for telling me how I should think.

Plus Battle Pets are the only evergreen content in the game. Especially since they decided to dump Archaeology.


I’m trying to say WoWs profits isn’t about who’s the world first pet battler

The Pokemon series have much better features than WoW would ever have

Not necessarily, there’s also mount collecting and transmog farming.

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It isn’t about raiders or mythic+ runners or PVPers either. Blizzard has stated that each of these only have about 10% of the overall audience at any given time. What is the other 70% doing at these times?


Mounts and transmogs are rewards, not content. I do like going through old raids but the level squish has removed that so far. One day, I would like to go through the legion and BFA raids. I’ve never been inside most of them. Only did Emerald Nightmare before the level squish.

My character is still weaker today than it was at level 120 during BFA.