If you don’t have 2/4 piece by Tuesday

Do NOT use it to craft any of these pieces: bracers, cloak, belt or boots.
It’s a noob trap, i repeat, stay away! and do NOT craft them.

Since it appears that only the main pieces will give you the set bonuses…

At least, that’s what the wording implies…
So for example if you have tier chest, helm and gloves… make some pants or shoulders to get 4 piece.
That perfectly good pair of 278 ilvl boots you happen to have… nope, you’ll have to make the 264 pants into tier and waste a charge of the catalyst if you get higher ilvl pants soon™.

Because if it worked on any of the mentioned slots giving the set bonus, you could have made the bis boots your 4th piece.
Now you’ll have to use an inferior ilvl main piece and then use another charge later if you happen to get a higher ilvl in that slot.

Hope i explained it well enough, good luck and use your catalyst charges carefully!


but being all tiered out like a boss will be sick af!


The tears are going to be flowing


I’m confused. How is it a trap? Do people not look to see what pieces have tier bonuses on them?


boots are probably already hosting the class legendary anyways - now that we got 2 leggos.

i dont think ppl leave it on the belt that cant be upgraded…

You think players will see the piece before transforming it and say… hmm it doesn’t show tier, maybe it won’t give tier to me, or maybe it’s just some coding limitation and it doesn’t show on all pieces? Or maybe Blizz just didn’t bothered adding it visually to every piece?

Or will they just go there with a higher ilvl offpiece and will transform it? Wasting their charge?


well yeah… you can’t craft set pieces that literally don’t exist.
There is also a preview that shows the exact item you will get as a result when you stick things in the catalyst.

So if you stick in bracers… and see that in the preview window the result isn’t a tier item. But still craft it and you then get upset over crafting bracers. :clown_face:


Don’t get you the way of an emotional argument :slight_smile:

Cause visual bugs don’t exist in a game?
Cause laziness to add a visual doesn’t occur in games?
Don’t be a :clown_face:


the forums will be JUICY on tuesday.


Last time I checked, tier has never had set bonuses on belt, bracers or boots since Vanilla.

I’m not saying a PSA is bad for the stupid people… but I can’t believe they’re that stupid. lol

What? :flushed:


every tuesday is juicy lol

‘’ i don’t have any good items in my vaults since 10 weeks , trsh game , i quit ! ‘’


Exactly… but no, we already have plenty of smarties in this thread that see the light… and i thought we were paladins. lol

I am willing to bet that there will be plenty of players that won’t check.

If that happens, then I’ve lost all faith in this world’s education system.

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Well i’ve even seen these days players asking how to get flight…
Or that don’t know they can look up ZM rares using the lfg tool.


What’s the point of the other slots then if they don’t give the bonuses?


Yeah. I’ve got legendary boots and that free belt we got from completing the ZM questline. It kinda worked out with the belt. Apparently that’s a good slot for me. lol And the enchantment is pretty decent.

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ah that’s how my brother quit.

rip bro

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To exchange stats… you’ll need to see which are better for you, or for mogging purposes i guess.
It’s a needless restriction though, should have just counted any piece, will only cause trouble this way.

I’m sticking it on my helmet first.