Community Council = Fall Guy

Like what?

They do. Its called General Discussion, and there are any number of comments from CC members here (you can even identify them from their green CC member text).

You can. It’s called a Like.

And I believe you can link stuff here as well.

This has some insight too:

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Two? There is only one who was removed from the program that I know of.

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Easy. Every developer from their silly little video should have had a pinned introduction thread.

“Hi my name is X and I am in charge Y development. Blah blah blah.”

Encourage people to post their ideas as responses to the appropriate thread and that developer should interact with them periodically.

Correct. Only one person has been removed. If there is another one saying “i got removed too” is just a lie, and is doing so to gain internet point. Wont be the first, wont be the last

Well probably not every dev but I notice there are a few blue posts on the introduction thread by developers listing what they do both as devs and as gamers. For example:

This mentality is frankly, stupid.

Firstly, even if they do listen to the CC forums on every little thing and implement every suggestion they recommend, it’s still their work that’s been put out there. If it’s bad because the CC is wrong, it was still their decision to listen to the CC and make all those changes.

So they can’t shift the blame over to the CC, and if they tried, no one with a working brain would buy it.

I may have misinterpreted, but there’s two people in the interview and one of them is who we already know.

Why would he post info that is not even true when he knows everyone is going to ask and find out about it?

This is why so many did not want streamers involved. They want clicks, not truth or honesty.

For anyone else, the background on the Council and Discord is here. Formatting is much better if clicked on.


Better analogy might be spaced armor.

Kind of an orbiting clown car taking all the initial hits.

That isn’t going to stop them.

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Unless someone voluntarily stepped down because they decided they don’t want to do it, nobody else was removed that I know of. My number count in the forum group seems to be the same. So there is only one person at this time.

:man_shrugging: I just listened to the beginning again and it’s supposed to be an interview with two former CC members.

“MM Hunter feedback goes in this thread” “Resto Shaman feedback goes in this thread” “PvP gearing feedback goes in this thread” etc

There is no way to dislike a post or express what part you dislike about a post in the CC forum. Additionally, the amount of likes is bad metric for popularity because it’s possible that the post was seen by 10 or 100 times as many people.

I believe that this will do nothing. Now that the CC forums exist, the devs have virtually no reason to visit any other forum section.

Then the second is either not being honest and Asmon is misled, or nobody knew the person was on the Council and nobody knew they were removed.

Remember that Asmon put in a Support Ticket as a pretend Council Application so he could then do a stunt about getting denied. It was not a real app and not a reply from the CMs in charge of the program.

Reality is that invites went out on Dec 8 which is the first time anyone heard anything. Not all invites have gone out yet. We are at 39 right now (were 40). IF decline notices go out, those would go out after they are done inviting people.

EDIT - because I unintentionally added an extra “S” to the name. No, I was not trying to be rude. I have apparently been wrong for years!


Yes there is. If you want to participate in a discussion about something you see on the CC, MAKE or join a current thread on the rest of the forums.

That is exactly the reason - so you can actually participate in a conversation that you know still gets read, and possibly participated in, by the CC folks.

Brother bearz, Brobearz. I get what you’re saying, but that is giving the CC way too much sway in the Activision process. It’s community PR outreach, not a voluntary enslavement of a corporation to a realm of customer demands and ‘directions’. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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This is a really good look I’m sure. Go ahead and poke the most popular content creator wow has. You really seem like a great person who wishes others well.


I’m not sure if anyone (with sense) actually believed that ‘application’, although I would’ve liked to have seen him apply to it for real.

In any case, I found the interview to be both insightful and disappointing. The only thing I wish wasn’t said though was the CM’s real name - that went a little too far IMO.

Yes, they are.